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The Magnificent Five

Juan Pablo Osorio [link]
and Franco Villa [link]

Art: Ben Pirrie [link]

Colors: Sara Guyon-Gellin [link]

Injecticon concepts: Chris Frayne [link]
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This is fantastic. Simply top-notch!
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"From scratch" is the phrase needed in panel three.

Interesting story.
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X-Brawn approves.
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I guess I had to favourite this, didn't I??
Seriously though, I love this piece.
It's not the fact that someone has deemed my mechs worthy of inclusion in this excellent project, but the Cybertronian designs for the Protectobots, the 'old west' feel that the background creates, and the much due love for the Powerdashers!! (even though they are described as 'starved' and 'weak'!!!
Congratulations to all involved.
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AHHH KILL MY COMMENTNESS! I"M AN IDIOT!!!! Big tall giant people click dinobots in my head....only cuz I love them more then humanly safe
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Well, at least you liked the story ;)
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I lovededed the story!!!
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ohhhh pretty!!! AWESOME!
right to left--
Grimlock.....and the others....cant pick em-but my heads clogged with meds for tonsillitis and the flu...
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Wo-ho! :XD: Badass Protectobots are badass. Nice.
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Loved the western theme of the Protectobots, it fits them perfectly! :D
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This indeed a cool 1 pager story involving the mysterious past of the Protectobots and what lies ahead of them. Nice script, line art, and colouring. Great team effort! This gets me more psyched.
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you surew blades is counted as a hero?
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Yes, he cuts felons in two :D
royi-20's avatar
oh primus....
F-for-feasant-design's avatar
Don't feel too bad....I have it on good authority that despite LOOKING like he was cleaved in two, that particular Injecticon, Blockhead, survived this ordeal. How else would he get to be reformatted into a Shield Beetle here on Earth some 4'000'000 years later??? ;)
royi-20's avatar
why should I fill bad for a con?
blades is a mental case not a hero
Lady-Tahani's avatar
How 'bout anti-hero?
royi-20's avatar
how about basketcase?
Lady-Tahani's avatar
Anti-hero basket case?
Which, come to think of it, is still pretty awful. *sulks*
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What a great story. The Protectobots don't get a lot of love; but if you don't love them after this..... Well, I just don't think it's possible. :)
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Wow, it's like seeing an old western. Very nice, including the designs for the Protectobots.
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