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dA Wrapped Wallpaper

Good news, kiddies! If you haven't heard already, My t-shirt design is a semi-finalist in the deviantWEAR Design Battle!

If you liked the design and would like it to become a shirt that you can buy from dA, then simply "vote" for it by clicking on the above link and then comment on and/or fave the entry. You can remove it from your favorites after the contest ends, but the more positive feedback the entry gets during the "voting period" the more likely it'll become a t-shirt you can get your hands on! The vote only counts if you comment/fave on my entry in the deviantWEAR gallery.

As a special thanks for all your support, I'm making my entry available as a neato wallpaper pack. The resolutions range from 1024x768 up to 1900x1200 so that should cover most monitor resolutions. Thanks, gang! :)

<-- Click Download to download the Wallpaper Pack
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It kinda looks like Knives Chau from the video game "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
canpassion's avatar
:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
Fireskye-Art's avatar
Love this design - thanks for the awesome and unique shirt! :D
rawien's avatar
This is really cool! I like it!
ScratchedRecord-1's avatar
Wow. Can't anyone see the light?
NekkidChibi's avatar
theyellowroom27's avatar
eh yo, nice pic...
Eziotehwomanizer's avatar
ObearonDinall's avatar
amazing work!love the pose and the colors!!
vovez's avatar
I love this! My favorite color scheme and everything!
Fablestorm's avatar
I love the sleekness of the design. Great job :)
ArinaFoxy's avatar
So creative =) Really well done! Keep it up! ^_______________^
sock-eating-ninjas's avatar
tenshi-sama-konan's avatar
this is awesome i love it
Aliamus's avatar
Hi i founds this image on "konachan" with no sig. or url back to DA
and moded it a bit and used it here: [link]

and today i found the true artist, you...
soo my Question is do you mind what i did, do you want me to delete it?
or can i keep it so long as i give you credit?

and this image is awesome :+fav: btw.
anime-realm's avatar
I am wearing the shirt with this on it right now :D It's awesome.
transfuse's avatar
Glad you like it. :)
KaduchiZ's avatar
Absolute awesomeness...
Also the best t-shirt ever @ deviantWEAR.
MINUS-7's avatar
Yep,this is definitly my new wallpaper. :D
passerby13's avatar
I'll start by saying WOW, the popularity of this piece is well deserved.
I personally can't help but LOVE this!
From the colours, to the design, to its over all attitude.
Truly outstanding work!
Fesou73's avatar
awww... why there's no 1280 x 800 size :(

Now I am REALLY sad :( ..

could you make this size please? (I just love the colors of this wallpaper)
Fesou73's avatar
thaaaaaaanks :D

soon I'll get the shirt :D
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