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Bummed that Transformers Mosaic has come to an end?

Wish you could find an outlet to submit more of your one-page Transformers comics?

Well - YOU CAN!

Transformers Multiverse is a new fan project tailored to pick up where Mosaic leaves off. The name may be different, but the aim is the same - to give you guys an outlet to get your creative efforts out there, and to network with other fans and talents to produce more comics.

You can find the group here on DeviantArt:

The group page, under the heading 'Information and Rules' contains a link to the downloadable contributors' pack, which has everything you need to start making comics, as well as full submission guidelines, which we ask that you read in full before sending us anything.

Additionally, you can check out a special edition of the Underbase pod cast, where two of the project's co-ordinators, HdE and Paul Vromen, discuss the project at length with Aimee Morgan. You'll find it here:…

All the best, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

The Crew.
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Bummed that the Transformers: Mosaic transformers-mosaic.deviantart… project has closed down, and wish you still had an avenue for your creative juices? Well, great news!

Transformers: Bots of Honor is about to start work on its second volume of work, and we're opening up our doors and calling for anyone interested in contributing to the project to put their hand up. The project has already established itself as its own unique continuity, and this is everyone's chance to help build it even more.

Unlike previous times that we've called for contributors, this time we're looking for writers as well as artists and colorists! Also, the amount of work required by everyone is really dependent on how much they want to put into it – individual stories will range from one to three pages, so there's plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate.

We're hoping to take the real 'community' feel that the Transformers Mosaic project had, and push it even further and build a project the whole community can feel proud of.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the project simply needs to send an email to, letting us know in which capacity you wish to participate (writer, artist or colorist).

To get you a little more excited about the project, here's a sneak peak of what's still to come from volume 1;
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Hey all,

Shaun and Josh recently did a podcast with the crew over at The Underbase, where we talked a lot about the Transformers: Mosaic project - how it started, how it grew and ultimately, why it ended. It was a really great opportunity to talk about how the project has evolved over the past five years, and hopefully will shed a bit more light on why it's come to an end.

Head on over to, listen to the podcast (sorry, it's quite long), and let us know your thoughts here.
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Well, after five years and over six hundred and fifty individual pieces, we have both decided that the time has come to bring the Transformers: Mosaic project to an end. A number of reasons could be cited for drawing the project to a close, but ultimately, it was never going to last forever. We had a pretty good run, and it's just time to bow out.

It's been a true honor to watch the project which began as a humble collaboration on the IDW Forums grow to become a fandom institution, and even it's own genre of Transformers storytelling. The project enjoyed incredible support from the wider Transformers community, and even the stewards of the franchise itself.  We've had the blessed opportunity to work with some talented and passionate people, and even played a small part in launching a few professional careers.

So, what does this mean for anyone currently working on a submission for the project?

Well, first off, the 'Transformers the Movie - Special Edition' sub-project is no longer a stand-alone entity, and any pieces that were part of it, would now become regular submissions.

There are still a few completed pieces in the pile, and they will continue to be released as usual.  These should take us through to the end of June 2012, so any other pieces that are completed and submitted before this time, would be released an included under the 'Transformers: Mosaic' banner.

After that time, any other pieces would be the responsibility of the creative team to release themselves.  We do ask that any of these pieces, do not include the 'Transformers: Mosaic' logo, and are not advertised as such.  

Obviously, this is not the end of Transformers fan-fiction. The project has spawned a number of other similar projects, just as TF: Mosaic itself sprang out of inspiration from an earlier one.  There are many dedicated people in the community to keep telling their own tales. As a wise man once said, "It never ends".

Thanks again to everyone who has; written, drawn, colored, lettered, commented on or just supported a Mosaic. This project truly was by the fans, for the fans. Take a bow, all of you.

It's been an amazing five years, and we were lucky to be a part of it. We now look forward to where the creative community will go from here. Now get out there and write and draw the future.

-Josh van Reyk & Shaun Knowler
Townsville, Australia / Vancouver, Canada
May 2012
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Heya Mosaicons!

Today saw the launch of IDW Publishing's awesome new Transformers ongoing comic series, Robots in Disguise, hot on the heels of their OTHER awesome new comic series, More Than Meets The Eye!

We think both of 'em are just incredible, and have to seriously recommend checking both of these books out-- especially to all you folk who seem to profess an interest in sequential Transformers storytelling!

We'd also like to send a couple of special shoutouts to the full-time artist on RiD, Andrew Griffith, and to the colourist of the upcoming ReGeneration One series, John-Paul Bove! http/wordmongerer.deviantart.c… Both of these outstanding artists were long-time Mosaic contributors before getting their breaks on official Transformers projects. I'm sure we can all agree that we're proud to see both of these guys getting full-time gigs working on properties that are near and dear to us all. Cuz honestly, that's the only kinda folk who SHOULD get those kinda gigs!

Anyway, here's some peeks at what all the yammerin's about:

Robots in Disguise preview:…

ReGeneration One Simon Furman interview, with new preview art:…

So yeah, bascially, please support all this terrific new Transformers goodness by picking up/pre-ordering from your local comic shop, or buying digital from places like…

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Hey Mosaicons,

A suggestion has come up regarding the inclusion of creators' comments in Mosaic posts.

We found the idea intriguing and possibly beneficial, so we thought we'd open the floor to discussion about it. This is a project for the fans, after all! We'd like to hear from both readers and contributors! What do you think?

Just thought we'd run it by you folks and get an idea of the pros and cons before we go through the trouble of setting up guidelines for it and updating the FAQ. ;)

But please STAY ON TOPIC. This will not be a forum to criticize specific pieces, thanks!
This is the big one!

It's been over two years, and Transformers Mosaic is ready to launch its next big project...


We're planning to expand upon one of the most popular stories of Transformers history and we need help, A LOT OF HELP! We need writers, artists and colorists to take part in possibly the largest singular Transformers fan project ever!

This project will be comprised of numerous one-page stories, each focusing on a specific character, all set within the original animated movie, building upon the epic story that so many still hold dear.

If you're interested, please send an email to, letting us know in which capacity you want to participate (writer, artist or colourist. Samples of work would be preferable.) and we'll send you more information.

So, tell your friends, tell everyone, we want this to be special but we need you!
Hey all!

Well, it's four years ago to the day that we started this little project and DAMN! if it isn't still a kick-ass juggernaut!!!

What better way to celebrate than with a piece that's actually taken close to four years to complete :) MASSIVE thanks to all the amazing artists and colorists who contributed to 'Prime,' pretty sure we broke some sort of record for highest number of TF artists contributing to one piece ;)

So, here's to four amazing years, and hopefully, four more :)

Take care
Josh and Shaun

You can follow Transformers Mosaic (and other projects) at…

You can find us here: @TFMosaic

Hey loyal mosaicons,

We're happy to announce that this years Auto Assembly fan comic "G100" is now available for purchase online from "PIXEL-CEL"… profits from the sale this comic go towards Mary Meals.

This comic was written and drawn by Transformers Mosaic mainstays Matt Marshal and Andy Turnbull, respectively.

"G100" is a tale of small group of valiant Autobot defenders holding out against a mad Decepticon warlord's army, with little or no chance of victory.  Riffing on Frank Miller's 300 comic series (and film) Matt Marshall and Andy Turnbull came up with a story recasting Thunder Clash as Leonidas, the Spartan king and Skyquake as Xerxes, the emperor of the Persians and made this comic.

So, if you're looking for some gritty Transformers fiction to sink your teeth in, head on over and grab yourself a copy while you can.  You WON'T be disappointed.

Josh van Reyk, co-creator / manager of the successful Transformers fan project "Transformers Mosaic"is now running a similar project for G.I. JOE and is now putting the call out for all interested people to contribute.…

G.I. JOE BATTLESPACE will be a collection of one-page fan comics set within the various G.I. Joe universes. These comics will expand and build upon the existing stories and characters and will also showcase the great talent within the G.I. Joe community. This project will be completely un-official and all just for fun, no-one will be paid for their contributions. The completed pieces will be posted online on this and many other forums / websites all round the webs.

What am I looking for?  I'm putting the call out to all committed writers / artists / colourists in the community who want to contribute to a great project and show-off their skillz.  Some understanding of comic format / structure would be preferred.

How do you get involved?  Easy, just send an email to and let me know if you're a writer, artist or colourist.

To stay up-to-date on all things "G.I. Joe Battlespace," you can follow the project at Deviant GIJOE-BATTLESPACE.deviantart.c… Art or on  Facebook…

the solicits for IDW's Transformers comics for December were recently announced, and we're proud to direct your attention to this particular comic;


Written by John Barber, art by Andrew Griffith, cover by Brian Rood.

The first Transformers 3 movie prequel begins here! The origin of the bitter rivalry between Optimus Prime and Megatron starts here! But what is the secret connection that will forever bind them? And how will it affect the future of all Transformers?

32 pages, $3.99.

Although this is not technically Andrew's first piece of official work for IDW, it is his first full series.  Andrew has long been a contributor, supporter and good friend to Transformers Mosaic, and we couldn't be happier for his success.

So, head over to his DA page and give him a big congrats!

Josh & Shaun
A few months back, a call was sent out for artists and colourists interested in working on an all new Transformers project created by the managers of "Transformers: Mosaic." They had a fantastic response and have been able to recruit some incredible talent from the fan base.  Everyone has been working very hard on this project with some very impressive results and they are now at a point where they can share a little bit more about the project.

So, without further ado...…
Logo by James Biggie. Art by; Ger Hankey, Kris Smith, Andrew Griffith, Daniel Light and Jenny Son.

Even in the most peaceful of times, when the people are happy and safe, there are those that would bring misery and suffering unto others.  Those that would seek selfish gain.  Those that would plunge the world into darkness.  But, there is always a light to ward off the dark.  A beacon of hope for the helpless.  A symbol of justice that watches over all.  There is always......a Prime.

Patrolling the streets of the capital city of Iacon, the newest link in the Prime Legacy, Optimus Prime, keeps an ever-vigilant optic over the citizens of Cybertron.  Armed with the power of the Matrix of Light, Optimus Prime has the ability to create any object out of pure energy, and uses the accumulated wisdom and skills of the Primes before him to battle the forces of evil, wherever and whenever they prey upon the weak.

No one bot stands alone, and there are many other protectors of Cybertron who have dedicated their sparks to upholding justice.  As Optimus Prime hunts down wrong-doers, he is joined by these heroes, each with their own unique abilities and talents.  Together, these "Bots of Honor," strive to maintain the peace that has blessed Cybertron for many meta-cycles.

But, all good things must come to an end. Although the various villains that Optimus and his friends battle, dangerous as they all are, may seem random and un-connected, there is a dark force rising that could threaten the whole of Cybertron.  Will Optimus Prime uncover the truth about this hidden threat before it's too late? What will the consequences be, not only for our heroes, but for every Cybertronian on the planet if they fail?

In 2011, get ready for action and adventure like you've never seen as everyone's favourite 'Robots in Disguise" do battle on a whole new level

There are still a few slots left for artists and colorists, so if you're interested in contributing to what is set to be a memorable project, get in touch with them at

Just to get you a little bit more excited, check out their gallery for full character designs for; Grimlock, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Wheeljack and an extra special peek at Optimus Prime's alt-mode.

Stay up-to-date on all things "Bots of Honor" on deviant art & on Facebook…
Hey ya'll!

We're so very glad to announce that another Mosaicon has (finally) made the leap from fan to official contributor.

Apocalypse Comics have just announced that John-Paul Bove has coloured two of their exclusive variants for IDW Publishing's Transformers and G.I.Joe books. You can check out more details right here….

JP has been a long time contributor to the project and has been with us from almost the very beginning. We are so proud of JP and know that this is only the beginning for him.

Catchyas later
Josh and Shaun
Calling all BEN 10 fans!

Josh van Reyk, creator and manager of the successful Transformers fan project "Transformers transformers-mosaic.deviantart… Mosaic" is running a similar project for BEN 10 and is now looking for interested people to contribute.

BEN 10: INFINITY will be a collection of one-page fan comics set within the existing Ben 10, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien universes. These comics will expand and build upon the existing stories and characters and will also showcase the great talent within the Ben 10 community. This project will be completely un-official and all just for fun, no-one will be paid for their contributions. The completed pieces will be posted online on this and many other forums / websites all round the webs.

What are we looking for?  We're putting the call out to all committed writers / artists / colorists in the community who want to contribute to a great project and show-off their skillz.  Some understanding of comic format / structure would be preferred.

How do you get involved?  Easy, just send an email to and let us know if you're a writer, artist or colorist.

To stay up-to-date on all things "Ben 10: Infinity," you can follow us at Deviant Art… or on Facebook…

And remember, it's ALWAYS hero time!

Tomorrow (August 5th) marks the release of IDW'S Transformers: Ironhide #4.  This book features the line-art of Casey Coller and colors of Joana Lafuente, who have both been supports, contributors and great friends of Mosaic for as long as we can remember.

This issue is especially important as it will be Casey's last body of work for the foreseeable future. Due to personal reasons, Casey is stepping away from comics, and he will be SORELY missed by a lot of people.

So, do yourself a favor, and be sure to pick this comic up at your next visit to your LCS, you WON'T be disappointed!

We wish Casey all the best of luck with his future endeavors!

Catchya later
Josh & Shaun. a friend with great commissions available!

Howdy everyone,

long time contributor / supporter / friend and all around good-guy, Kris Smith has fallen on some hard times as of late and could really use your help. Due to medical problems, Kris is unable to work and as such is offering discounted commissions to help pay tha bills.

Those of you already familiar with Kris' work (if you aren't, what's wrong with you?) already know the mutton-sized chops this boy has got and at the low prices you are well and truly getting valuer for money.

So, if you can spare some dosh and are looking for some fantastic art, head right over to his DA page and lend your support!

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The next evolution in Transformers fan-comics is here!

The creative minds behind "Transformers: Mosaic," Josh van Reyk & Shaun Knowler, have teamed up with writers from the community including Andrew Griffith, John-Paul Bove, Matt Marshall, Logan Rogan and Lo Baker to bring you the most original Transformers story to breach the realms of cyberspace!


This series takes everything you know about Transformers, flips it upside down, spins it round a few times, buys it a drink, throws the drink in its face, breaks it down, builds it back up, breaks it down again and completely start from scratch.  This is your favourite robots in disguise like you've never seen them before!

So, why are we just telling you about this awesome project, rather than showing you?

Because it hasn't been drawn yet, that's why. That's where you come in.

We are looking for competent aspiring Transformers artists and colorists, who are itching for a great challenge and want to be part of something really special.

If you think you fit this criteria, there's a little more you should know first...

Artists will be expected to;
• Complete 5 full pages of inked sequential art.
• Adhere to strict deadlines (1 page per month).
• Where required, work within a team to develop new designs for existing characters.
• Work as a contributing member of a great team.

Colorists will be expected to;
• Color 5 full pages of sequential art.
• Adhere to strict deadlines (1 page per month).
• Where required,  assist in the development of new character designs.
• Follow set coloring guide-lines.
• Work as a contributing member of a great team.

Still interested?  

Artists and Colorists wishing to contribute to this project should send samples of their work to  Artists and Colorists will be assessed on their skills and suitability for the project, so not everyone who expresses will be guaranteed a place in the project.

Keep you optics open for more news and previews about this exciting project.  And just to whet your appetite a little, here is the character design (by Andrew Griffith) of the star of the series, Optimus Prime.…

Make sure you stay up-to-date on all things "Bots of Honor" related by following the following link  to our Deviant Art page;
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Transformers Spotlight: Stunticons
Josh van Reyk (w) • Sterling Gee, Ger Hankey, Jamie Roberts, Lindsay Smith, Jeremy Tiongson, Andy Turnbull, Chris Vera (a) • John-Paul Bove, Liam Shalloo (col) • Andrew Griffith with Joana Lafuente , Kris Smith (cov) • HdE (let)
As the Stunticons wake up alone and separated, they all ask the same thing; "what has happened?" But the questions they should be asking, are "why?" and "who's responsible?" Get up close and personal with one of the Decepticons most-hated groups as their inner-workings are exposed leading to a change they can never come back from!

This project is 100% fan-made and is no way to be considered 'official.' This is the result of one writer who is very lucky to have so many talented people offer their skills.

If all goes as planned, Spotlight: Stunticons will be released on most Transformers fan-sites around the web in September of 2010.

For updates, and sneak-peaks, head over to spotlight-stunticons.deviantar… and keep your optics open.