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August 26, 2002
Photo Alphabet by transfusion impressed me from the first glance, and at further exploration as well. the amount of work, time, and attention that went into this piece is absolutely mind blowing. full view is a must! (Selected by +olya)
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Photo Alphabet



sounds like an easy project, well its not..

This is a project I made last fall, the rules are simple:

You are not allowed to take pictures of things that that really are letters (signs etc.)
You are not allowed to arrange the picture in any way.
No computermanipulation or post-production allowed.

Or generally: Just plain imaginative photography.

The last 3 letters (Æ Ø Å) are special Danish letters, I guess you english speaking deviants will have an advantage here. (Well at least i'm not Japanese )
Some of the letters are easy, but I can tell you I had a hard time finding the Danish letter Æ.
Finaly with sheer luck i found some sticks i a forest, and no I did not arrange them in any way.

I don't know where to sugest it, but I really think it would be a cool project is some of you fellow deviants would take up a project like this.
It's quite challenging and fun, although it's a bit annoying that you long after the project is done, can't help looking for feasible letters around you.

Credits to Anders B.N. [link] for helping me taking some of the photos.
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In kindergarten, we read a book where all the pages featured one letter in a photo, just like this. So I decided I should do it, with numbers and letters, but for some letters, I just moved some sticks around, and for the number 3, I just moved our hose in our garden to look like a 3. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some leaves on my lawn in the shape of a 4. This really reminds me of that.