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Was I Asleep

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GrimbotHobbyist Artist
Waaaay too similar to this one:
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I love how we get theside viw of their heads right next to each other. You kind of can see how the head transforms when changing to each face.
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I kinda agree with some of the critiques. But I want to to keep trying new and different things and come back again some time.
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
The poor grammar killed my enjoyment of this one, sorry. Compared to some of the other P/CP Mosaics we've seen, this one feels... really uninspired. So he killed a few guys as Counterpunch, that's been done.
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Yeah. I get where this was going but the grammar was poor and the dialogue/art design was bad, so the drama never arrived.
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
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dragonnetstormProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful as always, now punch/counterpunch is ofcourse a beautiful exception on the transformer rule. :D Mosaics with him in it always tend to become a bit... Sadistis the right word?
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Sadistic is the word I think you're looking for.
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dragonnetstormProfessional Digital Artist
Don't surprice me. ;) Still think its one of the better mosaics presented on DA.
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How haunting! :wow:
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blacksquareartHobbyist General Artist
Uh, I think Fastlane/Cloudraker has been coloured like Twintwist...

It's very similar to a Mosiac realeased a few days ago... is that intentional?
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What I have trouble figuring out is which one of Counter/punch is the original personality or faction.
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Punch was. He created Counterpunch to infiltrate the Decepticons.
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And then it went all Fight Club on him? Neat.
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I've decided Counterpunch sounds like Brad Pitt.
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
Your =/= You're. ;)

Poor, poor Punch.
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I was gonna use "Youre using 'your' wrong", but you totally beat me to it
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