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This is a group dedicated to the awesome Transformers, the robots in disguise! It doesn't matter if you are a huge fan or just a small fan of the Transformers, this is the place for you. Artwork, displays, and custom Transformers figures may be submitted. Submit all deviations to the featured folder so that they can be sorted by administrators. Welcome to Transformers101 and if you have any questions please tell BobTheEgg or Donatello619. Autobots... ROLL OUT!
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He was never a kind hearted fellow.He was always discriminated for being different,it was optimus prime's friendship with him that changed him,he became somewhat of a kind hearted fellow thanks to the positive energy that prime gave him.But when prime did something he shouldn't, and that energy was taken away.Nova felt like he was betrayed.He felt that he wasn't wanted anywhere.So after a few months of being bullied,discriminated and hurt,he decided enough was enough.He painted a picture of his own depiction of cybertron.A future of revenge and torment,he seeked to destroy all who hated him,though it turned out to be more that anticipated.Nova was put into prison for countless murders,and after 5 months in prison,he got lonely,using some spark crystals he had found,and after stealing a few protoforms after he broke out of prison,he manages to build 3 friends of his own.He called them starscream,skywarp,and thundercracker.Due to Novas lack of skills,they all ended up looking the same,so they were painted different colours to differentiate the 3.The 3 seeked knowledge,of how to speak,how to act,what to do,so they learned off of Novas actions.Nova nicknamed the 3,the seekers,due their fascination of seeking knowledge.Starscream was usually present when Nova was angry,annoyed,or jealous of everybody,skywarp was present when Nova was scared,and worried and thundercracker was present when Nova was overall devious,deceptive and annoying.Due to all of these moments,these melded into their minds,giving them the personalities that we know today.Though everyone had one problem,they couldn't reveal the truth,they would always lie to keep secrets unknown.So much so that Nova changed his name,he never wanted to hear the name Nova ever again,as it would trigger too many bad memories.He came up with the name Megatron,and called his little team of 4 the Decepticons.After a year of planning,Megatron had came up with a plan,a plan to build his own army,and with the help of his 3 friends,dethrone the king of cybertron,and crown himself the ruler,allowing him to create his own vision for cybertrons future.Megatron uses the seekers to steal more protoforms and to find more spark crystals,so that he could build more bots.But when those ran out,he needed another way.Using his power of deception,he starts to brainwash other bots passing by,using his way of words,asking them to join his team.He convinced them that the deceptions were the good bots,and everybody else was wrong.One of those bots was one of wheeljack's fellow scientist friends called shockwave,and another was a tech expert called soundwave.After 6 months,Megatron had a big enough army to take on the cybertronian government,and destroy all who stand in their way.Though rumours started to spread,and the government knew about his plans.The government assembled their army called the Autobots,and declared war against the Decepticons.Though the autobots had not realised the amount of power that the deceptions had,and due to that,many soldiers died.The Autobots decided they needed a leader to stand against Megatron,so they created the term Prime.The prime was the leader of all autobots,and was a position available only to those who prove themselves worthy.The matrix of leadership,an ancient relic created by primus himself,that contains an extreme amount of powerful energy,was handed down the the prime,incase its use is necessary.Though when the first prime was killed,there needed to be a new prime,one chosen by the previous prime.This continued for decades,as the great war continued to rob people of their lives.After 40 years worth of fighting the 12th prime called Vector Prime was killed by Megatron,he passed the Autobot matrix of leadership down to Optimus,a bot he believed had it in him to end the war,though prime didn't see it the same way.Despite Optimus's opinions on himself,he took the matrix of leadership,and became Optimus Prime.Optimus Prime lead the soldiers into battle,but due to his worries of messing up,and his memories of Nova,he ended up making too many mistakes,leading bots into battle when even he knew that there was no way of getting through it.Optimus Prime didn't believe in war,he figured if he could just talk to Megatron,maybe he could help him,but he never got that chance.Optimus Prime ended up getting almost every autobot killed in battle,and went down as the prime who failed,who ended it all.With the autobots being outnumbered,and most evacuating,the decepticons won the great war of cybertron.Though when megatron finally got the power he wanted,he realized that due to the war he started,there was nobody to command,nobody to rule over,nobody left at all.Megatron Soon figured that it was all Optimus Primes fault that all of this happened,and figured that if he had possession of the matrix of leadership, he could build new bots to rule over,and rebuilt cybertron in his own image.So Megatron set out to find Optimus Prime and kill him for all the years of torment he has caused him,and then take the matrix of leadership.Optimus Prime decided that it was time to join the others in evacuating to another planet.So he gathered up the last remaining Autobots from Cybertron,who were Ratchet,Sideswipe and Jazz,and entered an escape ship.Though they didn't have enough energon to fly the ship,most of it was drained during the war.So the last Autobots On Cybertron,stayed on Cybertron for a little while,getting to know each other a little more.Though the rising threat of Megatron is still in their minds.The autobots manage to repair their ship,to a certain degree.Optimus Prime was then able to send a distress call to any Autobot still alive,to provide the energon to help them leave Cybertron,though nobody answered.Except one.His name was Wheeljack,he was a inventor,he helped fix the ship completely and they set course for the next planet the could find.But Megatron and his army of Decepticons were on their tail,ready to destroy the autobots and take the Matrix of Leadership back to Cybertron.But one deception called Starscream,decided to prove himself worthy of taking megatron's place,as he was treated very poorly,almost like how megatron was treated before the war.He threw a bomb out into space,in order to blow up the autobots ship,although the bomb blew up right between both ships,causing them to shut down and fall into the nearest planets atmosphere.That planet was called Earth.They crashed landed on earth,and were sent into stasis.Their have been in this state for 33 years,and ready to wake up soon…

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Hello, my friends, artists of this beautiful site and fans of Transformers.
I have some good news for you! Together with my friends, fans from Russia, we are preparing a project. It is associated with the original characters from Transformers fandom. This project is a comic book, which will have its own story. The heroes of the comics will be only characters from russfandom and DeviantArt. If you want to participate in this project and your
character to become part of it, then we are happy to welcome you!
It is only necessary to provide the following information:
-Personality and relationships with others.
Requests should be submitted in the comments below or in my PMs.


Здравствуйте, мои друзья, художники этого прекрасного сайта и фанаты трансформеров.
У меня для вас есть хорошая новость! Вместе с моими друзьями фанатами из России мы готовим проект. Он связан с ОС по фандому трансформеров. Данный проект является комиксом, где будет свой сюжет. Героями этого комикса будут исключительно персонажи из руссфана и DeviantArt. Если вы хотите поучавствовать в этом проекте и чтобы ваш
персонаж стал его частью, то мы с радостью примем вас!
Нужно лишь дать следующие данные:
-Характер и отношение с окружающими.
Заявки на участие подавать в комментариях под этим постом или мне в личку
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