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The Outback

Story by;
Martin “Tron-program” Fisher

Art by;
Timothy Pugh

Colors by;
Javier “Shinobi Rendar” Reyes

Letters by;
Carlos “Synapse” Oliveros
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ladyrazorsharp's avatar
Kup's Spotlight was one of the creepiest stories I've ever read, but it was well done. This completely tugs on the heartstrings...poor Kup and Outback.

Good job.
Duzloo's avatar
:aww: Hard ending, I want to know what happens afterwards. Did any of them survive the crash or not?
NatsumeRyu's avatar
nice pink dice/ energon cubes :D
I have always had a soft spot for them.
Also - nice job on the rest of the mosaic too :lol:
Tyrdyquinn212's avatar

Nice work tho. <3
Starath's avatar
:( Ooooh, man. This one hurts. Kup has no idea.... but we do.
elecktrum's avatar
Love the dice on the rear-view mirror!
yoake-mae's avatar
Gah, and I was already so upset about that Kup spotlight... D:
Seiberwing's avatar

You are a horrible, horrible person for making me feel so upset over Kup.
MurdererDelacroix's avatar
Oh man, depressing.
The mood is spot-on for Kup's situation.
CWingSyun's avatar
didnt realise this was a prequel...i thought it was emotionally filled already, then i clicked...damn. nearly cried. poor cup.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awww... what a nice, emotional mosaic prequel before Kup's Spotlight!
darkkari's avatar
ARG NUU I have read his Spotlight and I CRIED freaking cried. Poor Kup
TaintedTamer's avatar
Aw, Kup needs more love. :D This was good - one of the first emotional pieces I've seen I think...
CreatureSH's avatar
oOoohww.. This one hit hard once I realized where it was going.
JZLobo's avatar
Oh wow, this is one of the most emotionally moving Mosaic pieces I've seen come out in a long while.
fishpop's avatar
energon dice lol
qwailotim's avatar
YES! Someone noticed my energon dice! Thats all that matters to me.

You've totally made my day.
lonegamer7's avatar
Talk about irony.
andrewthenoob's avatar
How so? I kno he swipes his arm and beats up his corpse..... But what are u reffering to?
lonegamer7's avatar
Irony in a way of Outback's "You've still got some living to do". For Kup, was he "living" or simply "existing" after Outback's death?
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