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For those of you Mosaicons not fully up to date with the latest news from the offices of IDW PUBLISHING, Transformers: Mosaic (in concert with IDW) is very proud to inform you all that the talented and dynamic duo Casey Coller and Joana Lafuente will be making their (interior) art debut in December, when IDW release TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: BLURR.

Both Casey and Joana have contributed some simply amazing art to the Mosaic project, and continue to be valuable supporters of the project.

Casey has contributed some stunning artwork to both Mosaic and the War Journal project, and was the winner of the "Are You the Next Transformers Cover Artist?" competition we ran a few months ago. His first official comic cover; the Apocalypse Comics "Killing Joke" cover for ALL HAIL MEGATRON #1 was released just last week.

Joana, a wildly talented colorist and illustrator (and runner-up in the aforementioned Cover Contest), has produced a good number of Mosaics as well, some of which are the most popular amongst readers.

We really couldn't be happier for them both, and we're very proud to see them have a shot at contributing to IDW's epic TRANSFORMERS comics!

To celebrate this fantastic occasion, Transformers: Mosaic is very blessed to have this exclusive preview of Casey and Joana's comic, and would like to thank IDW PUBLISHING for allowing us the honor of sharing this sneak peek with Casey and Joana's Transformers: Mosaic fanbase.


Written by Shane McCarthy

Art by Casey Coller :iconcaliber316:

Colors by Joana Lafuente :iconkhaamar:

© 2008 - 2021 Transformers-Mosaic
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timshinn73's avatar
Great stuff! Excellent work, both of you! Look forward to seeing more!
qwailotim's avatar
I'm starting to hate Casey Coller! Lol jus kidding, i met him this weekend and hes a great guy.

On a more serious note im loving the expression on Blurr's face! Never cared too much for Blurr but im looking forward to this spotlight alot.
hiredhand's avatar
Holy crap, that art (lines and colors) is amazing. Congrats to the new dynamic duo!
KrisSmithDW's avatar
congratulations and stuff to both thems and stuffs XD
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
lol, well said mealymouth! :P
JZLobo's avatar
Two of us! Two of us!
pietrestan's avatar
congratulations to casey & joanna,
an all-star team unto themselves...

even though they stole mine and silverene's idea ;)
i kid. well done and well-deserved, you guys !
kurisama's avatar
Fastest spotlight there is.
Uftaki's avatar
Oh, wow... This looks beautiful~! Awesome work, Casey and Joana! :D Congratulations! ^____^
Neoconvoy's avatar
Congratulations Cassey and Joana!!!

That pages are excellent!!!

LadyKallaghash's avatar
:D Congratulations to both of you!!!, I can't wait to see it!!! :excited:
Hellsfirescythe's avatar
Aw man, awesome! :D Great job and I can't wait to see this comic finished and printed!
ohnojaylo's avatar
Oh man. That art is sexy. D:
Silvertide's avatar
Congratz to the talented duo!
ironwarmachine's avatar
Awesome! Congrats for you two!
The-Diet-Elf's avatar
OMG! BLURR!!!!! :faint: My favorite bot's spotlight is by two of my favorite TF artists on dA!! :excited:

BabeMause's avatar
Wow!!! I love everything about it! Amazing art, stellar colours and Blurr!!! Thanks for making him look so cool!
Rees3's avatar
Amazing work! Congratulations guys!
TaintedTamer's avatar
Wow, awesome - congrats! :D
MikePriest83's avatar
Congrats, both of you!
Kingoji's avatar
It's clear now that the rest of us never stood a chance in the cover comp when pitted against talent like this.
Congratulations, guys, live the dream.
JavierReyes's avatar

Congrats to both! :D
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