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Story by;
Thomas Van Dijk [link]

Art, Colors & Letters by;
Jason Nangle [link]
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I prefer the origins from the comics, but this is good too.
nice story and nicely drawn, i like it a lot, hope to see more of yur work thomas and jason
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The artwork is pretty nice. The colors have a nice, aniamted cel quality that I like.

I'm not a huge fan of the story, but that's only my opinion. I guess if one looks at this from the angle that this little guy somehow reactivates a dormant Unicron rather than built the entire planet sized robot, it's a little easier to swallow. But the viewer would have to read a lot more into the story than is provided to come to that conclusion.
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Personally, I was never all that fond of the black and white good/Evil polarisation of Unicron and Primus, but like most others I preferred them as gods than Unicron being made by Space Monkey Primacron and the Transformers being made by the Quintessons.

But that does not mean this isn't good - classic G1 animated canon, great reasoning you've given, and great art.
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An interesting origins story, although I find it hard to believe Unicron was built. I always saw him and Primus as the "Gods" who in turn created Transformers themselves. :hmm:

But that's just me.

I do, however, like the lineart and colors of this piece. It's very sharp, clean, and bright. Like the G1 cartoon. :)
Silvertide's avatar he created Unicron all by himself? It must have taken like, millions of years. No wonder Unicron never got around to attacking Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons were still in stasis... Unicron wasn't finished yet!
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Well, according to call of the primitives, he did have an assistent... But he's out of frame...
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Oh that's right! I forgot about the assistant... okay, so it took TWO to build Unicron over millions of years.
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Omg, it's the alien fish monkey! :fear:

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Oh my goodness. I like this! At least it gives some reason why that little imp would make Unicron!
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This is an okay origin but not the one I'm most interested in this was during a period when the writers really sucked and they were having monetary problems.

I hated season 3 w/ the deepest passion.

as for this mosiac the art is nice just wish thre was alot more detail in Unicron and considering that is just an itsy bitsy chimp to the massive unicron, even that open panel should not have been visible when they zoomed out at the end.
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i dont really know the origin of unicron so not bad and nice twist!!
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Yeah, not a fan of this one.

Unicron created by a monkey... please...
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I never knew this. I always thought that Unicron and Primus just EXISTED since the beginning of time.
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Depends on what continuity you take. This is from the G1 cartoon. That means no Primus, and Unicron was made by Primacron.
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Yeah nice work but I refuse to believe Unicron as a tool of a chimp. The Marvel Comic origin was cooler.
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Err, no. God robots that were alive from the beginning of time? No thanks. But Cartoon origin of Unicron is not much better either.
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Whatever. The 'god-like beings' that Primus and Unicron were before they became the robotic planets always had a hand in making it easier for me to accept how the TF's have surprisingly human-like characteristics and personalities, and being from 'the beginning of time' sure gave Primus and Uni the feeling they were something far beyond the regular TF's. Certainly a million times better than whatever a space chimp could build.
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I prefer the origins of the TFs as they were in the cartoon ... robots that began from a factory by the Quintessons. As for Unicron and Primus ... I can see them having been 2 friends who became enemies who built themselves war planets. While one became evil, the other one wanted to protect life at all costs, even at his own.

But sadly, no one tried to draw upon this sort of story.
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Anything would be cooler.
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It's cool and all, but I HATE that they gave this origin to Unicron. With a PASSION.
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