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Story, Art & Letters by;
Dusan M.
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I dunno, Starscream - his gratitude may save you from getting your head blown off a few times!
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Oooooohhhh, it all makes sense now!!!
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very nice! are you doing any more cool stories. if so dont cchange your art style
Interesting. Looks a lot like the original. Not to mention, compelling story.
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Love the vivid colors! And the classic comic book "AAIIIIEEEEE!" only this one ends in "ARG" so it has a touch of unique ;-)

Wow. Starscream is strong.
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This reminds me of the 80's old style comics I remembered! :D
Excellent work, and wesome take on a buttload of backstory.
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BTW, if anyone's wondering about Starscreams color scheme, it's based on a Diaclone box art:

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No need to repeat what all the other comments said about SS's relation to Megs. The retro style worked out really well though. Not only a good copy of the G1 style, but also up to date with the add of mechanics and carefull picking of colors. Awesome job! :D
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Excellent retro style! :D
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Wow. What an interesting concept. I like the use of the super early character models and the implied irony here. We all knew there had to be something big behind their relationship. I'm impressed at how competent Starscream comes across even when he is being an arrogant jerk.
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Love the old school design. Now we know why Meg's tolerates Screamer.
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"I am grateful... I shall never forget this Starscream... But I'll still beat the living slag out of you if you annoy me in the foreseeable future."
Also, I love the old G1 comic look
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Hmmm I always wondered why Megatron kept Starscream around. I guess Megatron likes Starscream a bit. He just enjoys physically abusing people.
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Old Skool! Interesting concept for why Megatron would put up with Starscream later on.
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what does TNWSPWK stand for?
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It's the title: The Night When Sentinel Prime Was Killed".
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oh, thanks, now I feel stupid
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Very cool background at Megatron and Starscream's relationship.
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Really fun use of the old comic style. And I enjoyed the story a lot. That last line/panel was great:D
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