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Group Guidelines and Rules

:cheese: Group Rules :cheese:

:bulletred: Racial, homophobic, religious, or any other discrimination is not tolerated in this Group. Any artwork depicting any type of discrimination will result in an immediate termination from the group. This also applies to the Group's comments section. If you have any issues with another user in the group or other private matters regarding users, please discuss them outside of the Group.

:bulletred: Do not spam, flood, or provoke others into flamewars. If there are any inciteful comments, they will be removed and you will be warned. The next offence will result in removal from the Group.

:bulletred: Do not advertise rooms, tribe invites, pirated server sites, or hacks for in-game use. You will be issued a warning if you do so. The next offence will result in removal from the Group.

:cheese: Gallery and Submission Rules :cheese:

:bulletorange: Do not submit stolen or traced artwork. You will be terminated from the Group if you are suspected of stealing art, you will receive no warnings whatsoever.

:bulletorange: Do not post Deviations containing nudity, sexual themes, heavy gore, drug abuse or drug paraphernalia. If you are wondering if your Submission might break this rule, feel free to send the group a note for further notice.

:bulletorange: Artwork that does not directly relate to Transformice (fursonas, personas, etc.) will not be accepted. However, if your submission does relate in some form (Shop items, etc.), please make sure it's easily recognizable. If an Admin thinks a piece does not belong in the group or is not Transformice-related, they can remove it at their own discretion.

:cheese: Folder Organization and Rules :cheese:

:bulletblue: Featured: The Featured folder is for official artwork by meli only.

:bulletblue: General Fan Art (1-4): Art of other mice that are not your own. Screenshots are not allowed.

:bulletblue: My Mouse (1-2): For art of your mouse you play as in-game. Other players' mice belong in either General Fan Art folders. Screenshots are not allowed.

:bulletblue: Screenshots: For in-game screenshots only. Pictures of your mouse in-game are allowed here.

:bulletblue: Commission and Request Advertisement: Journals advertising commissions or requests for Transformice characters.

:bulletblue: Group Pictures: Two or more mice posing together for a group picture. Screenshots are not allowed.

:bulletblue: Activities: For memes, bases, customization (avatars, desktops, etc).

:bulletblue: Comics: For comics of your mouse, situations in the game, or anything related to Transformice in comic form.

:bulletblue: Animations: For animated artwork. Animated screenshots are not allowed, please submit them to Screenshots instead.

:bulletblue: Literature: Transformice stories/fanfiction. Chat logs of any kind are not allowed.

:bulletblue: Stamps: Stamps related to Transformice for Deviants to put on their profiles.

:bulletblue: Contest Entries: For officially held contests, such as Fur Contests or Shop Item contests.

:cheese: Group Roles :cheese:

:bulletgreen: Co-founders: Administrators pick who becomes a Co-founder. Only responsible and trust-worthy people will be chosen, please do not ask to become a Co-founder as you will most likely be denied.

:bulletgreen: Contributors: Very active gallery contributors only, if you believe you fall under the criteria of being a Contributor, feel free to send the group a note.

:bulletgreen: Members: Anyone willing to join is automatically accepted.

Last Updated: April 19, 2018 by onmyojii.

Gallery Folders

Transformice : New Fur by meli
Transformice Easter Wallpaper by meli
Transformice - Bag design by meli
Christmas 2012 Login Illustration by meli
General Fan Art
My calendar by Masteri11
Elyolucas and Eyeground by Mogueta
For Momochicchi by Masteri11
Transformice by Masteri11
General Fan Art 2
tpose by Kinngz
free by martha-chan
[COMM]Batt_mellamy#0010 by Sollyun
TransformiceTown by Midusky
General Fan Art 3
CannonBirthday by BortVerde
Cheeb Cin by Drakun-Nyako
Mr Lament by Agusia1144
Wszystko zostalo przebaczone by Agusia1144
General Fan Art 4
[COMM] Eyeground#0000 by Sollyun
Meowmere by spinnando
Yeesmin y xdarkfatherx - practica random by mariazag
Ziiukstyle - practica random by mariazag
My Mouse
mariazag - kiwi uwu by mariazag
Des- Redraw/Redesign by perry99
Wings by derpfacederpy
Derpy Reference sheet by derpfacederpy
My Mouse 2
Lineless mouse by Vilaxy
Nurse Mouse by Gekkogahara
Practice Kitsune by KlWlTURTLE
Fool by MaKeem
Transformice Soulmates by Bunnyeyelash
Sneakin In Be Like by LushyPushy
My Best Traceur by huppyleon
Little Mouse by huppyleon
Commission and Request Advertisement
(CLOSED) Commision for cheese or fraises! by MallPizza
Group Pictures
Amy and Mike by Mahikun
[Commission]Samprada#0000 by Hapiness11
[Gift]Sanka and Minkee by Hapiness11
So my friend our time is done by MaKeem
[TFM shop item] Toru-chan by SourSky
Nerumi hammer by Hapiness11
[Gif]Pro Suzi by Hapiness11
Stamp - TFM by Hasegawa413
Contest Entries
Squirrel Monkey Fur by Hallu-cinate


Hello everyone!

We'd love to present the lovely works of Wikatoriaacx, PinkBerrye, and Mysiaapl!

Featured Artist #14: Wikatoriaacx

Little Lady by Wikatoriaacx [c] Sleepii by Wikatoriaacx [c] Roes by Wikatoriaacx

Wikatoriaacx is a Polish digital artist who creates digital paintings with pleasing color palettes and lovely brushwork.

If you like Wikatoriaacx's work, please give her a watch!

Featured Artist #15: PinkBerrye

Sunnyyy by PinkBerrye 12 by PinkBerrye Meiowie by PinkBerrye

PinkBerrye is a digital artist who creates art with very vibrant color schemes with varying hard edge and a very soft styles.

If you like PinkBerrye's work, please give her a watch!

Featured Artist #16: Mysiaapl

[CM] Avatar - Asmodan by Mysiaapl [CM] Avatar - Tajmat by Mysiaapl [CM] Avatar - Hogward222 by Mysiaapl

Mysiaapl is a Polish digital artist who creates lots of unique and vibrant art. They're best known for their avatar commissions!

If you like Mysiaapl's work, please give her a watch!

A reminder that if you would like to be featured in one of these journals, you must be active within the Transformice and Fanart community.
Keep submitting your art and you may well just get featured!
More Journal Entries









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Ebsie Alternate Color Pink by ebsie312  (tfm mouse)tfm mouse
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hello !

is it possible to add a category to post any mouse references to stock ?
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I'm not sure what you mean, could you clarify please? : (
Nekoviantart Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello, thank you for your reply !

to reformulate what i mean : is it possible to add a gallery folder where members can add references of their mice ?
Icoboo Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2019
Oh! I though this is what you meant, but I just wanted to double check : )
I'd have to check with the other admins, but for now I think most put their mice references in My Mouse/My Mouse 2.
Although, My Mouse/My Mouse 2 isn't strictly for references, just general art of your individual mouse.
Hopefully that helps <3
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Hi transformice groups im artist nicolas this is good group because i play transformice too
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A journal for Art-Trades can be accepted in the comm and req advertisement?
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Yes, that's fine!
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