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Norfair Depths

This is my 2nd Metroid painting. It was much more gruelling and time-consuming than my first one:

One Girl in All the World

Took a little over 70 hours and once again I'm still not satisfied with it. =/ Anyhow, this one goes out to all you Ridley fans. Hope you like it. :)

Here's a version without Ridley in it so you can see all of the background-- spent a long ass time on it! -_-

Norfair Depths BG

Inspired by the Norfair Depths area song in Super Metroid. The song is nicely remixed here:


Photoshop CS2: 70+ hours
Original size: 10800 x 7200
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Très bien réussi, bravo.
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The depth only makes this scene much more memorable and the drawing feel cooler.
Screwmon's avatar
Ah, so you're the source of some of my favorite Metroid art.
asianastroboy's avatar
Is there anywhere to buy this as a Giclee print?
acegriffin's avatar
OMG you are a master. where can I get a super high res version of this!? I need this on my phone!
Idrog's avatar
This is freaking awesome!
Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar
I usually wouldn't care for such heavily silhouetted pieces, but this is AMAZING!
oh and if some day you sell prints of this, i'm in :D
as a Metroid Fan : a huge THANK YOU to you for this awesome work. Be satisfied with it, this is the best Metroid environment reproduction i've seen.
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X231's avatar
Pardon my french, but "Fuck...yes...!"
I need to buy a print of this!!!
horserax's avatar
badass! it looks real!
BaganSmashBros's avatar
Cool! But neck looks weird for me...
Tsuki222's avatar
Gorgeously badass!
lenchkumaximus1994's avatar
Sheepova's avatar
Super Metroid fanart with this level of quality touches my heart in a way that nothing else can.
Idusces's avatar
One of my most favorite Metroid pieces ever, still have it as a wallpaper to this day. Captures Metroid's lonely atmosphere yet reflects ridley's ferocity. Lighting is simply awesome :)
Varia31's avatar
Incredible piece!
Hyde209's avatar
This is soo great ^^
Love the atmosphere and the over all mood of the picture =D
Andur1l's avatar
Is it by any chance available anywhere in full HD? It's an amazing piece and I would love to have it as my desktop background.
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