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My Favorite War for Cybertron Figures

Same as my last image, but for the War for Cybertron trilogy, which appears to be nearing it's end, and what a great run it's been.
Siege Optimus Prime: An involved, yet intuitive transformation into a cool looking truck and a robot mode that, for me at least, feels the most like the G1 character, primarily due to minor aesthetic differences from the Earthrise like the silver around the eyes.
Siege Ironhide: The very first figure I got from this trilogy, and what a great first impression. I think my fondness for this figure stems mainly from being a fan of Thew, who has noted time and again that Ironhide's toys haven't been the best from the very start, so for me to stumble across this figure without knowing it was coming, looking almost like the G1 character model leaped off the screen, and featuring articulation that was largely not featured in mainline toys from my experience, was a pleasantly mind-blowing revelation.
Earthrise Snapdragon: Grapple's pegs break, Starscream doesn't achieve much for being an upscaled Classics Seeker(Ironic compared to his Studio Series counterpart. The Bayverse, one, anyway), the Quintesson Judge is unsatisfying, and Megatron is just a stranger version of his Siege counterpart, so Snapdragon wins the Voyager comparison by default. Even taking out the flawed competition, Snapdragon made me so happy when I got him, as not only was he a fun toy in his own right, with an interesting conversion between his three modes(save the annoyance of jamming Krunk into the Dragon head), but he also perfectly accompanied Apeface. Completing the Horrorcons put a smile on my face greater than a good chunk of my purchases, honestly.
Earthrise Sunstreaker: Take the already solid, if flawed, Wheeljack, and redesign it to a more satisfactory level. You get the only figure of Earthrise Wave 3 I had significant interest in due to complementing Sideswipe. He does that and then some.
Kingdom Dinobot: This is the LAST figure I'd expect to be the line's shelfwarmer(in my area, anyway) given how popular of a character he is, but they gave him a damn good one. I'm impressed with how well they pulled off the chest design, and he's fun to pose and transform on top of that? Awesome! I'm honestly surprised how often I come back to convert this guy, and that's why I put him here over Cyclonus, who is equally amazing, but I like Dinobot more as a character, so there you go.
Kingdom Airazor: This NEEDS to be the standard for fembot toy design. Well-articulated, expressive beyond comprehension, a somewhat inaccurate, but otherwise excellent aesthetic, and a fun conversion into a just as flexible and expressive bird mode. This proves that good fembot toys were always possible.

Honorable Mentions: Siege Starscream(I adored how flexible he was, even with the chest piece popping off during conversion. It's why I skipped the Earthrise version. At least until the SS86 Coronation version), Siege Ultra Magnus(I've been wanting a modern Ultra Magnus that does the armoring thing ever since I saw Fansproject City Commander, and this delivered that in spades), Earthrise Cliffjumper(I find the partsforming deal-with-able since he's a lot more fun than his faults give him credit for), Earthrise Sky Lynx(The peak of the line, as far as I'm concerned. I was just too lazy to set the big guy up here. He was something I needed in the horrorshow of a year that was 2020), Kingdom Beast Megatron(He'd be here if he weren't so purportedly frail, as everything about him besides that is fantastic), Kingdom Cyclonus(As I said in the Dinobot section, he's as amazing as he's been built up to be, and he goes great with SS86-05 Scourge), and All Weaponizers, Modulators, and Fossilizers(I've been having more fun with these guys than I expected. Sixgun had a cool robot mode, and I've since snapped up one of every one of these molds, save Cog, who I just missed, and I'm certainly gonna pick up Slammer when he shows up).
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