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Story by;
Martin “Tronprogram” Fisher [link]

Art by;
Mike “Optimus 8404” Ackerman [link]

Colors by;
Ian “Botmaster 2005” Lea [link]

Letters by;
Javier “Shinobi Rendar” Reyes [link]
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© 2008 - 2021 Transformers-Mosaic
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FrankORourke's avatar
o.O oooooo lookie Pepsi Prime in the back of windcharger :D
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Is the red autobot *Throttlebot* Chase?
cyberjam's avatar
thts a definent awww moment
the baby looks like beachcomber!
Tyrdyquinn212's avatar
Those people look like shelless, blue skinned ninja turtles. o__o
Optimus8404's avatar
The first Mosaic I ever did, a year ago!!!
Windcharger got virtually no screentime in the cartoon, so it's nice to see some exploration into his character.

The Pepsi Prime cameo is a nice touch.
JZLobo's avatar
Now THIS is what Mosaic is all about! A great, meaningful story, and some nice artwork to boot. Good characterization on Windcharger too, which makes it all the more enjoyable.
Pacerwolf's avatar
Windcharger! Yay!
Great work.
MurdererDelacroix's avatar
:aww: Good reason never to forget why you're protecting something. Great art, and I love the colors here. :)
lonegamer7's avatar
Definitely worthy of an "Awww".
fargnay's avatar
great. i just love mosaics with a "moral":). cool art.
Deceptichop's avatar
Windcharger, my VERY first TF! Great to see him in action! Trans you!
MagusTheLofty's avatar
This was cool. Always like Windcharger. Did I see Seaspray, or a Seaspray-like vehicle in the first panel?
ninjha's avatar
Wow! I love the art and colours! I've never seen such movement and detail on Windcharger, especially since he was my second Transformer toy I bought back in the 80s. Excellent research! Which continuity is this from? Don't recognize the aliens but great story!
Noizeblaze's avatar
I like the detail on Windcharger, and the story even avoids a cliche... sort of. Still, an inventive twist.
CreatureSH's avatar
Neat little twist there...
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awww... awesome mosaic involving Windcharger! Especially the lesson he learnt!
reddragon162's avatar
Over there on the left of the first panel, is that a Pre-Earth Seaspray?
tronprogram's avatar
I'm afraid not, but I'm sure you'll get to see him at some point :D
Raja-Ulat's avatar
A bit corny but makes me wanna say, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". ;p
X2241085's avatar
pepsi convoy and zen the intergalactic ninja tribute ;) ?

sweet job though
katrover's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .....
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