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Man, I'm so glad that when I came out to the person I had started dating they took it well. Here in TN it is...not easy to find people. have a few trans friends I've been trying to set up with some of my other friends because they've had like...3 hits, collectively, over the past 2 years.

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This is a big mood

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The internet does not do nice.

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I was fortunate to already be in relationships when transitioning so... I'm glad I avoided the awkwardness of this and fetishists ;_;

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Oh! I remember reading this serie years ago...

And I didn't know I was trans at the time. It suddenly all feels more relatable!

I'd give you a hug if I could...

Be strong, sister.

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I feel you wanting to meet people. I've thought about doing a few dating sites myself, but the big name ones like match and eharmony just... they do a business model I can't help but see as scummy or underhanded.

Like they say "Hey pay this monthly fee" except far as I've ever been able to see, there IS no monthly fee. Yeah they have a package of something like 20 for a year or so. Paid in ONE IMMEDIANT payment of 300 something bucks.

I'm sorry but what? I'm not paying 300 bucks for something that is a BIG "maybe"

I've heard people say there is a way to actually do a month to month, but it's so well hidden if that's true that I've never seen it.

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I assume this was based on real events, sorry you had to go through that. I won't pretend I'm morally any better since I have a TG kink, but if I'm sexually or romantically interested in someone, I at least want to know them as a "person" first and not an "accessory".

Granted, I'm way too socially awkward and anxious to go through the stress of online dating, so thankfully I never have to go through that. ^^;

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Being fetishized sucks. I'm sorry you've had to deal with that!

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I would not want to join something like that either, Poly stuff does not work out as often as it does, too much pain involved.

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So... that’s a “no?” 😜

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