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TransLucid - 26 - The meaning of life

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Dreams have the ability to nullify your sense of logic and reason sometimes, and when this happens you have all kinds of metaphysical revelations that quickly fade into absurdity as soon as you wake up and realize how stupid it actually is.

There's a ton of fun stuff and references going on in the dream backgrounds. If you manage to make sense of all of them, you'll win the award of Most Awesome Person Ever


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Just passing through..... I recognize enough "42 is the answer" in Panel Three's background to figure the ones I can't guess at are pretty much the same. Panel Four may have BIzarro World and babelfish.
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Well, the sperm whale is quickly coming to terms with its identity as a whale (before it then has to come to terms with not being a whale anymore), while the bowl of petunias is thinking "Oh no, not again," because it's a reincarnation of a creature coincidentally fated to be repeatedly killed by Arthur Dent, both having been brought about by an Improbability Drive; the second panel is a bunch of boring maths going all roundabout to reach the same conclusion; and the Find the Fish scene is a representation of those weird dreams everyone experiences from time to time, but that's as far as I can go in regards to "making sense" of The Meaning of Life.