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The Great Mirage

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Story & Art by:
James Lynch [link]

Colors by:
Rafael "Fargnay" Yanez [link]

Letters by:
Sean "Kinniku-G" Moore [link]
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snob but baddas
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Brutal. Even for a 'Bot. I WOULD like to get that Blue Gal's number, though. Her comm number, I mean.
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Jazzo01Hobbyist General Artist
Woah. I can see why Mirage is Spec Ops. Nice work :)
Starscreams-Girl's avatar
Starscreams-GirlHobbyist Photographer
i love mirage! always have always will!
XXgaaraxnarutoXX's avatar
May I take a moment to tell the creators of this just how awesome they are? Yes? Good...O.M.G. You guys are so full of Complete and Utter WIN!!! <3
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excellent piece
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Trickster91 Traditional Artist
Mirage certainly has his own way of dealing with the cons. And he makes money out of it as well!

I really love the last panel.
Gerardusmaximus's avatar
I love it!!! Every one has a darkside!
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byrnstarHobbyist General Artist
Those with no stomach for war...

...end up finding the nastiest ways of waging it. Way to go Mirage. I think. ;)
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Tramp-GraphicsProfessional General Artist
Oooooohhhhhh soooooooo true. :evillaugh:
Meirelle's avatar
The last panel-- so hot!
ThunderScythe's avatar
I like how it never revealed his face. Keeps it all mysterious.
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist

WiEGoP's avatar
THIS is what a Mosaic should be all about! Masterfully done.
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nice work cant what for the next one^^
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WildMagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is too awesome for words. ^^
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JencaHobbyist General Artist
Mirage is SICK! That is so awesome!
sky-mist's avatar
Ooo, sweet! :+fav:
fishpop's avatar
puts on a show, then blows up his audience. charming
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shekeiraHobbyist Writer
Completely badass. :D
coraxonyx's avatar
That's COLD, but awesome. Go Amazing Mirage.
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TenorSaxLolitaHobbyist General Artist
I was totally not expecting the ending. It was enjoyable without it, but with it - wow! I haven't been so stunned by a mosaic in a long time, but this one is just totally awesome!
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Zexion666Hobbyist Writer
That is awesome. Very mirage - the role of magician really fits him.
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