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Trigenesis Imperfecta

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Written by:
Sekhmet DeMagis [link]

Art & Letters by:
Minttu Hynninen [link]
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Slyer0Hobbyist General Artist
only now I realize that blitzwing is singing queen songs.
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CaiobellaStudent General Artist
that last part with Blitzwing is sooo creepy it made me shiver! 
168natasha's avatar
holy someone did some audio for blitzwing for this on tumblr it sounds so cool [link]
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transformersnewchaptHobbyist Artisan Crafter
That was kinda...creepy.0_0
Lemniskate's avatar
LemniskateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh Flame, that multi-prupose crazy scientist.
zeranote17's avatar
HOLY $#!!!
Is this what really happened to blitzwing?

great work! (~ . ^)
Nachtsider's avatar
It's one of many possibilities, that's for sure. I'm sure Blitzwing's one of those people who says: "If I have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Thanks for the kind words. ;)
zeranote17's avatar
you're welcome ^_^
P-z-p-Z's avatar
P-z-p-ZHobbyist Writer
You can't really blame Blitzwing can you?
Nachtsider's avatar
Not in the least, my friend. Bear in mind, however, that he doesn't need your sympathy.

'Cause he's easy come, easy go.

Little high, little low.

Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter... to he.
P-z-p-Z's avatar
P-z-p-ZHobbyist Writer
I know but I needed to say it, know what I mean?
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WildMagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hooray for Random Blitzwing! He always creeps me out. Well, except the times he is funny. :P glad to see Minerva, she looks really good. *thumbs up* And this ...Flame person is more insane than Blitzwing. Great Mosaic!
Nachtsider's avatar
Random Blitzwing may be amusing on paper and on screen, but if he were real, I'd probably run a mile if I met him.

Thanks a bunch! :D
FooGrrl's avatar
Great job! *favs*
Nachtsider's avatar
Thank you! :D
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timshinn73Professional General Artist
The art is top notch! Great job!
Nachtsider's avatar
Minttu is fantastic. ;)
Eikuu's avatar
Very well done. I love everything about it from the story, artwork, coloring, etc!
Nachtsider's avatar
Thank you. :D
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LobomaloProfessional Photographer
I love the queen quotes.
Nachtsider's avatar
Queen = godly tier.
Lobomalo's avatar
LobomaloProfessional Photographer
That it does, and adding Blitzwing only makes it better.
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BatboyEXEHobbyist Digital Artist
The problem isn't that he pissed of all 3 of Blitzwings personalities, the problem is he dropped the key to Blitzwings prision, thus creating his own.
Nachtsider's avatar
Actually, he was the one responsible for creating Blitzy's multiple personalities. And the one who dropped the key? I'll let the readers decide who was responsible for that one, although I personally think it was Minerva.
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