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Whatcha Gonna Do

Story, Art and Letters by:
Ger Hankey [link]
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Battledroidunit047's avatar
CGE, Cybertron's WWE! XD
ZeroFox-4-eva's avatar
Now we know why Swindle decided to go solo in TFA xD
Battledroidunit047's avatar
yeah, didn't wanna take any chances with the other Combaticons.
twistedcortex's avatar
I like Motormaster with a Fu-manchu better than without: he looks cooler. MORE TRANSFORMERS WITH MOUSTACHES!!!
Stormrider19's avatar
Impressive! Motormaster and Hulk Hogan as one. Awesomeness.
fedupN's avatar

It somehow fits so well. I also like the dialogue between Swindle and Dragstrip.
MagusTheLofty's avatar
Haha! this is a good one!
TomSwiftie's avatar

I just knew Hulkmania and Transformers, two of the biggest phenoms of the '80s. would meet someday. I just didn't know it'd be so funny!!!

Nice work here. Really like the coloring.
Gharanth's avatar
Definitely a fave! This is so well thought out and funny. :D
shiribot's avatar
ShebaKoby's avatar
Whee Motormaster as Hulk Hogan! I love it! :D
warriorsofskaro1010's avatar
Wow awesome!

What's next?
Sithking-Zero's avatar
This explains so much about Devastator...
Shadir's avatar
*Cackle* Hulk Hogan *cackle*
lonewolf23k's avatar
This is so appropriate for the TFAverse...
Pentical's avatar
Sweet. Hulk Hogan as a transformer. It fits and its awesome.
Blackvegetable's avatar
A fusion of Motormaster with Hulk Hogan - who woulda thought? :D
CommieMerc's avatar
So, who is the Ultimate Warrior in TFA ?
batchix's avatar
frighteningly enough it totally works. XD;;
BatboyEXE's avatar
Hulk Hogan smash!
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