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And then this...

I bet you’re wondering about the name of the group and to put your minds at rest; no your Shepard does not have to be transgender, nor does your Shepard have to be a member of the LGBTQIA community. If you really want to get down to it, the reason I created this group is because my FemShep is trans. It wasn’t intentional; she just came out that way. After attempting to load the story I was writing for her into certain groups and getting denied on occasion due to her being trans, I created this group.
Is that a bit selfish? Sure, but there was another reason behind it and that is this:

If you think about it, many people forget that the community I mentioned above involves more than just gay and lesbian people. It also involves people who are still struggling with their identity or don’t really have one. People who are outsiders; people who are poor, rich, intersex, recovering from abusive relationships, addictions, and people who just want a place to fit in.

So if you get down to it, this group is also for them. The people who not only have a Shepard who is cisgendered or OC’s that they want to show off, but also people who don’t quite fit in. The people who are still invisible in this world of connection. This is the home I want to make for you all. To truly symbolize what the rainbow that the community is showing off. People who are from all different aspects of life, fandoms and who have many different interests that they want to express.

This group is not only meant to be Mass Effect inspired, but also to branch outward into other fandoms and Bioware properties.

So if you feel you have a place here, I bid you welcome and ask that you be courteous and respectful to all who are in this group and say this to you



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Mass Effect Fanfictions
Chapter 1: Flatten the WavesYear 2800 human calendar, Heleus Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, on board the "Phoenix", ship of the human emissary.Samuel stared out of his quarters window into the endless void of glittering stars. The universe, as it spread out before him, lay there peacefully. Infinitely peaceful. But he knew that this silence was deceptive. Silence. He actually liked it. He often preferred it. Especially when he meditated or just wanted to be alone. But silence could not only be a state, by now he also knew that silence could have a form. For him it had taken the form of a drell. Thantos Savallian. He had become more than just a teacher, a shaday, as Samuel called him, a drell and hanar word for master. One who owns another like some drell belonged to hanar once. But for them it was more teacher or patron. He loved the silence that emanated from him, the calm, even when the situation became dangerous. Thantos hardly ever lost his temper. He had become Samuel's haven of calm, the eye of the storm. More than that. He had become a brother to him, a family member. He and Samara and Thantos were a small family. That's all anybody needed, wasn't it? There were the three of them. Always. He could hardly remember the time when he hadn't known the drell and had had almost no contact with his sister. Or rather, he didn't want to remember. But often his dreams did not do him this favor.15 years had passed since brave representatives of almost every race of the Milky Way and the angara had waged war against the Kett and had been successful, albeit with great losses on all sides."I hope all goes well." Samuel heard a female voice sighing behind him.Samara had entered the room and was just about to close the buttons of a dark blue jacket with white stripes on the shoulders, part of her work clothes. She was wearing a blue top closed up to her neck and blue pants. Her feet were in black sturdy boots, which were suitable for most surfaces. Her upper body was wrapped in a half-length white coat. Blue patches were on her shoulders, from which blue lines ran down to the cuffs. Various insignia fully identified her as a diplomat and emissary of the Nexus. One of these insignia was a fake. It was an emergency transmitter that could be activated. It was given to all key personnel in the event of an attack or abduction. Samuel himself was also officially cloaked in a uniform. A pair of tight synthetic leather trousers with reinforced knees and a high-necked jacket with reinforced shoulders and elbows. An even stronger protection against bullet impacts had been worked into the back and chest. The collar was stiff at the neck and offered protection as well. Steel-reinforced boots and finally gloves with integrated material and a belt with transmitter in the buckle rounded off the outfit, which, just like Samara, wore the colours of the Nexus and thus also of the Phoenix, blue and white. It looked casual, but it wasn't. A hidden armor who didn't show his other ranks. For now he was the Protector.When Samuel turned around, he saw Samara looking anxiously into the infinity of the universe."You're going to be all right." He said and Samara looked at him. "I'm sure you will." he added, seeing her doubting look. "I don't know." She said. "Hey, anyone who can settle a clinch between an asari hunter and a salarian MP so confidently that they want to take each other to dinner, I have no doubt he can't handle this one." He interrupted her and she smiled. "They were really tough nuts. But I'm glad I managed to avoid a trade war."Samara was usually the one who would cheer Samuel up or encourage him. But when it came to diplomatic missions, he was often the one to do the talking. She was the human emissary. And she was his sister.Samara had been sent by the Nexus' diplomatic affairs department to bridge the gap that had opened up between the species of the Milky Way and those of the Andromeda Nebula. About three and a half years ago, various factions of opponents of the former Andromeda Initiative had joined together to do exactly what had happened on the Nexus at that time: they started a revolt against the system with the goal of establishing their own "order". That's what they had called themselves: "New Order". Exactly what kind of order that was, nobody really understood until today. However, since the majority of these renegades consisted of criminals and psychopaths whose life's work was to sow chaos and violence on order, the answer to the question of what benefit they wanted to derive from this action was simple. And again, the question was: how the hell could such individuals get on the ark? What had remained open until then were the main people responsible, the masterminds behind the whole thing. In any case, unfortunately, they had actually achieved one goal: to stir up the angara's old mistrust of aliens and thus to create factions among themselves that were not green. There had been politically far-reaching consequences from the moment a group had taken angara's side, which wanted to mobilize against aliens, but wrapped this in a polite dress of diplomacy and protection of their own species. The leader of this group even allegedly caused the governor headaches.Fortunately not all angara felt this way, many still wanted to believe in the Alliance and the peace it brought, because they had realised, as the Milky Way immigrants had done, that there was a mutual benefit to be gained. But how could one distinguish the good from the bad? How could trust be restored? Above all, how could one ensure the desired stability when an alien-hostile opposition had taken root and had been influencing political events for about a year? It was Samara's task to answer all these questions. He, Samuel, was responsible for making sure that not a hair of the envoy was harmed. He was her personal bodyguard. Initially, there had been doubts on the Nexus whether he was suitable for this position, "because of bias" had been said. But these doubts were soon dispelled. After all, who would be better suited than someone who protected someone not only because of the job and the payment, but because he was personally important to him?"LZ in visual range. Touchdown in three minutes, 48 seconds."Cheen's voice was heard through the ship's speakers. Samuel heard Samara taking a deep breath next to him and saw how she seemed to have trouble putting the diplomatic badge on her lapel correctly. He turned to her and helped her."You can do it. You're the best. That's why they sent you." He said softly. "No. They sent me because no one else had the time and they would never let a diplomat so young loose on the angara."Samara answered with a sigh. It was true, she was the youngest diplomat for a long time and that even included time in the Milky Way. "Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist if you can't get these cat eyed people, nobody can, kchchch."Suddenly, Teekoy stood between them, staring up at them through his breathing mask, carrying some kind of soda with him and a straw as usual. Teekoy Var was a volus. One of the few who had made it out of the Milky Way to Andromeda on the quarian ark. Most volus were known to have been primarily in the economic sphere of society. They traded with everything and everybody. And it was this "with anyone" in particular that had given them their dubious reputation. Teekoy was a little - different. He could negotiate, but he was more concerned with getting things going again on ships. And shooting. And doing damage against enemies. What also distinguished him was his very belligerent and aggressive behaviour, which otherwise would only be allowed to a volus when he was under the influence of drugs. Samuel often thought of a dwarf. He was rough, courageous, could fight and wanted to fight. Moreover, he often expressed himself as anything but chosen, which especially displeased Tiran Suvay, the hanar of the Phoenix. Yes, there was a hanar. One wo survived the kryo. It was therefore not surprising that the two often clashed. A year ago, a legendary quarrel had once led to Teekoy manipulating the hanar's levitation pack, whereupon Tiran had flown uncontrollably through the ship like a released balloon whose end had not been knotted. Tiran had then tried to kill the volus with his own toxins. In the meantime, one could smile about it. At that time it had been anything but amusing. They had all travelled with the quarian ark after the previous arks. Had made it out of the Milky Way just before the Reaper invasion, if the horror stories were to be believed. The Rayya II ark had arrived on the Nexus 610 years after the other ark. And all who were part of the crew of the Phoenix had been awakened from cryosleep for about five years now. They all did some jobs, have been somewehere on the Nexus or on Meridian. Most of the crew members already knew each other through missions or because they had accompanied the diplomat or steered her former ship. But this relatively large crew had only existed for about a year."Your word in Arashu's ear." Samara responded to Teekoy's "pep talk"The Phoenix settled like a giant steel bird of prey on the assigned landing platform and opened its long beak to release the passengers. At the top of the ramp stood Samara Wolfbane and behind her Samuel Wolfsbane. It was suitable to go only in pairs while the rest of the crew would wait on board. Below, on the reception plateau, stood a vanguard of armed angara soldiers. Behind them, on a staircase, was a festively dressed Angara, awaiting the arrival of the emissaries. "Here we go." Samara whispered and moved with dignity. Samuel, in the light armor of the bodyguard, also wearing the emblem of the Nexus' diplomatic department on his collar, followed her silently down the ramp.Professor Saraan de Kanos, curator of the Repository of History, stood once again in front of one of the artifacts and stared at it, hoping it would tell him what it knew and what it was good for. Protected behind a thin but stable force field, an object in the shape of an octahedron was placed on a pedestal. Symbols had been engraved on seven of the eight sides. By now he at least knew that the symbols could be the ancient language of the Jardaan. Everything he had found out, however, was largely based on speculation. And he didn't have the time to study the relic in detail. The resistance still needed him. Although the kett might have kept their feet still for nearly ten years now, that didn't mean they couldn't resurface again. There were also rumors of new enemies, not unlike Kett. Possibly another mutation of this? So far, however, they had only been rumors. And then there were the troublemakers from the Milky Way who had made a successful attack on Moshae three years ago. Mostly humans had been involved. He had always suspected that they could not be trusted. He did not like them. And that was putting it mildly."Shouldn't you go and see the governor?"There was a familiar voice behind him. Dr. Tshony ja Varuhn had come to see him. She was a medical officer and the leading force in the hospital here in Aya. They had been friends for a very long time.Saraan looked at her, "should I?" His question seemed to confuse her. "The human emissary arrives in Aya today to meet with the governor. Therefore, as the deputy leader of the resistance, shouldn't you be present as well?“ Saraan suppressed a snort. "I'm sure if the governor needs my presence or support, she'll send for me." He replied. "You still do not respond well to aliens." Varuhn stated truthfully.He could not speak out against that. He didn't want to, because it was the truth. He wasn't a Roekaar, or as the new grouping now called itself, Roekshaar, but he didn't like them. He especially didn't like humans. They were unpredictable, untrustworthy and quickly turned to crime and violence. At least, that's how he had experienced them until now."Let's talk. Privately in my office." Said the governor looking at Samara. Her face was neutral, her voice quiet, the tone polite, but it was clear she didn't want Samara's bodyguard present. Samuel gave the emissary a quick glance. "Of course, governor." She said without hesitate and turned to Samuel. "I'll get back to you later, Protector." Samuel nodded at his sister and once again indicated he was going to bow to the governor. The governor nodded and turned around, already on the way to Aya city centre. Samara whispered to her brother once more: "I heard that the Repository of History is very interesting".Then she also followed the angara. Samuel couldn't help smiling fleetingly as he looked after his sister. Sweet. She wanted him to keep busy, not be bored. And most importantly, to make sure he was no trouble. Or get into. The latter of which he could rarely control. Samuel called up the route that would lead him to the Repository of History, taking off his Nexus badge and moved leisurely. He probably had more time than he wanted now. He was absolutely not used to that. He always had something to do and was therefore always under pressure. But that was okay for him.While he was moving through the streets of Aya, he noticed how people were looking at him. He knew these looks. Some of them were the typical suspicious glances that were given to aliens. The other glances, however, were of a different nature. But he was familiar with those, too. He was attractive. And he knew it. That sounds very arrogant, he thought to himself. But it wasn't anything but the truth. The meta-race he and his sister belonged to was usually distinguished by two things: longevity and beauty. That might not always be the rule, but besides the pointed ears, it was a main characteristic. Human beings per se no longer existed on earth in this way. To complicate matters even further between the alien races, there were not only ordinary humans on Earth, but also, in the wake of a unique event that took place in the 2040s, called goblinization, mutations that changed humans. They had suddenly grown horns or tusks. The "orcs" and "trolls" had emerged. However, almost none of these first metamorphs had survived the first wave of goblinization. With the second one, children were suddenly born who became extremely small and robust. They were called "dwarves". Other children became exceptionally beautiful and charismatic. They were called "elves". They all had this so-called meta-race, that they had weaknesses and strengths, different an ordinary human. And they all had pointed ears, one way or another. Those who didn't have those were recognized as "norm", as an ordinary human being. Since there were no more orcs and trolls and only very few dwarves and elves on earth, the number of ordinary humans naturally outnumbered the meta-humans. The journey to the Andromeda galaxy had begun with ordinary humans as well as dwarves and elves. However, no dwarf-born had survived the cryosleep and only one hundred of one thousand elven-born had survived. Among them had been Samara and Samuel.He was one of the "elves". His face was narrow, his cheekbones prominent, his eyes shimmered in a colour that was often called white like a diamond, his features were very fine, his lips sensual. He was of slim but muscular stature. He had the figure of a fighter who had made his body a weapon. The most striking thing about him was probably his hair colour: it was snow-white. His eyebrows, however, were thick and black. He was extremely handsome. His sister loved to say: "ridiculously handsome". On top of that he was an elegant dancer and could sing quite passably. Reason enough for many to hate him. At least, that's the way it had often been on Earth in the past. Samara had often told him that not only women but also a lot of guys were looking after him. He didn‘t mind because he was bisexual. Even more in men. And what did she actually want? She looked beautiful, too. Both of them. Over the many years that had passed, being together with Thantos Savallian and training with him, Samuel had also learned to move elegantly like a cat of prey. And all this attracted the attention of the world. But he had to admit that his sister was also a very good-looking girl. She had red hair, green eyes, full lips, a graceful, delicate, beautiful figure. Her smile was contagious. She knew exactly how to perform to score. At least with humans. Samuel would find out later whether the angara were able to do the same.The Repository of History was not far from the market place of Aya, where one could buy equipment, weapons and other utensils besides local fruits. There he bought a necklace from one of the merchants who didn't look at him angrily or suspiciously, but still believed that one could trade with anyone and that not all humans or other aliens were evil. He would give it to Samara. It was a jewel, which in its raw state was mined on Elaaden and made into pretty things like this one. A symbol was engraved on the jewel. Its translator on the omnitool did not want to grasp it properly and spat out the words "depth", "friendship", "connection" and "bond", among others. He would simply tell Samara that it was a friendship chain. Or that the symbol meant "beauty" or "strength", as Chinese characters in the Milky Way on Earth are often given all kinds of multifunctional meanings. With the chain in his jacket pocket, he walked on, trying to ignore the looks he reaped incessantly. Here it was mainly suspicious looks. And he completely ignored the smile and wink of a turian.About an hour after he had separated from Samara, Samuel entered the Museum of Angaran History and Culture. It smelled here interestingly like it was known from museums all over the world: old. If you could smell old. Stone, dust, maybe even something like electro smog was in the air. Not much was going on, here and there some angara and also one or the other Salarian stood around and looked at the preserved or rediscovered remnants of past epochs. To each relic data were available. Some were really interesting, others beautiful, like the ancient musical instrument found on Voeld, some others didn't make any sense for an alien. Samuel stood in front of a small exhibition of "artifacts" from the Milky Way, which had been handed over to the museum and thoughtfully watched a football, digging up a time when he must have been some kind of happy child. To be honest he couldn‘t remember. Had it perhaps only been an illusion?"You are human, aren't you? But why do you have those funny pointy ears?"Suddenly, a high voice came up next to him. Samuel turned his head and saw no one, only to discover a millisecond later the bearer of the voice two heads lower. An angaran child looked up at him with huge eyes. It was not that the angara didn't have big cat eyes anyway. As children they seem to be almost ridiculously large. There are more eyes than heads, Samuel wondered. Was it a girl or a boy? Samuel could not say."Are you one?" The child asked again. "Uhm, yes. I am. So to speak. I have pointed ears because... I'm an elf." Samuel replied, still irritated by those huge green-blue eyes staring at him and not sure if the child could understand the term "elf". "I see. You look strange! You human elves look weird." It came back. "You look strange to us, too." Samuel replied, not sure if he wanted to have this conversation. He decided to go on. He had to know one thing first: "Are you a boy or a girl?"The angara child looked at him without understanding and Samuel feared that the translation program of his omnitool had not been able to choose the correct terms. But the child's irritation was based on another statement."Of course I am a boy, you can see that!“ Samuel left it at that. "What is your name?" Asked the boy. "Samuel Wolfsbane.“Samuel, with his 1.80m neither very tall nor very small but still smaller than many an angaran man, saw it as his duty to walk at eye level with such an unusually small angara and squatted down so that the child surpassed him by a bit."Laruhn al Vidas!" replied the little angara boy. "What does your name mean?".Samuel had to admit that he didn't really know. He thought. He knew it had a biblical meaning. Laruhn, for instance, meant "the Bright One" or "the Shining One" as he told him. Laruhn was full of curiosity and Samuel came to the conclusion that children were always children, no matter what planet or galaxy you were on. And even mothers seemed to be the same as everywhere else. "I'm here with my second mother because we're visiting my uncle. He works here, but I can't remember the name of the word." Said Laruhn. Samuel was about to suggest "curator" to him when a female angara approached them, slightly worried."Laruhn, you ask so many questions, the poor man is already confused!"Wait, was that woman defending him? Samuel looked up and their eyes met. She was a beautiful angara, if he could tell. There was a goodness in her eyes that caused Samuel a distant pain. She apologized to him."No, it's all right. Thirst for knowledge is important." Samuel replied and forced himself to smile.It was never easy for him to smile. And not just since Thantos had instilled in him that he had to keep his emotions under control at all times. Over the years he had learned through practice and meditation to subdue his emotions and keep them under control. But sometimes he was not able to do so when anger or worry wanted to overwhelm him. The angara, on the other hand, lived out their feelings, this was known.The friendly angaran woman introduced herself to him as Garuhna al Vidas, sister of the local curator and surprised Samuel extremely when she said, after he had told her his name:"Samuel Wolfsbane. Samuel was, in your earthly beliefs, a divine prophet."She explained to him that she was a student of the religions of various peoples. And those of the Milky Way were new to her and so diverse, she hardly knew where to begin. So she decided to start with the human beings."We'd be happy to talk in more detail if you'd like." Garuhna said, after a few shop talk about religions. Garuhna was friendly and open.And open like the angara were, she told him that Samuel was a very pleasant conversationalist and friendly alien. Laruhn obviously wanted to move on with this realization. Literally. Because suddenly he grabbed a hand of Samuel with his glove-like hands and pulled him along with him."You must meet uncle Saraan, Samuel, he will see that there are friendly humans, too!" He said enthusiatically.Samuel, startled, stumbled after him while Garuhna followed with a smile. Laruhn pulled him through two halls of angaran, jardaan and kettish pieces, into a smaller side hall. There were eight pedestals, seven of which were empty. In front of the non-empty pedestal stood an angara with blue and white skin. From eyes as bright blue as sapphires, he looked thoughtfully at the artifact as Laruhns voice made him turn around. The protuberances above the cat-like eyes, which were the equivalent of human eyebrows, lifted slightly. The angara watched him. He was a whole head taller than the human. Samuel knew this look. Suspicion was the most pleasant thing he interpreted into that look."Uncle Saraan. This is Samuel. He is a very friendly alien!" Laruhn looked up at his uncle and let go of Samuel's hand. "This is my uncle, Saraan de Kanos. Cu...curi – he manages the museum! And he is very intelligent, that‘s why he‘s a processor." So the kid was taking the curator's performance against his will. „He is a professor, Laruhn.“ Garuhna helped him amused.Samuel looked up from Laruhn to Professor de Kanos. The eyes of angara and man met as Samuel slowly straightened. For a moment, time froze, as if a film had been paused at this point. Samuel knew nothing to do with it. He wondered if the angara had felt that too? Samuel tried to find the answer in the shimmering sapphires. They were enthralling him. But the curator's reaction quickly made him forget the fascination. The angara lowered his eyes to the child."Laruhn, be careful with them. Humans are often not what they seem." His voice was so deep. Calming. Only the wording didn't want to match that feeling. Samuel had already put up a defence: "We are not all the same." He said. "Of course not." He said. Saraan replied coolly. "Whatever you say." He spoke softly. Maybe it was better to leave. So Samuel turned to Garuhna, who had stepped beside him. "I... should go. It was a pleasure to meet you."He thought he recognized a trace of disappointment in their eyes, but didn‘t want to ask for another meeting. Not in the presence of the other angara. Samuel left the museum. And although Saraan had treated him so unkindly, he could not forget the moment when they looked into each other's eyes. What was that? With this question he even forgot Garuhna for a while.Saraan asked himself exactly the same question about an hour after his sister had left the museum with his nephew. What had been that strange feeling that had crept up on him when he had looked into the eyes of this person? He could see them clearly again, those nearly white eyes before the white of the eyeballs, as people possessed them. Diamonds like shining raindrops on the plants of Havarl in the dawn. He had already seen some humans. And so he could tell the difference between beautiful and ugly. And this one had been a beautiful person. But he was a human. What was it that he felt? Saraan decided to put this encounter behind him. for now.Samara had had a successful conversation. At least that's what she told Samuel. They had talked extensively and had come to the conclusion that further talks would help communication. In plain language, this meant that they had sniffed each other out, had not jumped at each other's throats and had been open to further meetings. For the emissary this was good. She would probably spend more time in the governor's office in the coming days. The crew returned into orbit and left the emissary and her bodyguard on Aya. For Samuel this meant that he only saw his sister in the evening and otherwise had to watch him killing time. Fucking boring days ahead. He could not sit all day in the Tavetaan hoping that his sister would need him. He probably would go for many strolls in the Aya forests. Fortunately Samara had managed to get him a permit to watch the resistance in their training grounds. The teams were good, mostly well coordinated and perfect in communication, the maneuvers well thought out. The captain of the team was always impressive. He mastered every danger and obstacle so easily that the others often seemed like first-timers by comparison. He could watch, but he was not allowed to participate. Anyway, at least that was interesting. And one day it became even more interesting. An explosion had wounded one of the fighters of team Havarl who was now lying on the ground screaming. The squad members were with him immediately and the captain took off his helmet when he reached the wounded. Samuel, who had previously supported his forearms on the railing and remained in a bent position, stood up when he realized who was hiding under the helmet and had been fighting and maneuvering so masterfully the whole time. The curator, professor de Kanos, was the captain. So he fought in the resistance. Samuel could not understand what was said down in the hall because the hall was too wide and the angara spoke in their language. But it was professor Kanos who gave orders. The wounded man was quickly lifted by two comrades and brought out of the hall between the containers. Obviously this had not been part of the maneuver. Samuel looked briefly at the three fighters. When he turned his head, he saw that Prof. Kanos looked straight up at him and fixed him. His stomach cramped up as their eyes met and bored into each other despite the distance. Samuel felt uncomfortable. Professor de Kanos might as well have aimed a sniper at him. But then the squad captain turned around and disappeared between the containers. Samuel looked after him."Samuel, have you been listening to me?"Asked Samara that night. He hadn't listened to her. His mind had returned to Saraan Kanos. And the way he had looked up at him. He was still unsure what that look meant. Should he ask him? Nonsense. When he had noticed where his thoughts had drifted off to, he had started a debate with himself about why he had allowed and executed these thoughts - these emotions. Nonsense! He pushed them aside and looked at his sister."I'm sorry, what?" Samara gave him a look of punishment. "Where are you with your thoughts?" He waved and used those seconds to remember. "So another two days, and then we're going back to the Nexus?" She nodded. "Good." He sighed.To be honest, he was happy to be back on the Nexus for a while or to travel through orbit with the Phoenix. In fact, he was looking forward to seeing his crazy crew again. As different as they all were, they belonged together. Above all, without Thantos, her small family consisting of him, Samara and the Drell, was not complete. Abandoning Aya was pleasant on the one hand, but on the other hand it left a strangely stale feeling in him, which he didn't know how to classify. Thus, as if he had once walked around the command center on the Nexus, he returned to the beginning of his thoughts: the curator, who obviously was more than that. He wanted to question him about angaran combat tactics. Amongst other things.The day before they had planned to return to the Nexus, Samuel took another trip through the city. His destination was the museum where he suspected the angaran fighting curator. He was not mistaken. The professor stood again in the almost empty small hall, which had not been accessible for expositions before, and examined the only artifact there, when Samuel approached quietly. He stopped in the archway of the previous hall and waited. De Kanos did not seem to have noticed him, and so Samuel had time to memorize the appearance of the other. He still had difficulty determining the age of an angara, unless it was a small one like Laruhn. De Kanos could be about his age, or perhaps older. Even for an angara, he was extremely tall, at least two metres or more. Samuel noticed the jewellery he was wearing. On his left eyebrow and on the edge of the protuberances of his neck, he wore gold shimmering rings. Samuel just looked at him for quite a while without making himself noticed and did not know why he did so. Then suddenly Professor de Kanos spoke."Have you stared enough?"Samuel felt boiling hot blushed slightly. He cleared his throat softly and lowered his eyes as he answered."Excuse me, I didn't mean to disturb you. You seemed so lost in thought." How long had de Kanos known he was here? It was kind of embarrassing now. Slowly, he took a few steps closer. "Is this gonna be a new exhibition?" "It already is. Even though there's only one exhibit here so far." De Kanos replied.Samuel took a quick look at the artifact. Though it was not what he had come for. And yet, that brief look became a longer look. Then a closer look. He pulled his dark eyebrows together and stepped closer. A feeling of recognition spread through him. A whisper sounded as he approached the object. It was as if a voice whispered to him. A very quiet singing. A melody? He did not understand the language. He was drawn to the object, an octahedron. Somewhere he had seen the thing before. Why did he hear voices? Where did they come from? The chant became a bit louder.Suddenly he felt a big hand grab his shoulder and pull him back. All of a sudden, the whispers stopped. Surprised, he looked back. Professor de Kanos had pulled him away from the artifact. He looked angry, but equally irritated."Didn't you hear me?" Samuel looked uncomprehendingly at the curator. "Yes, there is only one exhibit here," you said. The angara raised an eyebrow. "Afterwards I said not to touch the artefact, especially if no one knows what it is or what it can do." Samuel was confused. "I didn't hear that. I'm sorry." He replied. "There was just..." he took one last look at the octahedron, then shook his head softly. "Nevermind. I'm actually here because I'm very impressed with your fighting skills. You're really good." He said, "You've been training for a long time, haven't you?" "I've been fighting for a long time." De Kanos fixated him. "How do you have time to be curator of the museum and fight for the resistance?" "You just find the time. When I am called, I am there."The professor left the small hall and Samuel followed him. Not much was known about the organisational structure of the resistance until today. But in the meantime they were working with APEX and the Nexus. Recent events, however, had unfortunately left the Alliance just as untouched. Teams from Milky Way and angara had difficulties to cooperate with each other, which had already led to disasters several times. Samuel did not expect Kanos to tell him much. Nevertheless, he asked him questions and surprisingly received answers. For example, that De Kanos had been with the resistance for more than eight years now and had temporarily taken over the administration of the museum, for the actual curator, who had not been on duty for three years due to family matters. So there was also something like maternity substitution in this cluster. The cheeky little angaran boy Laruhn was in fact his nephew, Garuhna his sister. De Kanos was surprisingly forthcoming for the fact that he didn't seem to like humans. Nevertheless, Samuel decided not to pester him too much. After he had heard about Garuhna, he stopped asking. At that very moment no one less than Garuhna approached them."Saraan, dear brother." She greeted him with an embrace.Samuel knew that angara liked to do that. Garuhna looked at Samuel and her purple and blue eyes lit up."It's good to see you, Mr. Wolfsbane.“ Samuel was in the habit of making a owing, and Garuhna's smile grew wider. "You are a very polite, handsome alien." She said. Samuel showed an embarrassed, weak smile as he straightened up. "Oh, just habit."Garuhna turned to her brother, who was looking, or rather watching Samuel. "What do you think about coming with me to Tavetaan? I'll buy you a quiloa tea." Professor de Kanos didn't seem to mind. But in her next words, she subtly derailed the two men's features. She looked at Samuel again."Why don't you come along and we can get to know you better?" The young adept thought he'd made a mistake. But Garuhna must be serious. Samuel didn't have to look at her brother to realise that he was not at all taken with the idea. "I do not want to disturb you two." he spoke a little helplessly at the angara woman's disarming smile. "Not at all." Now Samuel looked up at the curator who crossed his arms at his chest. To Samuel, a clear gesture of rejection. "Perhaps some other time, Miss al Vidas. Your brother might eat me alive." It just slipped out. „I – I‘m sorry.“ Saraan narrowed his eyes slightly. Samuel didn‘t know why he had said this. Better to disappear now. However there was a surprise when Saraan said: "You can come with us." Saraan said calmly.A little later the three of them were sitting in the bar Tavetaan. Garuhna had chosen a place from which one could look over the landscape of Aya. Garuhna had got up and gone to the bar. To get drinks, she had said. Samuel sat diagonally opposite Saaran at the table. Because the Angara had fallen silent again, Samuel had started to look at the landscape. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Lush forests, beautiful flowers, slender rocks several meters high, iridescent waterfalls. Samuel had turned his head and leaned on the palm of one hand. He constantly found a new sight he could hardly tear himself away from. And yet he could. For he felt Saraans gaze rest on him. And so he looked at him again. Again this strange feeling came up in him, bored into the pit of his stomach and spread to his chest as he looked into the sapphire blue eyes of the angara."Aya is simply beautiful. I think I could wander these woods for hours." Said Samuel in a subdued tone. For once, Saraan seemed open-minded about it. He nodded. "I do that whenever I can. But it's a rare thing. And since your kind camps in the woods, even more rarely." Samuel sensed a hint of anger at Saraans dismissive words, but he held it in. "Your kind? I'm not like them. We're trying to restore positive relations." He replied, softly, to ease the tension. "Everyone said so. So did the Kett once." Samuel found it increasingly difficult to suppress the rage that was building up inside him. "We are not the kett! The emissary and the Nexus are trying to make that clear." Saraan seemed distant. "I don't think you're up to it. The attack on the Moshae is unforgivable." "Is that why you hate everyone you meet? That's pretty prejudiced. There are bad people even among the Angara." Did it break out of Samuel now, even though he still spoke softly. He saw anger now flashing in Saraans eyes. "Not as bad as yours." He growled softly.The conversation drifted off in a very unfavorable direction. Samuel clenched his teeth tightly together, lowered his eyes and reflected. Anger was wrong. Always. But often so hard to suppress. He decided not to give an answer anymore. Then his omnitool lit up and suddenly solved the emotional dilemma. The display started flashing red. He was instantly focused and forgot the conversation."What does it mean?" Saraan asked with suspicion in his voice. "An emergency from the emissary." He rose from his seat. "I have to go."Garuhna came back at that moment with two of probably three drinks and looked at Samuel with a questioning expression. "Excuse me, Ms. Al Vidas, I have to go. It's an emergency.“ Garuhna's face became troubled. "What is...“ Without thinking, Samuel slipped her a reasonable amount of credits for the drinks, including tips. "I'm sorry. We'll talk another time." He managed to bow down, nodded at Saraan and left the bar at a steady pace, followed by the gaze of the two angara.Fortunately, Samara had agreed at the time that her omnitool would sound the alarm and indicate her current navpoint, when danger threatened. Jake Goodwin, the scientist and decker advised her to do so and installed all the monitoring programs. She had had doubts because she had not wanted Goodwin to spy on her. That he liked the emissary was an open secret like Varius having a slight crush on the commander. However, he had never actually spied on her. Maybe sent her a few flirty messages every now and then. Samara never activated the emergency program of her omnitool for no reason, which immediately was sent to Samuels omnitool. Something had happened. She was in danger and there was nothing and no one more important than her besides Thantos for Samuel. He stared at his omnitool, which was still glowing red and showing him the way while he hurried through the streets, trying to move as unobtrusively as possible so as not to give the impression of a thief on the run. The navpoint was not far from the lower docks. What in the three God‘s names was she doing there?Samuel ran the last bit to the indicated place when he did not suspect any of the guards or the resistance to be near. Staircases led down. Moist air, musty from rotting leaves, brushed against his face as he jumped down some stairs into deeper areas of the city that were rarely or never used. The air became warmer, stuffier, metallic smelling. The underground of the city, where people who lived upstairs rarely went. Older buildings came to the surface. This area used to be completely deserted. Samuel rushed down the alleys. What the hell was Samara doing down here?! Gunshots rang out. Samuel stopped breathing. Then he ran even faster and was tempted to use his ki-powers. He finally reached the navpoint. It was some kind of a backstreet. At first sight he could make out four armed angara. A salarian laid on the ground. Samuel could not determine whether he was dead. Then he spotted Samara. She cowered on the wall, next to a female angara and stared with eyes wide open in shock into the bull barrel of an Isharay. Samuel did not hesitate for a second. He jumped out of his cover and summoned his ki-powers. He immediately felt the overwhelming energy flowing through his mind and body, stronger than ever before in the Milky Way and in an instant he was with Samara and the angaran woman, who screamed out when a shot ripped the air. His hand shot out faster than the bullet the angara had fired and caught it inches from his sister's forehead. Hot and painful, the bullet burned through the glove into his skin, but he ignored it. The angara stared at the elf with a stunned expression. The other three were also flabbergasted for some seconds. They had not expected something like this and had probably never experienced it before. Samuel used the moment of surprise and grabbed the Isharay of the angara, snatched it from him and hit the weapon against his chin with all his might. The attacker rattled and fell to the ground."Protector!" Samara gasped as she recognized her brother, who positioned himself protectively in front of her, now targeting the attackers with the Isharay."Take cover!" he ordered her without looking at them.The ki still flowed through him. It wouldn‘t last long. Until then he had to act. If it ended, he would probably collapse again. Like last time. He had once undergone a small experiment and activated the ki forces under supervision. Dr. Ven'Tisa had measured time. Usually he could move in a 10-minute window of time until there were consequences and deprivation began.He shot each of the three angaran attackers deliberately in the leg and they went down screaming. A second later hot pain burned into his shoulder and he hissed. One shot had hit him from somewhere above. So there were more of them after all. Sons of bitches. He used the next ki power, knowing that he was taking an even bigger risk. With every new ki power the risk of death became bigger. But he had to do it if he wanted to get his sister out of here alive. Protecting the emissary with his own life was his fucking job after all. He found the shooter and didn't hesitate. With the new power activated he could literally ran up the wall. Faster than the other could react, he was on the roof with him and shot. The angara collapsed. Then he heard someone screaming downstairs. He turned around and saw another angara running towards the angaran woman. Damn, how many of these assholes were actually here? Samuel wanted to shoot, but the Isharay's magazine was empty. He dropped it and without hesitation jumped from the roof he had climbed onto directly towards the attacker and rammed him to the ground with one knee, placed in his back. Quickly he stood up and looked around. Was that everyone? He looked at the angaran woman standing next to Samara with a frightened look."Go…!" He gasped.Headaches befell him, a migraine attack that brought tears to his eyes. He staggered and grabbed his head. His sister behind him cried out in horror. He tasted blood. Blood came out of his nose. He wiped it with one glove. Then darkness began to cloud his perception. He tried to fight it, but to no avail. And then armed angara appeared again. Oh, for the three God's sake, please."Sam... go...!" He shouted weakly as he fell to his knees.He tasted blood. It seemed to come pouring out of him. He felt someone grab him. No, don't faint, no! There was nothing he could do. Darkness enveloped him. And silence. ...nothing more.Samuel stood in the rain-soaked street and stared at the burning building that he and his squad had recently blown up. He heard screams from inside, recent explosions shook the building and slowly brought it down. Fire, smoke filled the night air. He stood there like paralyzed and saw steel beams collapsing. Then a soot-smeared face, framed by red hair, appeared at a window. A young girl stared at him before the smoke devoured her.He could hear himself scream. And then he woke up. Gasping. His heart was racing. He heard a beeping sound and in a few moments he realized it came from a vital-signs scanner his body was attached to. Slowly he began to perceive his surroundings. A hospital. The infirmary of Aya. He wanted to stand up, but found that his wrists and ankles were strapped down. What was that about? An angaran woman entered his field of vision. She examined him and entered something on a data pad. Judging by the way she was dressed, she must be some kind of doctor."How are you feeling?" She asked. "I... don't know. Confused?" Samuel replied. His voice was rough. His throat felt dry. He was thirsty. "You lost a lot of blood. We were lucky to find a donor." Said the woman. "How long have I been here? Why am I strapped in?" He wanted to know. "You were in a coma for two days." That sentence hit him in the stomach like a knife. Coma again. Two days. Shit. "And you are strapped in because you have been deemed a threat." Samuel blinked at her. "I'm a threat even in a coma? Flattering." The angaran doctor actually loosened up a bit from her stiff posture and smiled gently. "The resistance is very cautious, not to say paranoid. You'll have to deal with them as soon as you feel up to it. Or probably sooner." That sounded like interrogation. Awesome. "Where is my-…. where is the human emissary?" He asked. "She is safe, as is the consul who was with her. Everything else will be explained to you by Admiral Chazre de Tershaav.“Admiral Chazre de Tershaav was the younger brother and successor of Evfra de Tershaav, the previous leader of the resistance, who resigned and disappeared two years ago without any trace. Rumor has it that Evfra has retired from being a warrior and leader and lives somewhere on one of the many habitable planets in the cluster. Another rumor says that he travels through the galaxy together with the Pathfinder and his crew. Some say he died then. The fact is that he has not been seen since.Chazre was known to be almost exactly like his brother. Or worse. And these were not pleasant prospects for Samuel. He had already learned this when two resistance fighters entered the hospital room to pick him up. They untied the bonds that had chained him to the bed, however put others on him, on hands and feet that were connected to each other. He felt he was a serious criminal, but he put up with it. At least Dr. Tshony ja Varuhn had given him something to drink. He decided not to resist and walked, more stumbling than walking through the fetters, with the two guards, still feeling dizzy and weak.Samuel was used to the suspicious looks. But this time they seemed even more hostile. Had it been a mistake to rescue the consul and instead take out the assailants who wanted to kill her? He seriously asked himself this question. And began to worry where he was led on. The Resistance headquarters was located just one floor above the hospital. But where he was led to was a few floors below the known quarters. An elevator definitely led too far down. A long corridor followed and finally the bodyguard of the emissary, commander of the „Phoenix“ and APEX agent was brought to a cool little room and put on a chair. There his cuffs were removed, but his wrists and ankles were strapped to the chair with metal straps. Was that really necessary? Samuel refrained from asking this question aloud. Apparently it was considered necessary. After all, he was probably a threat.It smelled strangely here. The room was bare and gray. There was a table in the middle. A second chair was opposite. On the floor he could see faded spots that must have been darker once. Had that been blood? Anyway it seemed to be the angaran version of an interrogation room, it crossed his mind. He did not like it at all. The restraints were stuck. He couldn't move. What was that about? What were they doing? He was left alone a few minutes with his thoughts. And a slightly rising fear. Then the door with the distinctive hissing sound opened again and an angara came in. He was the spitting image of Evfra de Tershaav. What distinguished him was a huge scar that ran across the right side of his face, affecting his eye and part of his lips. The gaze was the same cold and grumpy look that Evfra was known for. No, colder. Devastating. Hostile. Samuel knew at first sight that he had lost, by the simple fact that he was breathing.The angara sat wordlessly opposite Samuel at first and eyeballed him. Samuel looked back neutrally. He was a nervous but hid this without any problems. He had the opportunity to inspect the angara and noticed a small pin on his chest. He was wearing the sign of the party that had made it their policy to keep alien races out. The Roe Val Ram had been little more than a splinter party in the cluster. But they were steadily gaining power. Their party program provided that the angara, if the alien races could not be taken out of the galaxy, would always and everywhere gain the upper hand as a controlling superior power in all matters, while non-angaran species would always be second-class and best subject to the angara. They denied that this attitude reminded them of the kett. Samuel began to doubt his chances of getting out of here with his skin intact were big. Chazre would take him apart. Literally, if he could.Chazre pulled out a datapad and started to speak: "according to witnesses, you took out six angaran fighters."His voice was not approving, but cold and condemning. According to witnesses? There had been bystanders?"They wanted to kill the human emissary and the consul of the angaran gou-..." Samuel was abruptly interrupted. "Did you or did you not?" Asked Chazre sharply. "Yes. I did." Samuel replied. "It was necessary because..." "You nearly killed two of Aya's citizens."Samuel couldn't help but look at Chazre with disbelief. He couldn't believe where this conversation was headed. The guy wanted to paint him as an attacker and a threat! If the consul had been killed by the assailants, Chazre also would have blamed him for it. Samuel was about to defend himself again when the door opened the second time and another angara entered. He was huge. His skin was almost black, almost blending with the black battle dress he was wearing. One eye was yellow, the other green. Scars ran across the green eye. He was looking at Samuel from top to bottom, like a predator looking at a piece of meat. The guy was even scarier. He wanted to get out of here."I was protecting the emissary, that's my job!" He said, looking at Chazre again. Chazre looked straight at the newcomer, followed his movements briefly with his eyes, then turned back to the elf. "You are a danger to the public." He said. "What?" Gradually, the adept had trouble controlling his anger. "It doesn't matter what I say, does it? The main thing is that you can go on with your generalising hatred of aliens...urghhh...!"A hand suddenly grabbed him from the side by his throat and squeezed the air out of him. He started to wheeze and tried to free his wrists, but he still was firmly strapped in. The black face of the second angara came within a few millimetres of his. The angara had moved around the chair to which Samuel was tied and had reappeared next to him. He squeezed so hard that Samuel thought he‘d soon lose his consciousness. He twisted and pulled his face. An almost satisfied, deadly expression spread across the angara's scarred face as he watched his victim try to break free and failed. Apparently the guy seemed to enjoy that he was in complete control of him at the moment."Jave jarevaon is no home for your kind, vesagara." He growled with a voice, incredibly raw and deep.Then he spoke something else in another angaran language. He squeezed even harder. Panic gradually rose in Samuel. It hurt and he had the feeling that the angara wanted to break his neck. He wanted to shout at the guy to let him go, but didn't make a sound. He tried desperately to free himself. If the situation hadn't been so unreal anyway, he would have had the impression that the black angara had made the suggestion to kiss him, that's how close he was to him. The blood rushed in his ears. He could hear Chazre saying something, but had more to do with surpress the rising panic that the breathlessness caused by the black angara's stranglehold. Samuel didn't even notice that the door opened a third time. He heard a new voice through the murmur in his ears and suddenly the black angara let go of him. Samuel sucked in the air and began to cough as he writhed before sinking into the chair. He was dizzy and his neck was aching from the hard grip. He let his head hang while he heard a third angara speak. He recognized the voice immediately. Professor Saraan de Kanos! What on earth was he doing here?"I'll take it from here. Chazre, Kardash.“In fact, after a brief debate in a foreign language, Chazre and Kardash left the room and Samuel and Saraan were alone. Samuel raised his head a little and between the white strands of his hair, which had fallen into his face, looked hostilely at Kardash, who glanced back at him for a moment. Sadistic asshole. The two left the room.Saraan sat down opposite him at the table and waited until Samuel was responsive again."What a...!" he bit his tongue. He was able to suppress the insult despite everything. "Chazre hates humans. He would have gladly had you executed even if you had saved the Moshae. He didn't care that you saved the consul's life." Said Saraan. "He's completely on the side of the Roe Val Ram. And Kardash - vehshaanan. Well, if it was up to me, he wouldn't be here now. Unfortunately, it's not my decision alone. But my word still carries weight."Samuel looked up at Saraan. He didn't make that decision alone and his word carries weight? He needed to put his thoughts in order. His head ached and he still felt the hard grip of Kardash's hand around his neck. His face was slightly reddened from the pressure the grip had caused."Who... is that guy?" He wanted to know. "Some kind of secret agent and consultant of Chazre."Saraan stressed "consultant" like that term didn't apply to Kardash. Saraan was watching Samuel. Those bright eyes were fascinating. But he was still suspicious. He could not find in these eyes what he had discovered in the eyes of all criminals. And he was trained to read in others. In fact, Samuel aroused interest in him. and more. This "more" made him insecure. But he did not show it. Saraan turned his eyes away."Please, I'm no danger. I just wanted to protect my sister -" Samuel corrected, but the truth was expressed, "protect the emissary. And the consul." Saraan had lowered his eyes to the datapad and read a few lines before looking at Samuel again. "So the emissary is your sister?" Samuel nodded slowly. "That's why she was so worried and couldn't even hold back her tears." Saraan added. The adept sighed. "And she told me to stay out of trouble. That would've worked, actually." He said and smiled bitterly. "Are they both okay?".Saraan looked at the datapad again, nodding. "The consul would like to meet you to thank you." Again he read something on the pad, then asked: "is it true? They say you caught a bullet with your bare hand. Pulled it out of the air before it could hit the consul?" Samuel affirmed.Saraan, apparently impressed, looked at him searchingly. It wasn't quite sure what he thought. He finally wanted to know how this could be accomplished. Samuel had expected this. And tried as best he could to explain what ki-powers, what a ki-adept was."I‘m not a biotic. And also no mage. Not really a mage. In my homeworld we were called the Awakened. Few did survive this awakening. I‘m a physical adept. Or ki-adept. I channel powers through my body and mind. I develop powers that improve my physical and mental abilities. I mostly can summon them when I can focus. Since we've been in Andromeda, however, something has changed. My powers have become way stronger. But they also harm me much more. It is enough to use a relatively simple power and I... am potentially in mortal danger. The more powers I summon, the greater the danger they will kill me."Saraan had listened in silence the whole time, looking at Samuel. "You could have died and you knew it." He said. "Yes, but my sister's life and the consul's were more important." Samuel replied. Silence fell.Saraan suddenly rose and walked towards Samuel. He looked up at him in tense. What next? Saraan reached behind the chair where Samuel was tied up and pressed a switch. Immediately, with a soft click, the four cuffs opened and the elf was free. Samuel relaxed. Thank the gods. He rubbed his wrists. And then the neck. Red bruises had become visible and would probably turn into hematomas later. Saraan looked at Samuel. And he was looking at him."You would lay down your life for others?" Saraan asked him. "For those I care for, without hesitation. I live for others." Samuel almost whispered.Saraan pulled up one of the bulging eyebrows. The pointed-eared man's last words were interesting. He would come back to that in time. He slowly nodded and stepped back to give Samuel room to get up. Samuel stood up. Too quickly, as he realized. His circulation obviously took some time and he became dizzy again. He staggered forward, straight into the arms of the angara who caught him. A reflex?"Slowly." He whispered to him.Saraan's voice vibrated inside him as he leaned against his broad chest for a few seconds. Because a steady atmosphere of antipathy had hung in the air before, he had not been so focused on what a deep calming voice Saraan possessed. Now he had every opportunity in the world to internalize it, whether he wanted to or not. That voice was somehow beautiful. Before the deep, murmuring sound and the eyes of this being threatened to engulf him again like the last time, Samuel separated from Saraan and felt his cheeks begin to burn. He lowered his eyes and cleared his throat softly."Excuse me." He muttered. "And… by the way, thank you for intervening. I would have hated to find out what else they were up to."Samuel noticed how Saraan was still holding him by the upper arms. He looked up at him again. His heart seemed to beat one beat faster. Saraan finally let go of him and stepped back, a little shyly."I hope I haven't made a mistake." His voice returned to a more detached tone. "You owe me with this." Samuel nodded. "Better you than me having the hands of that ... other angara on my neck again." He suppressed an insult. "Kardash Vicos. Apparently, he has chosen you as his new favorite victim." Samuel sighed softly. "Great."Saraan pointed at the door, turned away and left the room. Samuel followed him. They walked down the long corridor at an incredible depth below the ground back to the elevator. Probably no one down here would have heard him scream, Samuel thought."So I'm going to have to watch my back." Samuel said, talking about Kardash again. "However, before he kills, he plays first. Like I said, if it was up to me, he wouldn't be here anymore.“ Saraan answered.They crossed the lobby of the headquarters. There were not many angara standing around. But Kardash, of all people, was there. He and Samuel exchanged looks. The black angara gave him the creeps. It was probably best to stay out of his way. Their enmity was sealed. It was Saraan who kept pushing Samuel. They left the headquarters of the resistance and made their way to the docks and the landing zone for ships. Samuel could see the Phoenix from afar and felt relief. Even more so when he saw Samara standing at the foot of the Phoenix's open ramp next to Dr. Ven'Tisa, the Phoenix's medical officer. And even when she looked at him in her typical punishing way, he knew that she was glad to see him back safe and sound for the most part. She would give him a telling off later on the ship, Samuel knew that. She and Dr. Ven'Tisa. Preferably the two of them together because the asari liked to do that as well as Samara."Protector, there you are." She spoke in Samuel's customary official voice.She, as well as he and everyone else, was serious and focused when not alone. Samuel took a tight bow."Please forgive my tardiness, Emissary. There was..." he hesitated briefly, but then continued, "some difficulty communicating."Samara looked into her brother's eyes for a few seconds, but then nodded. "The consul of Aya wishes to speak with you as soon as possible, Protector."Samuel also nodded. Then Samara turned to Saraan. "I am grateful to you for escorting my bodyguard and our ship‘s commander safely back to the ship. I regret, however, that you did not grace us with your presence during our discussions with the governor."Saraan who now learned that Samuel was the captain of the Phoenix and an APEX commander looked at Samara and gracefully replied,"I was unfortunately involved in other matters. However, through your attaché, I have received a, well," he glanced briefly at Samuel, who was looking back and forth between Saraan and his sister a little perplexed, "new perspective. I will take part in the discussions next time." Samara smiled. "That would make me very happy, Resistance Lieutenant"Samuel raised an eyebrow. Wait a minute. 'Resistance Lieutenant?! He stared at Saraan, who unmoved looked back. Serious yet one might think amusement was reflected in the deep blue cat's eyes. Samuel blinked and stuttered unsettled, opening his mouth and only delayed bringing out words:"So you are...?" Saraan did not make a face. "The deputy leader of the resistance." Completed Samara Samuel's sentence. Samuel caught himself again immediately. Emotion was not appropriate here. "Lieutenant."He never dreamed he'd argued with the third most powerful angara of Aya. And what was actually personally inconvenient for him was that he had to save him."What kind of communication problems did you have?" The emissary suddenly asked.Of course she wanted to know. Samuel saw Saraan preparing to say something, but paused when he saw Samuel's pleading look, not to mention the trouble with Chazre and Kardash."Nothing more than a few formalities at the hospital. These were quickly cleared out of the way."Samara gently raised one eyebrow and looked at Saraan a few moments longer. Then she nodded slowly. "How fortunate you were able to be there, Lieutenant." She said. "Well, Protector, we have to get back to the Nexus. For the time being, our duties here are done." She said. "Understood, Emissary." Samuel affirmed.She addressed Saraanone last time: "please convey to the governor that it's been a pleasure and I look forward to further discussion. And I look forward to speaking with you again."Saraan nodded. A few more courtesies were exchanged, then Samara left the platform and walked up the ramp to the ship. Samuel paused a moment longer and looked at Saraan. And there it was again. Only faintly, but noticeably, this strange feeling. He pushed it aside."I...owe you something. Thanks again for helping me. And not telling my sister."He looked at Saraan. And suddenly the angara smiled softly. A small fireworks display seemed to go off in Samuel's chest."Oh, yeah, you owe me big time." He answered. Then the curator and lieutenant became more serious again: "you saved the consul without thinking of your own life. I shall remember that."Samuel bowed curtly and gallantly. It was just a habit. The Asian people on his homeworld did it. Interestingly, so did the drell at times. "Thank you, Professor." He looked at Saraan again. "Lieutenant?". "Call me Saraan." He answered. Samuel actually smiled softly this time and nodded. The warmth in his chest remained. "Nice to meet you, Saraan."Then he turned away and followed the emissary of the Nexus' diplomatic section back to the Phoenix, which soon after left the spaceport of Aya. Saraan watched him and the ship for quite a while before he returned to the museum, lost in thought and with new feelings, a warmth that was strange an confusing. A beginning was made. And it had been surprisingly positive.
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Both Alan Rickman and David Bowie. Dead at 69 from cancer.

Yo were legends and gave us much joy, laughter, and sadness. Thank you for everything.
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Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Watch these videos from start to end…
Mizutanitony Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
To warn you that you guys are being used to destroy western civilization and the 3 Abrahamic faiths…
Mizutanitony Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm trying to figure out if this is supposed to be ironic or what? Are you doing this to be funny?
GothicGamerXIV Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, i didn't wanted to place my next work here.
GothicGamerXIV Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oops. I didn't want to place one of my artwork's here. Sorry.
RainbowRenders Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015   Digital Artist
Your femshep / works about her got denied because she is TRANS? What an asshole move of every contributor. The bioware fandom is such a shame sometimes.
Mizutanitony Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well...they did end up making an exception after a while...they just didn't know where she fell and I didn't raise TOO much of a fuss...but it was bs and I had conversation. Finally someone I know made a way for me to post without complaints from others. it was weird. I've only gotten maybe one negative remark about the story I wrote, but she's never gotten any other problems. It's in the past and the future is looking bright as I'm working on a book inspired by her and a few other big things coming up. Don't worry good Altus....she's making waves. small, but important waves. 
TreeWyrm Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I'm really sorry I had to unwatch the group. I knew when I joined that someone seemed to find value and interest in adding images that I can only describe as childifying sexualisation and objectification of women porn, but hey it's not like I could really see that stuff in your albums unless I went looking for it and plus, for the most part, it seems the people you gather are lovely folk!

Unfortunately it seems DA has made some changes, which I discovered today when I logged on and it presented me with a wall full of things this group has added to its collections, picture by picture, of things that make me fill ill and just generally put a really bad spin on my day by saying "This! This is what you're worth to the world! Now go out there and get naked and sell your body please, oh wait you're a woman? Oh no only girls will do... so please go hide yourself in a corner!" and so on and so forth.

Anyway, only way I could find to stop this visual assault on my being was to unwatch the group. :( Sorry!
Mizutanitony Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Understandable. the problem is that I had to put in quite a few things to try and limit that. I've made a point of it...but if people vote it in...there's not much I can do. But I understand what's going on. HOwever please stick your head in from time to time and say hi. It's fallen by the way side a bit and how some of that stuff is getting through I don't know, but if it's an issue beyond what I can see I'll put a stop to it. I want everyone to feel comfortable with the group so thank you for keeping that up. I'm not a fan of that stuff either. 
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