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The Final Lesson

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Written and colours by:
Matt "Blueshift" Marshall [link]

Art by:
Jake Isenberg [link]

Letters by: Mark Kuggeleijn
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SHEESH! I bet Godzilla would have no chance in hell fighting UNICRON!
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LemniskateHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Aspects of Evil" really needed a conclusion.
Scribble-Queen's avatar
Your comics are always interesting. Animated is always fun, but this has to be my favorite one you've done to-date.
lady-warrior's avatar
lol that's one GIANT robogod
breaker82's avatar
wow!i really like this one. all i have to say to the student is suckah!!!
reddragon162's avatar
Unicron truly is immense.
Mgauge's avatar
Wow, actual scale in something involving Unicron/Primus?!!
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MBlackwoodStudent Filmographer
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. SOMEbot just learned him some manners. Blang fool. Very magnificently done. Short, sweet, and to the VERY sharp point. Kudos.
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CreatureSHHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Really an excellent Mosaic. The best application of Unicron's scale I have ever seen, and a nice Green Lantern/Alan Moore homage to boot !
Blueshift2k5's avatar
Unicron Doesn't Socialise! :)
saberback's avatar
I don't think unicron's eye could be that big, that it would take months to walk across?
CreatureSH's avatar
CreatureSHHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Friggin' planet. Eye the size of a country.
breaker82's avatar
i dont get the whole planet transforming into a robot, or a city transforming into a robot because metroplex would still be a ant on unicron.
CreatureSH's avatar
CreatureSHHobbyist Artisan Crafter
And your point is... ?
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JavierReyesProfessional General Artist
Brilliant storytelling. Great narrative and art as well!
LadyScourgE's avatar
LadyScourgEHobbyist General Artist
I bet Unicron is thinking "What is this parasite walking on my eye?!
mostshadyfrankiebaby's avatar
well done, mr. marshall :(
Heatherbeast's avatar
The light sources and the coloring on the second panel is all over the place! The writing stands up well, though. It will be (and seems to already have been) well received.
LBDNytetrayn's avatar
Very nice, reminds me of the old UK Marvel TF comics perfectly. :)
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
A clever connection of two characters worthy of the boundless imagination of their creator, mr Furman.
StarscreamF15's avatar
Another excellent strip, Bluey!!! Keep em coming!
Cyber-Scream's avatar
Wow this is a really good one. I like how you drew The Fallen, and how his throne looks like him from ROTF.
Lunatron's avatar
Interesting. Good on you for remembering the Student, though I'm not sure he was ever properly a disciple of the Matrix, or if he was just a dude who hung around Rodimus Prime's hospital bed.

I really do like how Dreamwave The Fallen is sitting on Revenge of the Fallen The Fallen. I like the art in general. The linework reminds me of the better linework in the old comics - freer and not as clunky as a lot of the linework in modern Transformers comics. Also, a more generous use of ink to indicate shadows. The colours are good, too!

I do sort of think that saying that the Matrix is nothing and that Unicron is out there, somewhere, cheapens the sacrifice of Rodimus Prime, who lost his youth, lost his friends, lost his /body/ at times when Unicron possessed him, and was forced to suffer accelerated ageing, all to keep Unicron caged within the Matrix. It's like... he went through all that hardship and suffering, and you're saying it was for nothing?

Unless, of course, the Student is on Unicron's eye, but Unicron is still inside the Matrix, so the Student is just really tiny, and The Fallen is somewhat lying.

While the message in the end is compelling, I am not sure it particularly fits into the theme about lessons about /EVIL/. This is more a nihilistic message than an evil message, per se.
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