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Bummed that Transformers Mosaic has come to an end?

Wish you could find an outlet to submit more of your one-page Transformers comics?

Well - YOU CAN!

Transformers Multiverse is a new fan project tailored to pick up where Mosaic leaves off. The name may be different, but the aim is the same - to give you guys an outlet to get your creative efforts out there, and to network with other fans and talents to produce more comics.

You can find the group here on DeviantArt:

The group page, under the heading 'Information and Rules' contains a link to the downloadable contributors' pack, which has everything you need to start making comics, as well as full submission guidelines, which we ask that you read in full before sending us anything.

Additionally, you can check out a special edition of the Underbase pod cast, where two of the project's co-ordinators, HdE and Paul Vromen, discuss the project at length with Aimee Morgan. You'll find it here:…

All the best, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

The Crew.
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multi-comics Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Interface Designer
if you guys are still running it, the why not just call it mosaic? and continue the thing?

transformers multiverse? it only rings femme bots and shattered dimension in my ears... which is never good news.
ActorzInc Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012   General Artist
It's different people.
luka1184 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Sad to see it gone - actually I don't get why people always link these situations to the saying "Everything have to do end" or "All good have to end" because it doesn't. I assume that some of the artists and/or writers of the Mosaic stuff were also against? The fans run the project. And the fans of Transformers, as well as the fans of Mosaic, and the fans of comics, praise it. If something is popular, and popular for being good, I don't see any reason for ending.

Anyway, now that's it happened, I have two major complaints, which is kind of the same thing I guess: the name of the replacement. It is very uncreative and unoriginal. Sorry... it just doesn't spell awesome or interests me the slightest. So, this brings me to the second complaint: As several people have already expressed, suggest and asked: Why didn't you just pass the Mosaic project onto these new fellows and let the title be the same? What is the point of that? :O It would be faster and easier to find it, and I think it would catch people's attentions faster, because "Multiverse" kind of remind of generic anime series or generic comic titles... I am sorry, it's just my opinion, just my two cents.

All that aside, good luck to you, and good luck to the new guys.

Stay creative,
- Lukas
Rh1n0x Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm always on the hunt for Line Artists and Colourists to collaborate with!

I love how much story can be crammed into a One-Shot.
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