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This is a great situation
I love the situation of female astronaut to become a panic cracked helmet of the spacesuit
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And.... That's the alternate ending to "GRAVITY"
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This a pretty intense scene. Very cool image!
Darkwilliam1973's avatar
Poor beautiful woman, she's so young too
SolutionNyne's avatar
Very very cool! Really makes you wonder what lead up to this moment.
zummerfish's avatar
beautiful idea, and very nice angle!
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Child7's avatar
I like it, really good.
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AztecKnight16's avatar
She's screw lol, Pretty cool
Kaslito's avatar
Awesome! I like it!!!
FaeriesSin's avatar
I second the wallpaper request of this. It's soooo awesome.
translucid's avatar
will do, lemme check if all the stock I've used allows prints.
JeremyVilmur's avatar
This one gives me a sinking horrigying feeling of opressive doom
bonapartebr's avatar
Great as always... you construct so well the scenes, I got a lot of dificult to do that, any advice?
( sorry about the english, Im brazilian)
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Thanks a lot for your comment. If you're talking about how the elements blend in, I think it's pretty important to pay attention to the edges and make sure the colors match.

Also, you can find some pretty nice tutorials on [link] , [link] and [link] .
bonapartebr's avatar
Really thanks for the links man... Soon Ill post somethings on my deviant, its been a little while since I dont post, but if you could check my new sketchs, I'd be very thankfull... I let you know when I post it. Thanks again! =D
translucid's avatar
Sure, and no probmem. :)
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