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Supreme Commander

Story & Art by;
Ivan [link] Mass

Script & Letters by;
Carlos [link] Oliveros
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Gotta love ol' Star Saber!
ShaneNewville's avatar
Oohh dang! That's lethal!
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That was one hell of a swipe there!
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man, I never saw those TF japanese versions, now I love masterforce (:P), but this bot kicks ass. excellent art and plot. enhorabuena, chavales!
Hombre Rafa !!! normal que te guste masterforce.. es muy chula.. espero ver lo que tu ya sabes acabado pronto !
hombreimaginario's avatar
me alegro de que coincidas en el gusto por Masterforce. Como creo que sabes, el primer episodio es mi favorito absoluto de todas las series de TF. Victory no me gusta tanto, pero también tiene momentos muy buenos.

Vamos a dejarles babeando con la de Masterforce, hermano!!!!
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I had no idea Star Saber had the badassitude to back up his impressive form. It's such a shame he was never brought over stateside.
WildMagnus's avatar
Star Saber!!!! Know what? I live in South America and never saw Victory. T_T I got 2 theories for this: for some reason i didnt watch it or it wasnt aired in Argentina.
Anyway, love to see Star SAber Mosaic. He is one of my fav. bots.
3r6O's avatar
Star Saber, finally you got your own mosaic!
Been a long time since I last watched TF Victory.. *rummages TF's DVD collection*
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completelly perfect
Well this is... sort of a minor mosaic as I like to call them. Just an introduction to the character, as many people here don't really know him.

I did this while I was working on my recent Battle Beasts (aka Beastformers) piece,the Megatron one ("Mercy") and our Dr. Who crossover piece of last friday... and thre more still to come. One of them was taking ALL my time, you'll know why when you finally see it.

But I like doing this kind of simple, fun stories from time to time. I try to make the art work by itself or at least be original. Of course the inspiration here was 100% the 1st episode from the Victory series, but with the camera in the bad guy's stomach, more or less.

My mate Synapse did the rest.

So there you go. This helped me learn about light effects... a little. Hope you guys like it.
Aps .. i forget it :

The Making of :

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Star Saber. um I'm not familiar with him.

but its cool nevertheless!
hombreimaginario's avatar
You must check out the japanese G1 series then!!
Yondercat's avatar
japanese? I didn't know they had a japanese G1 series. well thanks =)
hombreimaginario's avatar
The Headmasters series were released in Japan instead of "The Rebirth". After that there's the Masterforce and Victory series. Now you know...

(...and knowing is half the battle! ;))
Yondercat's avatar
ah ok. thanks again =)
Transformers Victory
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That was awesome! :XD:
xStarSaber's avatar
alright! Star Saber, can you tell I like him ;-)
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Who is that Decepticon? He speaks just like my avatar (Lobo - DC comics).
Please, let me know! :) :D

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