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The Slow Drip of Destiny 4

Do the dew... OR ELSE

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Ugh, why is this guy in the comic? Have they found a good use for the Transformers that have been given life by the Allspark?
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I have a feeling they are going to show what happened to 'Dewbot' after the final battle of the first movie.
FrankORourke's avatar
Oh hell yes I so, wanna use this as a Sig :D

can I? :)

I'll even title it "Do the DEW, or get slagged"!!!
Windybeard's avatar
Awsome Picture!
that's so cool. i wish they had made a dewbot toy!
Quackjack29's avatar
Jin-Saotome's avatar
Ah, Dewcepticon! They made a Robot Heroes version of this fellow but never an actual transforming fig. Tsk.
ACEJester's avatar
Dewbot is on a caffine bender xD
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qwailotim's avatar
Nooo not the Dewbot! This panel actually makes him look kinda badass though. ;)
Blackvegetable's avatar
The return of Dewbot! YEESSS!!!
dyemooch's avatar
Soda is more delicious when it's launched at you at the speed of a bullet! TASTE IT! TASTE IT I SAY!!!

I REALLY want a Dispensor spotlight. That'd be awesome. It'd be nothing but comic relief in what's nothing but serious Transformers stories.
khaamar's avatar
Dispensor?? lol! you know, he deserves a spotlight by his name alone :D

you guys are rocking hard in these series, seriously. can't wait to get my hands on it (:
dyemooch's avatar
Fuh. YOU'RE the one doing the ass kicking :)
exgraphics's avatar
I...I second this. Oh god *dies laughing*
akkila1's avatar
Lmao! Best design ever! :lol:
I guess that his alt mode might be a vending machine? =p
Skowl-The-Howler's avatar
Right on! Dispensor rocks! I always liked him, even if he's only in the movie for 5 seconds. At least we got a real cute Robot Hero toy of him!

Nice piece, very cool pose!
ereyes's avatar
Oh man, it's Dispensor! :lmao:
royi-20's avatar
last time I'll buy a drink from a vending machine
TruthfulLife's avatar
finally... at least we know how these pests die
I want him in Revenge of the Fallen! And that little toaster robot that humped the bottle of mountain dew in mockery of the shmuck he stole it from.
xStarSaber's avatar

aka Dispensor!!!!!!!!!
JZLobo's avatar
Ah, Dispensor. How refreshing to see him again. :P
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