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This is a close-up view of my final Samus portrait; it's widescreen-monitor-wallpaper-sized. You can see the full version here:

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Your drawings of Samus are quite amazing! I love them very much!
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The way Samus looks here is, as DarthJacen put it, insanely beautiful. It perfectly emphasizes both her Metroid badassery and feminine beauty, each without compromising the other. That's the kind of Samus I'd like to see in a more story-driven Metroid game someday (quietly glares at Other M).
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Wow...I've only just discovered this amazing piece of art. Makes me even more nervous waiting for MP4...
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MagpieKid|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow can't believe this is 10 years old! It's been my favorite Samus pic for so long :love:
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Easily one of the best interpretations of Samus I've ever seen.
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If I had to Choose between playing legend of Zelda and playing Metroid! I WOULD DEFINALLY GO FOR METROID ALL THE WAY, Just Because I get To Play a Kickass Bounty Hunter!
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EpicWolfOfDarkness|Hobbyist General Artist
A-FREAKIN-MEN. :iconclapplz: I thought I was the only one who preferred Metroid over Zelda, but it seems I'm not alone. :D

My sister :iconcelticwarriormoon: seems to prefer Zelda though for some reason... she keeps saying that's the main difference between us. :XD:
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Dude Who Wouldn't  Want A FRICKIN CANNON FOR A ARM! Even if its a Suit, I have so much fun Shooting Things! I Don't Know if This is Just Me but The Only Metroid I Didn't like was the Latest One: Metroid Other M! I Just Didn't Like That Fact That She Has Take Orders From a Military Dude Who She Left To Walk Her Own Path!  
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CelticWarriorMoon|Hobbyist General Artist
I said I like them both the same amount earlier! :P I just find it hard to choose sometimes, they're both awesome series. :)
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BriannaHendrickson| Traditional Artist
Awsome picture
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Insanely beautiful. Probably the best Samus art in existence.
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saddess55|Student General Artist
love it!
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One of my all time favorites!! This has been a staple of my desktop for nearly a decade ... perhaps even longer. I don't recall when I found it on the internets. ;)
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awesome work! :iconzerosuitsamusplz:

apart from marth, zero suit samus is the other character i play as on super smash bros brawl!
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Strayfish|Professional Interface Designer
Hey man, just spotted your lovely artwork in this piece: www.gameranx.com/features/id/1…

No credit on the artwork/article - did you license it? Just a heads up :)
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Mortis2000|Professional General Artist
Simply stunning. Thank you for doing Samus such justice.
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HuggleMistress|Hobbyist General Artist
This is easily one of the best renditions of Samus I've seen on DeviantArt.  I HATE all the super chibi, sexy, anime renditions because they so poorly represent her character. It's like what's the point of them being Samus?  It might as well be some generic anime girl on the beach. XD Guess that's just DeviantArt though.  Thank you for the great art!
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Absolutely stunning. You managed to capture her resolution, solitude and resolution all in one in that facial expression. Also the fact that she has the scars and bruises makes her seem like a seasoned bounty hunter rather than the weak girl most pictures portray. Best Samus I've seen on the net, even one of the best facial expressions I've seen in quite some time! Good work!
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It looks so real.
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it's beautifull! great drow!
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Reaperof1000s|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is amazing! I agree that Samus is one of the greatest characters ever created and you have certainly brought her to life in an amazing way. Well done!
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funny, saw this as wallpaper in the past ^^
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