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Sony Vaio Sound Waves

By transfuse
This was an entry for the Sony Vaio Graphic Splash design contest.

The idea was inspired by the description for the Vaio FW, which states:

"Reminiscent of a rolling wave, the smooth, curved lines of the FW redefine functional beauty."

I tried to keep that in mind throughout the design process. The drawing took about 10~12 hours to complete in one sitting. I would've taken more time on it and spaced myself better, but I didn't become aware of the contest until a couple days before the deadline. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the result, but overall it still came out a bit of alright.

Photoshop CS3: About 12 hours

Elements and flow also inspired by Limkis, specifically
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© 2008 - 2021 transfuse
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i dunno about the fw  but my vaio  ( vpc)  has all the  lines of a brick and looks more  like the ps 4 

still a bit odd that there is no vaio  group on here 
any chance for 1920x1080 resolution. this is a great wallpaper, would be nice to have it in full hd for my sony laptop
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Wow this is awesome, I just love the style and the colours :)
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This was one of my favorites. You did an excellent job here.
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thats so cool did u win???
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One of the best wallpaper i ever seen. I use about 1 year
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sir this is amazing....
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very very very good =D
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i like it i think u have a pretty good chance good luck!
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this is probably my fave of the vaio wallpapers :3 I love the style, the curves really do add a ton more aesthetic pleasure to the overall work when you look at it. It really does speak for itself and the mermaid;s earfin things are AWESOME XD and the colors really do literally compliment one another.
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Looking good, especially the hair.
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The blending and colors are... amazing
Great piece of work! It's deffinately my favorite Vaio Wallpaper by far. Do you have any similar creations? How did you draw it? Cheers
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Not sure what you mean by "similar creations". If you browse my Digital Paintings gallery, you can find more of my work that's been digitally painted with Adobe Photoshop. :)
By "similar creations" I mean other Vaio Wallpapers that are also that creative, original and interesting as this one. The Gallery I am familiar with...
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Oh, no this is my only Vaio wallpaper design.
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for 10 hours work this is sweet!
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