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Story by;
Josh “Richter” van Reyk [link]
Shaun “Beachcomber” Knowler [link]

Art, Colors & Letters by;
Kris “Deathwind 13” Smith [link]
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does prowl really have to choke a bitch?
samuraivalerie's avatar
Ha ha, they're like siblings :giggle:
StarFaite's avatar
Lol, that was funny!
Skywings808's avatar prowls faceLOL 
Bumblebeerock's avatar
Poor BB he keeps hit with things. Why?
ShockWaveX2's avatar
The last three panels are priceless. XD
mother212's avatar
Prowl just got pwned xD
harukoyamada's avatar
:lmao: This is fabulous~
Dark-WildCat's avatar
Prowl : :eyepopping:

I LOLed!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Great job bro!
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radically-lame-18's avatar
omgiggles, better run Bumblebee!
Lady-Of-Ice-Chaos's avatar
lol This is great! ^_^ wodnerful job I must say. I didn't see Prowl getting hit, I thought it'd be Jazz or Ratchet. XD
Miin-Miin's avatar
lol, prowl got spanked
PurrV's avatar
Prowl looks scary :ohnoes:
xxxBrokenSoulxxx's avatar
Funny, very funny!
3r6O's avatar
Maybe you should put TFA's Ratchet instead of Prowl...
JennWestberg's avatar
Billybosskeen's avatar
nifty story!! Love the backgrounds, too!!
srg1's avatar
(Laughing) This is great!!!!!
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