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Way to Fall

Story and art:

MADMAN ( Ivan Mas ) [link]
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Jabborwocky's avatar
So wicked! I love style here, and story uses the kind of flow that makes me want to whisper it out loud.
marythemango's avatar
Can't compute the awesomeness..-goes to look at the art again- :D
fedupN's avatar
THIS is quality work. Bravo on all accounts.
Canalus's avatar
Woah, this is awesome. Very Sienkiewicz-y, even John Van Fleet-esque!
This aspect and plot-line intrigues me.
Mgauge's avatar
This is the darkest Transformers comic I've ever seen. Nice work.
TomSwiftie's avatar
IDW will definately be hiring you soon...
Nachtsider's avatar
Fantastic artwork for a fantastic story. I love the dark, deranged look of this piece, and would really like to see the aesthetic reused in future.
ninjha's avatar
Wow! Excellent!
Transformergirl's avatar
I'll go ahead and say this is easily the most unique Mosaic we've had, and in a tremendously spectacular way.

This is art in every aspect and I applaud everyone who had a hand in it. Fantastic work here guys, really something great. :clap:
Thanks, I try to do original things, and that will surprise people .. transformers matter how many publishers show that I think has great potential.
Transformergirl's avatar
Total agreement here. :)
JediFlaherty's avatar
I have no idea what this one's about, but it's AWESOME!!!
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
This is great - nice to see Dante being brought into the Mosaics, and the graphic design is fantastically creepy.
ereyes's avatar
lonegamer7's avatar
That... is CREEPY. And oh-so fitting for this month.
misspepita's avatar
Bad.ass. Love the design and overall gritty feel.
JZLobo's avatar
Well this is downright artistic. But what is the significance of the superimposed grin on each image?
Is an approximation of "Man who laughs" a novel that also inspired the great Bill Finger in the creation of the Joker.I think is something sinister and creepy, a skull is usually not a good omen, not pregnant are always laughing.
JZLobo's avatar
Ah, I see. Thank you for answering my question. This is a very well done piece.
Of course, no problems,,... it´s a pleasure.
blacksquareart's avatar
I think it's a skull, representing that he's dead inside. That his humanity died.
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