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The Cassandra Effect

Story , Art and Letters by:
Richard Cookson
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Amazingly awesome! I just randomly stumbled across this, and having grown up a MASSIVE fan of the Marvel comics, this totally reminded me of the latter B&W issues they did. The fact you referenced Scorpy's epic death scene scores so many points with me, I don't know what else to say! Hilarious, and great use of both Dreadwind (spot on characterization!) and Mindwipe (who I always felt was underused). Hey, whatever DID happen to Mindwipe after US issue #75, anyway? Maybe this is why he felt the need to 'vanish'? :)
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LOL! Love that melting face. That's really morbid but holy cow... excellent.
Is that Dreadwind?

I have a bootleg/knockoff of him.
TF-The-Lost-Seasons's avatar
Great story and art, just look at that melting Scorponok head, brilliant!
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LOL! You did ...kuuu... good!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Oh, yes, the quote for Scorponok's end! I so loved the G1 Marvel US issue #75.
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That's one of the most dramatic moments I can think of in any TF comics out there!
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I really like this comic. It has all my favorite Headmasters and Powermasters, but... "Future's"? Black out that apostrophe.
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HAHAHAHA awesome! Poor Mindwipe. :evillaugh:
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If Scorponok survives the REAL future, Mindwipe is totally dead.
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Great piece! Loved the art and the writing had an odd lightheartedness to it despite the subject matter... interesting.
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The 4th panel is funny. :rofl: :giggle:
Geminii27's avatar
Loved the fourth panel. Poor Mindwipe. :)
CroctopusArt's avatar
Fantastic piece! Love the humor and the art! Great details and the expressions on the bots are hilarious!
breaker82's avatar
i personally am enjoying the hot pink. the story is great too. it was very funny in the beggining but then turned serious. very nice!
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I thought I saw a hint of Andrew Wildman's style at the beginning, but the ending really nailed it!
WildMagnus's avatar
hehehehe. Funny. ^^ On a personal note: i never dare to see a fortune teller. XD
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