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Curt Lunsford [link]

Ibai Canales [link]

Franco Villa [link]

Peter Istyle [link]
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Stalker is so god damn crazy.
BB-Shockwave's avatar
Well, Megatron did the same in Issue #1 of Marvel. Stalker most likely just got a medal for this. :)
He did? I haven't read that in many, many years. And that was once, online. Well, the more you know....
Zolem's avatar
Ah yes, history is writen by the winners.
Rahal-Stmin's avatar
Hm, you don't usually see that kind of forethought in most decepticons. Very nice
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
Brutal. This guy is just vile. And he knows it too.
JZLobo's avatar
Very poignant!
Super-Metal-Sonic's avatar
things like this make me glad i have this figure

awesome mosiac
artoni's avatar
Nuclear launch detected.
Canalus's avatar
^Best comment ever!
heliocentra's avatar
Well written. I like it.
TM2DB's avatar
Wasn't that where Bluestreak lived?
Doubtful. I came up with the name Juhutitar cause I like Zone of the Enders, and the main mech in the PS2 games is Jehuty. If there's an actual Cybertronian city called that it's coincidental.

Also, the population of 1,188? At the time(and probably still is), the price of a deluxe sized Transformer at Wal-Mart($11.88). Creative ain't I? :)
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
I checked the wiki: interesting "expansions" make Bluestrak a citizen of Praxus.

More in detail:
1) in The War Within vol.1 , Prowl alone used to live in Praxus.
2) in Hardwired (the novel), Bluestreak used to live in Praxus as well.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Bwahahah, it could be Bluestrike's Citistate, now!
Blackvegetable's avatar
Well I'll be damned!
19chucki74's avatar
Stalker is WAY worse than Megatron could ever be. Great mosaic.
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