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The Year is 2004

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Story & Colors by;
John-Paul "Wordmongerer" Bove [link]

Pencils & Inks by;
Tom "Retardacon" Parrish [link]
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KajunthebiowerewolfStudent Artist
cool! :D
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That was just awesome. REALLY awesome.
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Thar's actually really perfect in all the sense it makes.
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NeonGenesisGuyverIIIHobbyist Digital Artist
This really is so badass!!!
Megs thinks he's won, then Prime pulls the big surprise. Pure gold man!
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SALVAGEPRIME8686Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your mosaic! The seventh image remind me one part of The Lord Of The Rings first movie when Gandalf jump of the Isengard's Tower and a eagle rescue him.
Excellent pic! Well done!
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Like the title, and the idea behind this.

However, the movie came out in 1986.
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wordmongererProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah I was basing it on the fact that the Movie came out in 87 in the UK... Only to find out that it came out in late December '86 here after all! So yeah, my bad on that one!
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Cursed by his own hubris!
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What I really wanted to read would have gone something like this:

"Yes, Megatron. This worthless-without-any-source-of-energon planet is now yours."

Hmm... on second thought, maybe the original text works better.
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ACdrawHobbyist Traditional Artist
That actually would be pretty hilarious if Megatron realized that the planet he'd spent four million years trying to conquer was essentially dead and all over a war he started.
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Oh WOW, this is awesome! :thumbsup:
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Wow, Optimus is pretty dark in his strategy.... Don't hurt humans in front of Optimus I guess.
FooGrrl's avatar
Great job!
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katroverHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually cheered at this. "YAY!"
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very very good
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This totally deserves to be animated. Nice work!
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WooT! I love this one. Funny how a minute and a half of animation and dialogue could have set up TF:TM to be so much more epic (and logical) than it actually was. That shuttle massacre could have meant something. Ah, well, that's what Mosaics are for, after all.
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Shortly after, Megatron's head exploded. xD
xxsomeoneelsexx's avatar
Whooo, total mind-freak! I greatly approve. Especially the part where Optimus laughed in Megatron's face. :#1:
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drake-fighter-0127Hobbyist Writer
Epic win!
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