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The Slow Drip of Destiny 3


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wow! really cool!
but I thought the autobots are still hiding (all do it would be hard after the battle with megatron)
ACdraw's avatar
Judging by the setting, I'd say they are still in the area where the City battle took place just after Megatron was killed.
royi-20's avatar
guess so
ACdraw's avatar
Just read it today and yes, they are still in Mission City cleaning up any of the All Spark creatures before Sector 7 arrives to pick up the dead Decepticons.
royi-20's avatar
Laserbot's avatar
omg pure luvvvv!!! this is made of ass-kickery-cannon-blasting-goodness! :}

Ironhide=Awesome! fav!
Dynoboot's avatar
Is this some sort of flashback? Because it looks like it fits in at the end of the first movie. Please tell me we're not having flashbacks again. There were enough flashbacks in Reign of Starscream.
artoni's avatar
"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"
lonegamer7's avatar
Amazing how Epps' beret stays on. Double-sided tape? :D
FrankORourke's avatar
the dog peeing on the fire hydrant musta gave ironhide a flashback from when Mojo Lubricated on his foot. he flipped out and this is the result.
TruthfulLife's avatar
awsome, yet his front truck parts seem huge than usual
fedupN's avatar
Well other than the humans and the Michael Bay design its a great pic
Yondercat's avatar
wow. that is BAD ASS
dyemooch's avatar
They tore apart the city looking for a BurgerKing. I mean, WTF? Just use a GPS. Seriously. :)
Transformers-Mosaic's avatar
Like Ironhide would let a GPS to tell him where to go :D
BluebirdSoaring's avatar
I could see Hide arguing with his GPS! Amazing art all round!!!
TransFlashbacks's avatar
XD I could see 'Hide arguing with... well, anything, really. But I imagine that flat, dull done would annoy the Pit out of him! Lol

Love the drawing, also!
dyemooch's avatar
XD True, true.
Niara-Silverbreeze's avatar
Like the title says...BAD ASS!
fargnay's avatar
looks interesting.
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