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The Servant

Story by;
Thomas Stakenborg

Art and Letters by;
Paul Vromen

Colors by;
Eman B. Zubia
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Very beautiful.
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Good job with the art, it does a good job evoking the look of the original series while also adding more detail and subtlety.

Story is poor, however. I don't feel your excuse of "there is only so much we can do in one page" is valid, other authors have been able to fit much more compelling stories into a single page.
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Hi guys,

This is the writer speaking here. :) A little clarification for those points that are not quite yet clear:

First off - this mosaic is one part of three. There will be a prequel to this and there will be a sequel to this.

Second - Why this timeline? Well, this is the part that immediately grabs the attention. Also, the first part would be too slow to be entertaining by itself and the last part would be even more confusing to start with.

Third - the plot makes no sense? Ok, there is only so much we can do in one page, but thanks to Paul's help, we've kept the best parts on the page. There is some 'close' reading required here as each sentence serves a purpose. The servant here is the underground AI that Megs and Starscream find. As the AI itself says, it is there to control tunnel and defensive measure access. Needless to say that more mobility and firepower for the Decepticons is a bad thing.... And yes the other parts will complement the story, still some 'reading between the lines will be inevitable as we can only do so much with 3 panels.

Fourth - We're keeping this as close to the G-1 cartoon episode style as we can. So we're not here exactly to really add new things to the characters, just make them be who they were in the original cartoons we so dearly loved as kids. As such, the AI that Megs makes his servant is a plot device, not a character to be fully fleshed out. And the idea of machines giving orders to less sophisticated machines has its allure.

Fifth and final - MaximusRevolver posted: " Megatron continues his quest to make everything his bitch " This. Just this.
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Quite frankly I'm a bit shocked that people find it so difficult to follow the panel order of this Mosaic. Is it really that hard? This really isn't all that unusual in the world of comics, let me tell you that. But ok, here's a reading guide: Jump from panel 1 to the Megs/Starscream entrance, then to the long panel. After that, treat the rest as a mini page and read that as you should a normal one. Simple as that.
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Maybe I have a left-of-center sense of logic, I dunno. There'll be both a prequel and a sequel which will clear up some things and yes, I'll be paying special attention to the readability.
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Good art but I agree with everyone else, it was a little hard to follow. And who did Megatron reprogram?
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Why do I have the sensation that it bit more than what can swallow?
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Megatron continues his quest to make everything his bitch
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I read some people were asking themselves: "What's the point of this Mosaic?" Well, there you have it.
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Stunning art, but I'm really not sure what this one is about at all? Megatron finds a computer below Cybertron and it obeys him?
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Great stuff very impressed.
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Classic Megatron and Starscream interaction. Love it! :aww: :clap:
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Did he basically use Starscream as a battering ram?
ActorzInc's avatar
Nah, I think he made him cut around the door and then shoved him into it so that piece would fall in. XD

Interesting Mosaic, love the colours!
read it five times,and i am still not sure of what point the of this mosaic was beyond nice art.
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Starscre4am has near the same expresion in every pannel he's in, a little variation would be nice.

But at the same time... Dull Surprise is one of the most lulzworthy meme's in the history of ever.

Dull Surprise!
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Comparing panel 2 and the second last panel, I'd say there's a world of difference with regard to Starscream's facial expression. Unless you wanted me to have him cry in the latter panel? And please do NOT compare me too Pat Lee! ;)
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I know, hun, I was just teasing ^^ Realy, I'm insanly jelous because I'm not this good.
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Megatron knows his machines very well.
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The lineart and colours are awesome! Definitely working well together and has a very G1 animated cartoon feel about only gripe is the panel layout; wasn't immediately obvious which panels should have been read in what order..but that could just be me. Also, I think the lettering could do with a little work too...other than that though, this is a very good Mosaic and I really liked it :)
PiusInk's avatar
Thanks for your feedback. The lay-out... that was a difficult one seeing as I wanted to show a large room with a high ceiling. I thought about the lay-out a lot and in my mind it worked, but I can see tat hers would have difficulty with it.

Regarding the lettering, could you please explain what could be done better?
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dude, dont worry i followed it quite well, more than alot of profesional comic lay outs so great job! :)
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