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Autobots by Schwarz-one
TFP: Cliffjumper and his horn pile by SilverKAT30
TFP: Still Partners by SilverKAT30
Arcee by CosmicTwilight-Art
Arcee is afraid of super shredder by UltimateMusicfan
Knock Out is The sexiest bot by LilyEmiChan
TFP Soundwave in shadow zone by Afialtis
Giant Knock Out by LilyEmiChan
Knockout by Dark-Griphonka
Predakiiiiiing by KOMIX-MM
Predalord by Aang10
Predalord Bust by Aang10
Commission - Dog predacon by MaryDec
Autobots and Decepticons
Ready to Rock? by AgentRobot427
A Rare Opportunity to Make History by AgentRobot427
Megatron by Kari-Glitch

Mature Content

Do I Look Like I Care by zyuna
Humans - Humans and Bots
Jack and Arcee FOR RexBlazer1 by SheabeePrime
Together (gift) by Flame-Nightmare
Reference Sheet (SG): Humans by SoundBluster
Comm: KOxBD by zyuna
MegOp by Jigyon
A Strong Bond (Fanart Commission) by LacrimareObscura
A Strong Bond - Greyscale (Fanart Commission) by LacrimareObscura
Scraplets - Unicron - Other characters
Cybetron by Tenebres-for
Megatron the Dark Energon Reanimator by LordStarscreamraptor
Dynasty of the Thirteen by soy-monk
RT Ep. 15: Two Worlds, One Soul by MonstrousMultiverse
Shattered Glass Prime - Page 15 by SoundBluster
Shattered Glass Prime - Page 16 by SoundBluster
TFP.ghost by KOMIX-MM
Grimlock and the baby by KOMIX-MM
Humanizations and Redesigns
Human Transformers by NeversideFaerie
Crush Chart #2 by Trulycoolarts975
Transformers: Prime Birthday Game by MunkTransformerLover
TFP - Bulkhead by ZolataLita
Secret Santa
Secret Santa for locoexlaimer by JennWestberg

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Shadow Zone- p2 PROLOUGE by YukiOni Shadow Zone- p2 PROLOUGE :iconyukioni:YukiOni 71 35 The Dream by caboosemcgrief The Dream :iconcaboosemcgrief:caboosemcgrief 259 68 HASBRO 5: BUMBLEBEE by MutanerdA HASBRO 5: BUMBLEBEE :iconmutanerda:MutanerdA 17 5 The Furious and The Fast by caboosemcgrief The Furious and The Fast :iconcaboosemcgrief:caboosemcgrief 55 24 Prime Chromia by Neme303 Prime Chromia :iconneme303:Neme303 447 134 Prime Elita-1 by Neme303 Prime Elita-1 :iconneme303:Neme303 498 112 Off-road by jokerjester-campos Off-road :iconjokerjester-campos:jokerjester-campos 24 18 Wrecker by jokerjester-campos Wrecker :iconjokerjester-campos:jokerjester-campos 39 10 Transformers Prime Jazz -EDIT2- by CaroRichard Transformers Prime Jazz -EDIT2- :iconcarorichard:CaroRichard 525 150 Miko TFP by Inya-spring Miko TFP :iconinya-spring:Inya-spring 54 9 The ScrapsKins. by Mad-Transformers-Fan The ScrapsKins. :iconmad-transformers-fan:Mad-Transformers-Fan 129 51 TFP SS by Mad-Transformers-Fan TFP SS :iconmad-transformers-fan:Mad-Transformers-Fan 20 12 SW and Cat by Aiuke SW and Cat :iconaiuke:Aiuke 204 25 TFP SW and tigers by Aiuke TFP SW and tigers :iconaiuke:Aiuke 268 20


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Quilt Project - Started 08/25/11

Secret Santa Exchange - Gift roundup currently in progress

Current Contest - None currently running

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Welcome to Transformers-Prime!

The first and greatest TF: Prime group on dA! Feel free to start discussions on the front page and remember that all members can submit blog entries. Stay tuned for links to the episodes as they arrive!


:bulletred: All submissions must be related to the program Transformers: Prime.

:bulletred: Gen, slash, het, and femmeslash are all allowed.

:bulletred: OCs and self-inserts are not allowed.

:bulletred: R18 content is allowed, but porn is not preferred. Let's keep it tasteful, folks. ETA: Adding angst to porn does not make it tasteful.

:bulletred: All media is allowed. Fanfiction, fanart, stamps, CSS, etc-- no need to ask, just go on ahead and submit!

:bulletred: However, traces, bases, screencaps, and motivationals are not allowed. (A motivational would be allowed if you drew the artwork yourself, but not in the instance of a screencap or someone else's work.)

:bulletred: Please, feel free to submit cool stuff you find by other people to the gallery.

:bulletred: Members can submit blog entries, but please try to keep it relevant.

:bulletred: Most of all, have fun!

:bulletred: I don't have the time to clean up after other people. If you submit something to the wrong folder, I will reject it. Very sorry. Pay more attention.

:bulletblue: Go here for the current and up-to-date list of links to all the episodes!

:bulletblue: Go here for the official group chatroom!

Questions? Concerns?
Your friendly neighborhood founder tazunajo is here to help. If you need to get in contact with someone about this group, please, don't hesitate.

PS. We are not accepting new staff members at this time, thanks!





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I would really like to see a comic book reimagining of Transformers Prime without the quick killing off of favorite characters and having season 3 last longer with more predacons.
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Autobots transform and roll out 
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Bumblebee: you took my voice, you will never rob anyone of anything ever again 
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I'm doing treansformers story commissions anyone want one 
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Is this group active?
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Is this group still alive? All my submissions expired...
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My apologies on behalf of the group, it went through a sleeping period and then changed hands. I'm the new owner, so please feel free to resubmit everything. ^^
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