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Welcome to Transformers Forever! This group is dedicated to honouring the pop culture icon Transformers in its myriad of forms.

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:pointr: How to Join / Member Groups:

To join this group, simply click the "Join Our Group" icon in the top banner. Be sure you are familiar with our group rules before joining! The rules are subject to change, so it doesn't hurt to check back from time to time.

When you join the group, please request to join "Members." This is the category all new members start out in. If you are a contributing member, the administration team will extend an invitation to one of the other ranks for you.

:pointr: The Group Ranks at a Glance:

:star: Oracle of Primus :star: is our group Founder AJsCreativeCorner and the head administrator for the group.

:star: Guardians of Vector Sigma are the additional administrators for the group, who have the ability to help AJsCreativeCorner with administration-level tasks.

:bulletred: Cybertronian High Council are the moderators for this group. Moderators are able to make some changes to the page, write Journals and contribute in the various areas of the group.

:bulletblue: Citizens of Cybertron are the active members of this group. You will receive a message asking you to join this group if you are a member in good standing and have contributed at least once in the last 12 months to the group, such as submitting work to the gallery. These members can also contribte to journals.

:bulletblack: Members are anyone who has joined and who have not yet contributed to the group.

Remember, you do not have to be a member if you want to see the art and journals submitted here! Like with all groups, you may choose to "Watch" the group rather than "Join" it - the group will be added to your :+devwatch: but you will not be listed as a member or have any member privileges.


:star: :star: PLEASE READ GROUP RULES :star: :star: see link below

:star: Welcome to Transformers Forever. This is a place to celebrate the pop culture genre that is Transformers in all its forms and fandoms. We are not centred around types of the genre or parts of it, nor do we focus on any one persons or groups favourites or creations, we are a real TF group for real TF fans celebrating everything, even the stuff we don't like too much. As a member you are all part of this family. And everyone and everything TF or non TF is welcome here, even on our support site too!

:star: We are a plain and simple group and generally do not subscribe to anything fancy or over elaborate skins and designs, what you see is what you get. Its mostly because TFF is just a DA image dump for anything TF related.

:star: I would also like to mention that this is an 'active' super group. You can be a non active member if you so wish, but you will have no privelages. Watching the group for its images may be preferrable to you. Member participation is encouraged but is of no consequence.

:star: Competitions! Yes we have them, all you have to do is join the group to take part.

:star: Group roles
Oracle of Primus (group Founder)
Guardians of Vector Sigma (Other administrators)
Cybertronain High Council (Moderators)
Citizns of Cybertron (active members)
Members (normal non active memberships and lurkers)

:star: Please Note : NO ONE is able to add themselves to anything but members, only administration reserves the right to add or remove anyone from these roles, you are not permitted to to level up or demote anyone lest you are an administrator and have been assigned as one by the Founder. And no one exept the Founder has the right to edit group rules and member permissions, so administrators and moderators, cannot change anything unless given permission to do so.

:star: Group Rules, this covers general rules over everything here including Role Playing, conduct, certain sections of the group, Journals and other things, so please read, you may not be notified when they are upgraded so please come back and recheck every now and again.

:star: Contest rules (updated Sep 2011)

Oracle of Primus


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A group dedicated to honouring the pop culture genre that is Transformers in all it's myriad of forms. Art, writing and other creative crafts are welcome here. Feel free to plug your art and writing too.
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I'm having another poll to determine which 4 Autobots out of 10 will get a redesign for crossover fan-comic with Steven Universe "Gems and Metals"
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2014 competitions

:star: Competitions for 2014. Items can be old or new submissions, in the case of artwork, coloured or uncoloured also. Submissions must be related to the competition or they won't be accepted. Folders available now. Points prizes, 50 for first, 25 each for second and third, or 100 if only one entry or 50/50 split if only two entries.

:star: August - Crossovers month, submit artwork of a canon TF character as if they were from another cartoon, movie or TV universe, i.e a TF as a my little pony or perhaps a Shinigami from Bleach etc.
:star: September - What if month. What if a canon TF switched sides or had been on the other side since the start, submit artwork showing your fave canon TF character as a member of the other faction.
:star: October - Canon writers month. Submit a short, up to five pages story of anything involving canon TF characters, to be written with canon characters only, no OCs, based on any TF series.
:star: November - Cosplay Appreciation month, submit pictures of you wearing your Transformers cosplay outfits.
:star: December - Gender Bender month. Submit artwork of any TF canon character in the opposite gendered appearance to how we all know them, i.e Ironhide as a femme, Moonracer as a mech etc.

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