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Still Life

Story by;
Mike Priest [link]

Art by;
Ed Pirrie [link]

Colours by;
John-Paul Bove [link]

Letters by;
Graham Thompson [link]
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Oh, my God. Hunter.

Verity, you have to help him!
is thise transformers realated
WiEGoP's avatar
*standing ovation*

If only if only if only.... IDW ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!?
ACdraw's avatar
I think you can lump me into the "this should be canon" crowd, since I'm still kinda pissed they just offed Hunter in the way they did.
sydew's avatar
That is twisted! I love it!
ladyofwreck's avatar

*stands and claps*
palmaay's avatar
Awesome work here, completely enjoying the fact that its a 3/4 uk based team :)

Ed's work is always good, but this piece has been knocked out of the park. If IDW don't see how good you are soon, another company will!

JP's colours are fantastic as always, and a great inspiration for colourists trying to break in to the business like myself.

Kingoji's avatar
Too kind, Sambo!
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Guys, that's awesome. The best thing for me is that that totally looks like Verity! Not an interpretation only identifiable by clothes. That's the same Verity as E.Js was and I love it.

Top score.

And the story was awesome. great way to bring those sorely missed characters back into the mix.
Kingoji's avatar
Just want to say thanks for that one. Making characters recognisable is something that I personally feel very strongly about.
Giant-Robot-Dan's avatar
you do a great job of it!
Novastorm73's avatar
Wow. That was quite amazing consdiering it is all done in one page.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Almost nothing could scare Verity! Doesn't that mean Sideswipe's forced euthanasiation isn't complete?
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
TF-Desolation's avatar
The writing, art and colours on this mosaic are so much better than pretty much everything IDW has put out since Last Stand of The Wreckers!
ToaNaruto's avatar
Very nice!!! I was really angry that Hunter O'nion had to die after what he went through at the hands of Machination and Bombshell...

No one deserved to go through all of that...:iconimhorrifiedplz:
MikePriest83's avatar
This one came together so well. My thanks to John-Paul, Graham, and especially Ed.
hde2009's avatar
I remember Mike discussing this idea with me waaayyyy back - and at the time, I didn't rate it. Shows how much I know! All concerned have realised this brilliantly!

I particularly dig what's going on with Hunter's image on that video screen. Now THAT'S storytelling!
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