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Crosshairs Past || PART 9 || by SaritaManyalu
They were once kid, but now they're his sparklingsas the day went one as carols rad and Alexis walk to school. 'Alexis how are a feeling, 'as you may remember they were sibling and the sparkling of megatron he promises them that they can have a normal life and since they can talk to each other i there minds, 'am fine rad attest where home but what do we do now i man sure we look the same but what if, 'dont say it Alexis know what you're thinking and yay i know if they knew the government.'his guys dont worry attest we can cheat in class, 'as the look at each, 'i dont think so carols if we did cheat then we will get in so much trouble and beside there think it odd that we know the right answer and another side note we were told not to use our new skill and Optimus Prime said and our dad warn us that we might be watch, "ohh come on bro what going happen, 'then alexia did a hand palm, 'think carol we are back right will dont you think the government will fine that odd then their spied on us and, 'dont say it ok i get it Alexis so we have to hide right rad, "as they both look at there older brother, 'yay keep it low com on we will be late for school. 'As they walk in meanwhile hotshot was keeping an eye on them those were Optimus Prime orders, 'as for megatron he look those the screen on his monitor. 'He was sill grumbling but he knows in his spark they be fine. 'there be fine il see them soon at least there safe, " at this point he was Unaware. that sideway watch him,'Those kids are messing up everything i need get him mad but how those cubes were working until that kid and star scream, 'as he vanishes into the darkness, meanwhile star scream was outside building something that megatron had order him to do. 'it was sure prize for the kids, 'there as megatron Order , 'then he look at his work and what he build it was a sparkling size playground it had three swings a huge sild a jungle gym and a play house for Alexis, 'then Scavenger and wheel-jack walk to him they knew that the kids would like it, 'will i think the kid will enjoy it after what they been through and all. ' i think so too megatron order me to build he really want to prove to them that he can be there sire, 'then wheel jack notice the playhouse, 'who that for i dont think the boys would go in there.'It for Alexis. "As star scream grumble. 'Will starscream i think you really care about Alexis, 'Scavenger you could say i have a soft mainframe for the little Femling but i dont want them to think am soft. 'i understand solder any case i think you need a break, 'as starscream gather all his tools they walk to the base, 'meanwhile back on earth Alexis rad and carol's just finish school. 'As they were walking outside, they see hotshot but as they about to enter then a group of black cars came with men in suit, "hold it there kids we want to talk to you, 'rad was the first to say,'What do you want from us, 'we fine it rather strange that were never fine on earth, and we just want to ask a few questions, 'but then hotshot knew when this was going. 'Meanwhile megatron had seen what was happing, "my sparkling g there no way they will not take my sparkling. "With loud yell. 'Scavenger, 'as he ran to his lord, 'yes sir what is it. 'i need you to go down there it my sparkling, 'as Scavenger watch the screen then ran to the warp grate and he was sent down to earth. ' As he transforms into a bulldozer as he drives to the school he drives in front of the man in black, 'what he gets out of here, 'but scavenge block there patch and the kids ran into hotshot and he drive away as fast as he could, 'then scavenge made a huge dust storm and drive fast. "Meanwhile prim was contact hotshot,' As Optimus Prime was thinking about the kid then then red alert came in, 'Optimus hotshot want to talk to. 'That is, red alert trouble. 'you could say that 'as they turn on the monitor. 'Hotshot what going on, 'Optimus we have a problem it seems the humen government had come to there school lucky scavenge block there patch,'Good but where are you, 'not too far scavenge is blocking there patch open the warp patch. no shots hot it best to send them to megatron plus there be safer up there i know it against my better judgement but he is there sire, 'yes sir then hotshot open the door and the kids jump out of him, "what are we doing here this loco hot shot,"It his order beside scavenge here to take you to your father, 'what but our parent, 'kid it better to go with me beside there go after your parent and prime has a plan to save them com now, 'they had no little chose they ran inside scavenge and he drive away meanwhile Optimus had left the base to gather the kids humen parent with the help of Mr. Carling , 'he was moving there parent to somewhere safe, "did we really had to leave our home what about the kid, 'Alexis's mother started to cry, 'as her husband hug her, 'it going to ok beside am sure they got them somewhere safe beside it was only matter of time before the government fine out am sure ok, 'ohh my rad,'As he hugs his wife, 'we must stay strong beside they have those transformers even those we just met them i know there keep them save, "but Carlos's mother was crying, 'ohh my boy my son i hope he alright, 'take it easy my love he fine he our boy, "as Carlos's father hug his wife, they were all worry. " In the driver site Mr. Carling was drive them too somewhere safe. 'Mr. Carling i hope this location will keep the kids safe,'At this point Mr. Carling thought he was going nut first he fine out that the kids knew about these transformer and now he was in one to help the kid parent and he sill felt he was dream, 'am sure Optimus iv got my man we even made new last names there be until police protecting now ok stop where here, 'then Optimus open the back and the parent walk out of him as he drive away back to the base he knew that the parents were safe, "meanwhile the kids change into there sparkling from,2as rad carols Alexis were at the base as they enter the base, they there sire and walk to him, 'my sweet spark are you alright did they hurt you, 'as he pick all three gently. 'no dad where fine. 'Alexis's kiss, 'yay dad where ok hotshot got us out of there then scavenge came and fly down and block them until we were safe, 'yay dad those guys were loco and i think they were going to, 'dont say it Carlos, 'will Alexis they might of,'But then megatron patted there heads, 'shhh it ok's you're alright unfortunately my sparkling with them knowing about you they will try to fine you so you must stay here and il make sure you have everything you need my sweet sparks, 'the sibling link up in there mind, 'Alexis what will we do. 'then rad spoke since he was older brother. 'For now, let just hope our parent are alright and beside megatron is trying right Alexis, 'you can bet on it i see him trying to be there for us beside what chose to do we have if go back down there hmm i dont even want think about, 'yay me too rad let make sure he won't go loco, "dont worry maybe he has better control. 'As they were mediation to talk to each other, 'megatron bring them a device.,'As rad was the first to notice, 'um dad what is this, 'as he points to what they were standing on , 'this my sparkling is the device that will help you change into your true form alright now stand sill. 'as he press the button a purple glow was around them, 'Carlos do you feel weird, 'ask Alexis as her skin was changing, 'as carols notice Alexis was changing, 'Alexis we are changing back to transformer , 'as rad agree then a sec they were transformer again, 'then Alexis fly to her sire, "i love you daddy, 'as he hug his Femling, 'and i case for you, 'then Carlos wonder then he wanted to know, 'um dad is there away i can turn my feet into roll skate, 'then megatron look down at Carlos,'Hmm what do you mean, 'will what if we get attack should we have something to keep us safe, 'hmm, "then megatron ask, 'will tell me then what are they, 'will it wheel on your feet, "hmm i think i can come Mo Mach and as for you and Alexis starscream and wheel jack will come and show you a gift. ' "what really but dad will it be something that a danger to us, 'no my Alexis it something on earth you play on now go on, "um dad, 'then megatron remember rad can't fly, "ohh right come to my hand rad, 'as rad walk into his hand Alexis just fly to the floor,"as rad jump from the hand of his father there Minicons were waiting for them as for Carlos his Minicon came with him and his sire , "as the small group waiting for starscream and wheel jack, 'as they notice them, 'hi kids we heard what happen, 'as wheel jack patted rad head, 'rad didn't mind wheel jack it was like he was like a big brother some how, 'as for starscream he smile at alexis, 'as she fly to his eye lever, 'hi how are you i miss you guys, 'as the little femling hug his neck as for starscream he was blushing but he had to hide, 'alexis you fly very graceful today, 'alexis again, 'on dad said you had a gift for us tell me will we like it 'yes rad trust me you will.'come on follow us kids, 'the little group follow them they lead them outs then what they was a playground with swings slide and a jungle gym and playhouse, 'as rad and Alexis were happy they both ran to it , 'as they play it rad was swing on the swing and Alexis was playing on the jungle gym, 'she felt this maybe this was for the best, 'but then who should come was a little dust running to them, 'as it spine around the two mech then it stop and wouldn't you know it was Carlos."then Alexis and rad ran to him, 'Carlos what how, 'then they heard a chuckle from there sire, 'will my Alexis rad your brother has a speed of light, 'see i have roll skate and now whenever there danger il came in and out bet them hahahah. 'then megatron look at him, 'i thought you were going to use them to keep yourself, "megatron stern face Appear, 'as Carlo was looking nervous 'um it will dad but i just um, 'and then his friends laugh and so did the Mech at this moment he felt embarrassed, 'megatron notice his face, 'ohh right enough laugh why dont you three go play now,'They could tell he was right, and they ran until Alexis ran back, 'she hugs her dad, 'thank this was a great idea, 'megatron spark glow. 'you are welcome. 'then alexia ran to starscream, 'thank star you and dad are the best. 'Um dont minting Alexis, 'as he blushes and wheel jack chuckle, 'as Alexis ran to the playground, 'now then back to your work it time for me to spend time with them, 'yes, my lord as they walk away, "meanwhile sideways and thrusts they had a plan,chapter 3'As thrust walk off to his lord. 'He was sill outside enjoying playing with his sparling. 'am going to Cath you Alexis. 'No, you can't dad am fast. 'As Alexis fly above her sire megatron spark was warm and as he was getting closer until he grabbed her in a playful way, 'then as he begins to tickle her, 'Hehe he hey stop dad, 'as he grins, 'not until you say that am better then prime, 'dad, 'now Alexis if you want me to stop. 'Ok heehaw your better then prime. 'As he picks her up, he thaws her up and down, 'Alexis was smile, 'and megatron felt happy until he sees thrust. 'ohhh thrust anything new about the minicons, 'aww no sir but i had a great idea my lord, 'as he held his little Femling.'oh what is it, 'will my lord i know for a fact that these sparkling are missing there aww friend the autobots and with there new skill perhaps they should go see prime and i would be honored to take them down there if the idea pleas your sparkling, 'then Alexis look down at her brothers, 'rad what do you think, 'as they spoke though there minds. 'hmm i dont know i dont think we should go, "but rad maybe we can see our human parents and we do need to go down there to train our self but i think i have an idea, 'as Alexis told her plan to them, 'then as Alexis look up to her sire, 'am dad what if starscream came with us too i mean i t would be better with too super strong mech like them,"And megatron thought. 'Hmm Alexis you make a good point but why dont you try to get use to the base then il think about perhaps when everything cools down alright. 'But dad, 'she wine, "she thought her idea would of work, " as he looks at his sparkling, he knew in his mind that they to stay put but he had idea. 'Rad Alexis Carlos come with me and as for that idea in a few days perhaps. 'Yes, my lord whatever you say. 'Good Alexis want to ride on my shoulder, 'then Alexis looks up at her dad. 'It seems that Alexis and megatron were starting to have a father and daughter bond,'then she says, 'ohhh yes daddy pleas. 'then megatron left his inion on his shoulders as for the boys rad ride on one leg but as for Carlos he ride on his wheels as megatron walk inside the bases thrust was grumbling, 'oh why that hemp getting those brat won't be easy , "as he shoot at a rock, 'meanwhile megatron took them to the front of the ship where the captain sit would be, 'as he pull them onto his lap. 'you see my sweet spark out there is space it has so many meteors out there, 'alexia couldn't help but stare at the beauty of space, 'as for rad he fines its fascination,"As for Carlos he looks up at his sire and say, 'dad could we shoot the meteors i feel like if we leave them there they might land on earth, 'then his sibling felt the same, 'as the look up at there sire. 'megatron didn't know what to say it had seem to him that Carlos had the eyes for weapon, ' then he smile and say, 'very well but i must warn you my sweet spark the power of the ship can blast anything now just watch your old sire, 'as he took hold the lever and then he notice a meteor , "he am and blast it into little tiny pieces , 'the meteor bounce off the ship and land on the moon.'Wow dad that was loco can i be next, 'yes Mo macho. 'As Carlo took the wheel and see a meteor the size of a car then he am and then, "BLAST! it was busted into many little stone but some of them landed on earth, 'Op oh no, 'then Alexis gives him a face that say, 'what did you do. 'there sire knew what they were thinking, 'it ok's my sparkling's am sure prime has seen them, "meanwhile on earth prime and his men took out there blaster and destroy the Ya leftovers, ' hotshot did you get them all. 'Ya red i did but i wonder how they got here, 'then red said, 'hmm something might of blast them off course. 'As hotshot scat his head, 'you may be right red,'As they put there gun away, 'meanwhile Alexis was shooting a few down he even destroys the smaller ones so they won't destroy anything on earth, 'megatron had a smile on his face, 'Alexis will down your mother would been proud, 'as Alexis look up to him, 'really did she have these skills to. 'As megatron remember and shake his head, 'yes, she did she had a fast temper and it any mech would try something on her she would shoot them away, "Alexis's wonder when she goes to bed she ask her mother about it, 'rad your up. 'Cool, 'as rad took hold of the wheel he am at a few meteors it felt like he was shooting rubber duckies at the fair, "megatron knew that these three had great skill."4. megatron then look down at his sparkling they look like they need there rest, 'alright you three its time to rechanged. 'As they up at there sire, 'awe man come-on dad i want to keep shooting, 'brouhaha carols you going end up like Cyclonus you know. "As he patted his younger son, 'but you know what with the way you're thinking i think IL turn you into a weapon expert what do you think of that Mo macho. 'And carlos had a grin on his face plate, "awesome dad so who can teach me huh could it be Demolishor i think he would be the better one i sill get that eeehhh feeling when it comes to Cyclonus. 'then megatron thought the same too, 'yes i believe so but now it time rechanged. 'As he got up. 'Alexis decide to fly, 'as for the boy's rad clime on top of his sire shoulder, 'as rad wonder who could teach him to shoot his gun,"um dad, 'as megatron heard rad, 'yes rad what is it, 'will do you think you can teach me how to use guns mean Alexis has wings and Carlos has roll skate can i have the skill to shoot, 'then megatron thought for a sec he remember as a sparkling that he sire started to show him how to use guns too then he thought this might be a day to bond with his son, 'yes rad we will start first in the morning, 'as rad smile and hug his father neck, 'meanwhile star scream Demolishor and wheel jack worry that the fact that the kids may need someone to watch over them when there sire was not around,'So, what do you think Demolishor. 'hmm i think it might be a good plan star scream, 'as wheel jack agree, 'Ya beside who know what would want to hurt those kids i can't trust thrust so you're going down there with him with the kids, 'as they Bot look at star scream, 'yes i am beside the autoboot trust me since iv shown them that i care and i dont trust that jet fire to watch over her and the boys, "i can agree beside did you see the way he spoke, 'dont remind me wheel jack me and megatron had to beat him up and shut his mouth , 'star scream think to himself. 'If he tries that again i would kill his spark but i know Alexis, she would not like it seeing me doing that,'As he looks up at Demolishor and wheel jack. 'So, it agrees then let move it, "as all three walk toward to megatron room wheel jack agree to be the first to watch over them, 'meanwhile the three were giving their own bed. 'As they sleep in there bed, 'megatron watch as they sleep. 'oh you tree will grow up strong and powers, 'as his shot his optic, 'meanwhile the kids were dreaming, and they were talking to there mother. 'as the three enter the dream realm there other was there but then she walk away, "and they begin to chase her , 'awe man what mom doing, 'i dont know mom hey stop, 'it us mom , 'as all three saw her until a giant hand came and took there mom, 'no mom, 'rad try grabbed on her but it was no use she went through his hand, 'Alexis try flying to her but her feet her stuck to the ground, 'no ugh mom no, 'then Carlos races to her side but then hand push him back, 'aww what was that, Alexis awoke to find them sleeping but megatron woke up.'Alexis are you alright, "as she notices worries in her sire eyes, 'am fine but had a nightmare, 'then megatron pick her up. "As he cuddles on his berth he patted her back, 'shh it ok am here your sire will always love you and your brother, 'but it felt so really yawn, "shh its ok Alexis my little Femling shh, "as he keeps on patted her back, she fell back to sleep. " as megatron pull her onto his chest his spark felt her spark as he kiss her tiny head and shot his optic , 'starscream heard her yell but he wish that he was there to comfy her, 'then wheel jack came to take his duty, 'go on star IL take over, 'but it felt like starscream was not listen, 'star what wrong, 'oh Alexis awoke and had a nightmare her sire comfy her but i wish i was there for her, 'hi take it easy you too will be close it take time no go i bet you need a good recharge ,'As starsrceam walk away from wheeljack he wonders if alexis notice how he feel. 'As he stands guild. 'Meanwhile thrust was waiting till it was time, 'hours later the boys awoke finding alexis missing, 'um rad where alexis. 'As he awoke to see she was gone, 'alexis where she goes. 'Um guys up here. 'As they look up, they see there sister on there sire chest, 'what are you doing up there, 'Ya alexis did he go loco at night, 'what no Carlos last night i awoke from a nightmare he comfier me and will he help me went back to sleep, but you would not believe how my dream was, 'try us alexis,'will we all saw mom then she ran we all chase her until a hand block our way, it was awful guys, 'as alexis fly down to them, 'as they hug there sister, 'hi man it ok alexis we are here, 'he right i am confuse those i dream i was running to mom but i went through her, 'huh really rad will in the other put of my dream my feet were stuck i could not save mom, 'as she being to tear up. 'Rad as the eldest brother patted her, 'then Carlos remembers his, 'wait a sec guy i dream that up too i was chasing her on my wheel but i was push back.'they all begin to wonder since they were sibling and bond with there sire they remember they remember as there mother told them about what lie ahead, " but then they heard a grumble it was megatron he wonder where she was, 'until he look down at the berths, 'oh alexis do you feel better my dear, 'as alexis fly up to him and kiss him, 'yes daddy i sleep will thank, 'and you too, 'we did dad Carlos and i enjoy it, 'Ya pops it was so soft, 'as he smile at his sparkling, 'will then i think it time for energon dont you think my dear, 'sure dad i do feel hungry,'um dad is there anyone i ca race today, 'Carlos ask his sires, 'will i think Demolishor could race you but first you need to fill your tank alright, 'as he agree he race off as he left them in his dust, 'boys, 'as alexis shake her head, 'dad IL go ahead and make sure he won't eat too much, "alright my sweet spark go on, 'as alexis soar into the air and follow her brother but as for rad, 'he climb into his sire hand, 'as they walk. 'Um dad today were going to shoot some target right, 'as he looks up at megatron, 'yes mo macho we will and if you want to be as fast as those too think of what you can use, 'hmm how about drills on my feet i can out race them under ground, 'as Megatron think it vet but then., he had second thought on it. 'no rad it wouldn't do but how about build in gun in your hand, 'what really you mean oh dad that sound call but i just thought something what if my feet had the ability to walk on gravity if anything happen to alexis and Carlos, 'then megatron begin to wonder then smile, 'i believe that a good idea rad now come on, 'as he walk fast but not too fast so rad would not fall off, 'as they enter their rec room it look like alexis and carlos were waiting for them,'Hi slowpoke where was you. 'then megatron tap on his head. 'none of that or no racing, 'as carlo forgot that his dad would spank him it give him the shake, 'sorry dad, 'as alexis handed her dad a cube and one to rad, 'as they all took a drink the three begin to get used to it they were starting to not be so stress for the fact it seem that megatron was doing good and being a great father, "as they stop he look down at them, 'alright now alexis go and see starcream he waiting outside to train you more. 'Yes dad, 'as she flies and hug her dad neck and she fly off. 'then he looks down at his son, "carlos go and see wheeljack i think he want to teach you to control your wheel.'oh sure thing dad let the plater to the metal. 'As he ran off it was only rad and megatron, "rad let go and see what we can do about those ability, 'as they walk off, 'alexis was flying with her mentor. "Star now can i do a loopdeloop. 'Try now alexis let see what you can do. 'then she soars up into space but not too far she flies as if she never flies before she tumbles though space, she did cartwheel spine drill until she landed right next to starscream
TF Shattered Glass
The Tale of Two Hot Rods by NotaTfFanObv
Robots in disguise
Les Femmes 2 by Lemiken7
Mistress of the Flame by Lemiken7
Mature Stuff
Starscream and the Valhalla girl's by Valong
Crystals by pika
Canon and Oc
The Doom Arrives COVER || Transformers AOM || by SaritaManyalu
Beast Wars
TFBW: Waspinator by Arc-Caster135
Background Landscap
Medbay by Annpar2009
Deliberata by Tenebres-for
Mature Gore Bloody

Mature Content

Medical Monster by Kitten-Skull
Botbot adoptables auction 1/2 open  by SPACEcheeseburger


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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH12)
Predatory Part 2
Justin and Jack
Warning: Torture
Justin/My Pov
I could hear Arcee scream out all the way from here. My mind was telling me she was dead or something really bad happen, after my failed attempt to kill Airachnid, me and Jack had no choice but to run for our lives. The sun had set and now it was dark out we've been running for lives from a crazy spiderbot huntress who wants our heads as part of her sick collection. Although I have to admit, she not that bad looking, me personally, I thinks she pretty, in a psycho kind of way, but pretty none the less.
Me and Jack came to a stop to catch our breath. "So what's the plan," Jack said in between breaths.
We had to think of something, or end up on Airachnid's wall. Just the thought alone creeped me outk
"Jack, I think...Airachnid's
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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH10)
Speed Metal
Mid April
After School
'Another day, another non eventful day at school' Jack thought to himself as he headed down the school steps and headed for Arcee. Arcee of coarse was in her alt form waiting for Jack. Jack loved it when Arcee was waiting for him and not busy on missions. Jack wasted no time hoping on Arcee and backed out of the parking lot and headed home. Jack thought that this day was going to be alright, but life had something else in mind.
"Hey, cherry moped" a red haired teen said leaning on his car. The Kid was known only as Vince. The high school bully. A well-known asshole who doesn't care about others, except him. He always finds pleasure in putting others down even with the smallest of insults. Jack was about to prove him wrong.
"Uh this 'Moped' has duel carbs, and can go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds." Jack said has he drove off. Jack learned it's better it just ignore the bullies and just
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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH9)
Fun at Base
Takes place after Deus Ex Machina
My Pov
After the crazy events that happen in this past week I say we all need a break.
First was the Dingus Convoy. So here's how that day went, first Fowler came in through a call about some 'Cons' shooting him out of the sky, and were after the Dingus, some device that could go nuclear, He wanted it to be bridge to base, but Optimus said that if it went off it could slow radiate the whole planet. Luckily, Optimus had a better plan, which involved a convoy with all the bots protecting it, he was using his trailer to transport it. The drive seemed to be going well until all of these green and black cars started to show up, the men that were driving were wearing suits and masks that covered everything, they all looked the same. They pointed guns at the truck. And at that time Fowler received a call from their leader who goes by the name: Silas. He wanted to take th
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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH8)
Con Job
Story Pov
Today was a nice quiet day at base with nothing to do as the humans and bots did there things and jobs. Justin and G-Force were playing video games while Jack and Raf were doing homework. While Miko looked like she was nowhere to be found, she was with Bulkhead, helping him do chores around base, she along with her Mass Shifter help Bulkhead do the chores big and small. After it was all done, they headed back to the main area where Miko decide to ride on Bulkhead shoulders.
"Alright, chores are done. Now can we go dune bashing?" Miko asked wanting to get out of base.
"I don't know Miko. Last time I spent a week picking sand out of my articulators. But there's a monster truck rally in town." Bulkhead replied. Miko liked being on Bulkhead's shoulders. Of course she wouldn't mind if she walked beside him using her 'Mass Shifter' that Justin made for the humans. 'I wonder if Bulkhead will let me ride on his shoulders whe
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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH7)
New Upgrades
Two Days after the whole scraplet infestation, things where back to normal to say the least. But since today was my day off I decide to spend it at base, with G-Force. It was about 1:00 Pm (Because I wake up late). And we have just arrived at base where there was only Ratchet and no one else. Ratchet was busy on the console working on something, which we did not care. As I headed up the stairs to the TV Area, I put down my backpack and took out my Ps4 along with all the wires and cables and two controllers.
"Hurry up man, its Double XP this weekend" G-Force said standing by the railing.
"Dude be patient Im trying to rush to you know" I said plugging in the HDMI and Power cable in to console and then the TV and outlet. "Don't worry both controllers are charged so, we got about a few hours with these" I said. I took out Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. "You ready for this?"
"Oh Yeah" G-Force nodded.
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TFP - The Bond Between Man and Machine (CH6)
Story Pov
A month after the Autobots destroyed the Space Bridge, stopping Megatron's plans, and saving the earth, they knew that Starscream was out there along with the rest of the Decepticon armada and who knows what other Decepticons were out there in the vastness of space. Two days ago which was Thursday, The rest of the kids were at the Autobot base while I was stuck with work. Basically what G-force told me was that, while I was at work, the kids were with the guardians helping them with their school projects which was due Friday, in the mists of all that Starscream tried to bring back a Con that was locked away in stasis, dude by the name of Skyquake. Anyways, long story short, he's dead.
Today was different, reason why, I don't have to work on the weekends. Anyways G-Force had picked me up along with Bulkhead who picked up Miko and Jack, and Bumblebee who had Raf. They all picked us up
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Group Info

We are Autobots, Decepticons and outcasts that live together in peace. No matter what generation you hail from, you are welcome here. This Group is for those that love Transformers, our goal is to promote the best the fandom has to offer. Welcome!

:star: Rules: :star:
1. Please Submit art to the correct folder.

2. No cushy, vore, mpreg, scat, or other gratuitous fetish pieces.

3. We look to see quality art, cleanly photographed, scanned, lined and colored. Please ensure your art meets these standards.

4. Dollmaker, character generator/maker images are not accepted.

5. Harassing, stalking, spamming, slander and labeling are not permitted.

6. We do check if art has been traced, copied or reposted, think twice before submitting.

7. Please be courteous and understanding with us, we are always happy to receive and answer your questions.

If you have questions regarding your art being declined, please read transformers-souls.deviantart.…

And contact us through the group notes and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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