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ooh this one hurts the most
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so intensely relatable it immediately tied my guts up in knots...
I love it <3
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I can relate to this too. Sadly, my fears are currently much stronger. Will I be able to naturally fit in once I have transitioned? There's that really irrational fear that I might be wrong in my desires, that I'm just a horny guy with wild dreams. I think it might be "just a fetish" too, like you wrote before. Who knows? It's all individual.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I know that feeling. Sometimes you just have to do something. Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. 
Thaxia's avatar
Hey, it's still more than I can do. At least I have an identity that matches my body to fall back on. At least I only feel miserable 30% of the time. At least you know you can pass...

Goodness, I can't even fully come out to the people who love me and support me no matter what. I'm such a coward...
I don't know if this is the saddest or happiest thing I've ever read. Either way, it is pure beauty and I thank you dearly for sharing it.
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Despite that i still think what you did its pretty brave :P theres people that have died before even trying.
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As someone who tends to not do a lot of things and has been this way for a long time, I can certainly tell that an assumption of failure has set in. Despite being one hell of a big ham when it comes to glorious ambitions, I am actually the opposite in actually taking action. I don't know why but I can't find motivation anymore.
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that's pretty deep. The fear of failure is a very powerful force but your right, the fear of not trying it does become greater.
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You're so good at drawing expressions! :D 
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