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Samus Aran

This is the final Metroid homage digital painting I did for a class project of mine. You can check out the first one here:

One Girl in All the World

And the second one here:

Norfair Depths

Here's a close-up view:


And really high-rez detail shot.

This one only took about 36 hours, but it's the one I'm most satisfied with out of the three images. Hope you guys like it. :)

Photoshop CS2: 36+ hours
Original size: 7200 x 10800 px
Photo ref of the beautiful Roberta Murgo used.
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Can I buy a poster print or the hi-res version?

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this has to be the best design of Samus without her helmet

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Just a girl and her arm cannon against the world. had to fav this!
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Man, what a classic piece that's just endured on the internet and just totally encapsulates Samus Aran as a character.
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The awesomeness lives loudly in this picture.
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Can we please get a high rez download link? 
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
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possibility of a full resolution download link? that would be really nice :) 
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Finally fan art that doesn't sexualize her.
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Where is 7200 x 10800 px download link?
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I wish there were posters of this
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Armor Damages on the Power Suit, a wound on Samus herself, and a Darker/Edgier shading certainly make a Favorite!
Hi there, can someone upload the high rez image again of this amazing picture? 

Best regards!! 
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Love it! So it's framed on my wall =D
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finally found it on here.
have had the print for years, and only just recently put it in a frame.
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My favourite Samus picture. She looks so badass and beatiful!
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It's my favorite too. I loved it so much I bought a 20x30 print of it and hung it above my bed.
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Where did you get the print?
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This is probably my favorite Samus art of all time. You can see from the blood and the battle damage that she's made her way through a very hard battle. She also looks very gorgeous and slightly cute, but not too cute (like in a lot of anime art) or overly pretty (like in Smash) - she looks just like a normal woman, which is just right and very fitting for the character.
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