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The Six Faces

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Story by;
Martin “Tron-program” Fisher

Art by;
Timothy Pugh

Colors by;
Ian “Botmaster” Lea

Letters by;
Dave “Machsabre” Reynolds
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Awesome Micro Master mosiac piece.
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Well Dear Blaze....better sign up with the Decepticons! After all....your own kind won't trust you now. The Decepticons will help you.....yesssss.
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DuzlooProfessional Interface Designer
I like the shapes of the panels. Very fitting to the story and art.
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He is a traitor... give him a quarter!
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
When I saw the title of this I was expecting to see something involving Quints. Miscromasters were a pleasxant surprise though. And as for the content itself, it was superb... I especially like the final panel. Very deep.
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PacerwolfHobbyist Writer
Whoa, poor bot! Pretty good art and very dramatic story.
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botmaster2005Hobbyist General Artist
He's not TOO depressed, I just noticed he's got a video game going on in that right hand monitor. ;)
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WildMagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I notice that too. ^^
MurdererDelacroix's avatar
Depressing. :(
Great job with this though. Nice, strong artwork too.
Silvertide's avatar
Micromasters! A rare sighting in a TF: Mosaic!
Blackvegetable's avatar
Another dramatic moment! Hot Damn!
TaintedTamer's avatar
TaintedTamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh wow, that sucks. ^^;
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lonegamer7Hobbyist Writer
Interesting how here, it's different than how he was previously portrayed in DW.
Hymnias-Raven's avatar
That looks cool :) Nice work
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