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This is my Favorite Seven of Nine Drawing out of everything I've seen, I like how there are still sections of borg exoskeleton still covering portions of her body.
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wow this is awesome pic :) ty for it :) I really like it.
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My pupils dialate when I look at her body....DAMN IT!
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Words don't even do it justice! Its really nice the way her borg implants look like tattoos!
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Lovely picture :) I'll be passing this on as a ref for a friend doing up a cyborg gal later :D
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Seven of MINE! :D
Love this piccie!!! I really wish we could have seen more of her implants on the show. I really like that you made her whole arm cybernetic. Very cool!!!
resistance is futile
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I can't tell you how much I love the fact that you included the rest of her remaining Borg implants.

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That is amazing, I love it :) I really like the detail on the implants!
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Thats realy cool, sign me up for assimulation xD
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That is quite good, never considered what her cybernetics might look like under the jump suit
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Hot. I like how she has a corset of Bord implants. ;)
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i really like how you allowed her to keep the "borg" part of her as external as it is, versus trying to alter it to be a few "trinkets" here and there.
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VERY cool! Good Job!
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Very good approach on her, and so much detail... amazing :)
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