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The Missing Piece

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Story by:

Juan “Iskander77” Pablo Osorio [link]

Art & Colors by:

Thomas Wu [link]

Letters by:

Carlos “Synapse” Oliveros [link]
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I think it would have made more sense if they turned him into hook rather than be rescued by Omega Supreme.
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Nobody messes with friends of Omega! :D
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twospotzHobbyist Traditional Artist
This piece reminds me of a local company that have BLAZING green construction vehicles. makes me think "constructicons" every time. I need to snap a few pics of them some day. I mean it, BLAZING Structie green!
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
An intriguing and clever addiction to the G1 myth. This is the kind of Mosaic I'm truly fond of !
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Sorry, I meant "addition", non "addiction" ^^'
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0ArmoredSoul0Professional Digital Artist
Good thing Omega's there to save the day!
Gorra love that big guy.
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timshinn73Professional General Artist
Nice job!
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the-skeletal13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the effect of Omega stepping through the clouds. Gives a real sense of scale and dimension. Great job, guys!
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Thank you all for the nice comments, and thanks to Thomas and Carlos for the wonderful job.
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Cuando quieras ;)
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SWEET! I was really hoping that someone would do a piece with Hauler, I didn't expect it to be this good though.

Nice work!
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DarkStaticHobbyist General Artist
very cool. Lovely art and a nice bit with omega at the end!
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ShimaFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting piece :) Now I want see more stories of Hauler :D
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ohnojayloProfessional General Artist
I wonder how much flora and fauna Omega just squashed with that step...
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:clap: I loved this. It was great giving Hauler Mosaic and making him a missing part of the Constructicon team. And adding Omega was the cherry on top. :w00t!: Not to mention that the art was perfect. Kudos to those who made it. ^-^
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
That was a really fun story. I liked it.
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I didn't know Hauler had defected. When did that happen?
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WildMagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice! Hauler mosaic with Constructicons and Omega Supreme!!!
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Oh ho, a transformers comic! :excited: Now I shall raid this gallery! :evillaugh:
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I love the expressions in the last panel. Plus Omega, w00t! :w00t:
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
COOL! It's a clever way you wrote Hauler into the Constructicons' story. The artwork as well is flawless and beautiful and the action sequences are really well done. This is definitely a piece for its creators to be proud of.
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It would be easier for Hauler to blend in and hide if he wasn't lime green. =P
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