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Seven of Nine

This is a commissioned pic for :iconmihoshik: of Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. I tweaked her a bit from the lineart to make her look a bit more like Jeri Ryan. Yet another commish where I'm pleased with the result. :)

You can check out a full body view here.

Pencil: 3 hours
Photoshop CS3: 9 hours 30 min.

[EDIT] Sorry people, I had to reduce the size because of continuous art theft. I'll be shrinking and watermarking all my work from now on. :(
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© 2007 - 2021 transfuse
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This is outstanding!


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Nice one of her!

Do you do a nude version with her arms folded behind her back like she often stood like in voyager?

Maybe then also the nude back view of her with her arms in front of her working on a console?
exactly how much of her is still 'upgraded?'
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Wow.. Okay now -that- is hot!
Phoenix1701's avatar
Best. Star Trek. Artist. EVER!!
gA-rth's avatar
Best seven of nine picture ever!
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This is really cool. Love the metallic details. Want to see that corset she's wearing.
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Seven of Mine!
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Haha! I am 7 of 9 (I have 8 siblings).

Good job! I love your stuff!
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Just Awesome!
... and Seven is so Sexy! <3
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This was absolutely necessary.
holy crap
resistance IS!!! futile
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One of my old roommates had the nerves to asked me is this why I watched STV! (He knew I watched it from the first season to the end. As well as the other Trek Spin-off shows.)
I totally said NO! (He was a Trek hater) She had a strong enough character that bought dept to the show.
:love:But she was nice to see.:love:
Awesome art work!
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This kind of reminds me of Jim Lee's art.
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That is so cool! I love here arm and how much detail you put into her cortical node!
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so eh... u gonna make more 7of9 images...? cause... u could take over dA with stuff like this ;)
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I'd like to do some more 7 of 9, but I just don't seem to have much time nowadays. Maybe someday.
Royce-Barber's avatar
everyone seems to have forgotten about our precious 7 of 9!!! this is unforgivable. get your freaking drawing tablet off the floor and get to work! ;)
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Awesomeness I really like your pinups
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