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TransLucid - 33 - SO BEAUTIFUL


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love this comic 
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so true. or better, when they say ma'am, the take a closer look and start apologizing for calling you a girl. like no, you got it right the first time!
angel-lefey's avatar
Od lady must of lost her glasses or something... Moving on.
NuclearJackal's avatar
Does that mean men should be called Beautiful more often too then? I'm up for that, I want me some beauty compliments 

( ^__^) (>uO ) You sir, are beautiful!

But if beauty-comments become nil for all then that works for me too xD 
tghawk555's avatar
"Oh, a lady? Gotta make a point to compliment her looks, too."
Thaxia's avatar
You win the comment section. yay 
Catman-232's avatar
Can't blame 'em, I bet she can't see clearly enough to pass the ambiguousness
Theultimatenoob574's avatar
Old people are slow to learn, probably a side effect of living so long they always think they know best. Most aren't impossible though, they just need a bit more patience then most.
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