:new: The deadline for this prompt has been extended to April 22. I didn't want to do it, but if I stop to write blogs now my mid-terms are going to rise up and bite me in the butt. So if you still have a piece you're working on, take advantage of this brief surcease to finish it up and submit it--and if you don't have a piece yet, why not start one?

There are just FIVE DAYS LEFT to write for this prompt and I can't wait to see what you're all going to come up with, which indicates an assumption on my part that you're going to come up with something, so don't let me down! And for those who have been put off by the images in the film, let me remind you: horses on the screen do not equate to horses in your finished product, not if you're thinking only of the audio. Stick to the sounds that excite you and get writing!

Well, our first contest has been rolled up like a sleeping bag, or a group of people come to watch the circus, and it's time for us to get back down to the daily grind of writing without incentive. We're nearly at the end of our first cycle of prompts, and come this time two weeks we'll be back to playing around with Google Translate, unless anyone has any better ideas. Which is my coy way of saying, if you've had a fun idea for a writing -> writing prompt, now is the time to let us know!

On that note: Prompt Exercise No. 4!

So far at transliterations we've explored literature to literature translation, traditional art to literature translation, photography to literature translation, music to literature translation and now, dear friends, we are going to be taking on the big bad world of film. This prompt owes a great deal to the ineffable rushingtide, who helped me iron out its kinks and find a suitable clip for what I had in mind. Give her a hand, everybody!

Your first task is to watch this clip from the 2007 film My Winnipeg, which we have cruelly shorn of its original audio.  As you watch, we want you to concentrate not on the images you see, but instead on the images you hear--imagine, if you will, that you are a sound editor and you have been given this clip to fill with sounds. Consider foley (sound effects), narration, dialogue, backing music and so on, making a list or a timeline if you like or just keeping them all up in your head if you choose. Once you're clear on the sounds you have imagined for this silent clip, work these sounds into a new literary piece.

This is a step away from translation as we have been approaching it previously, since we are asking you to create something not immediately derived from the source material. But these sounds, after all, are still in the clip--it's just nobody heard them but you.

PS: If you haven't seen this movie before, DO NOT watch it, at least until after your submission is finished. That would be ruining the fun! Once the prompt is closed, we'll provide a link to the original for all interested parties.

Submit your finished work to the Transliterations Prompt 4 folder. Once again, all pieces submitted by the deadline will receive a news feature and a journal feature from myself. And just so you know, rushingtide has promised a special outpouring of love for anyone who tackles a screenplay.

The deadline for this prompt is April 18. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us; otherwise, stay safe, and happy transliterating!

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