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The Trap

Story by:

Charles Ellis

Art & Letters by:

Marcelo “Rattrap 587” Santa Roza [link]
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OMG Rattrap's sniper scop has an image of cheese. that's badass
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XD And this is why it's a bad idea to get on Rattrap's bad side: he could always snipe you in the back of the head when you're not looking.


Very nice art. I'm impressed and amused! :D
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Nice, but as others have said before me it looks unfinished
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Nice traditional work! Don't see much of that on Mosaic. Good story idea, too.
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I enjoyed big time to make the art of this Mosaic and I´m glad you guys like it. Thanks!
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Very itneresting turn of events and so like Rattrap. I love the art style alot too. Very nice job on both the robot and animal designs.
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Charming in its simplicity.
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Would love to see this colored. Otherwise, it's great! You've got Tarantulus spot on.
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I like this very much. The drawings are nice and the story is simple but effective.

I think it's a shame that a Mosaic that looks this nice also looks like it wasn't actually completed before it's release. Some panels look like they're still in the pencil stage, some inked. The panel boxes themselves are not of a consistent thickness. Some gray tone has been added to the last panel and nowhere else. No color correction has been made to at least make it look like a purposeful black and white piece.

It basically looks like this one was stopped half way through it's production. Too bad. I can't imagine a reason to rush one of these Mosaics through since there's no hard deadline for them. The bonus of unlimited time to get things right should actually raise the bar in terms of quality.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing this one taken down and brought to a level of finish that it deserves because it's off to a nice start.
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I agree with this. It's a great Mosaic, but it really doesn't look finished at all. To be frank, compared to the last frame, which is nicely polished work, the other panels look sloppy. I too would like to see the artist work on this for a while more to smooth it out, since it's obvious he has the capability to produce some good stuff.
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rattrap is the best!!!
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Awesome. I love the twist at the end. So something Rattrap would do.
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I love the twist!
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I forgot: Nice detail with the cheese :giggle:
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As I read the name of it, it was obvious that Rattrap got an apearance =P
I like it but I would love it if there was more action in it.
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Rattrap, you cunning little sneak.
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Been a while since I saw a Beast Wars mosaic! Interesting turn of the tables!
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