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I've had this same kind of experience a couple times last year (2015).  The first time was in February, when Monty Oum (creator and lead animator of Rooster Teeth's RWBY) passed away from an allergic reaction to medication during a routine examination.  What hit me so hard about his death was that he was still relatively young, at 33 years old, and in really good shape.  The second was in July, when Satoru Iwata passed away.  His death was so sudden, and I didn't even know he was still sick.  Both men were creative geniuses whose work, ideas, and creativity will go unmatched for generations to come.

But their deaths really did bum me out for a long while.  My Mom said I shouldn't be upset by their deaths because they were complete strangers that I didn't know.  But what she didn't realize is that they were both men I truly admired, both for their artistic creativity and work ethic.  Through their work, I came to know what kind of people they were.  I still think of them every now and then and wonder what could have been had they not been taken away from us so suddenly.  Personally, I don't think that's wrong.