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Story by;
Martin “Tronprogram” Fisher [link]

Art & Colors by;
Xenoprime [link]

Letters by;
Andrew “;Polystyleneman” Griffith [link]
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katrover's avatar
*points at Starscream and laughs, Nelson Muntz-style* HA-ha!
Tramp-Graphics's avatar
Definitely twisted. I like.
BluebirdSoaring's avatar
Impressive!!! Poor Screamer will just have to dream a little longer =)
RoadbusterDoM's avatar
*waves hand* Yah, I did the colors on it!! (Martin didn't catch it till this morning, it's ok, I'll survive ;-D )

I really like the way this ended up looking with the letters on it! Glad I could take a hand in it!
Starath's avatar
I really like the title of this piece. :nod: It sums it all up nicely.

Rest and repair, Screamer. You might get your chance someday. :lol:
fedupN's avatar
*snort* yeahhhhh......rigggghhhhttt. Keep dreaming, 'Screamer.
breaker82's avatar
good story, nice and sweet, i like the colors and weapon, i'm not to crazy about how the faces are drawn, and i was not expecting it to be a dream.
WildMagnus's avatar
Oh well, everything is valid in dreams. XD Good Mosaic.
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
Ha ha ha ha - I called the dream aspect. Nice one!
ShebaKoby's avatar
muahahah awesome! :D :evillaugh:
tronprogram's avatar
Just wanted to point out something. There's an error in the credits.

The ever brilliant Matt Back did the coloring. His work is here: [link]

My apologies to Matt for getting it wrong.
NatsumeRyu's avatar
Poor Starscream, :lol:. I was hoping this was actually reality from some continuity, *le sigh*. (:rofl:)

Love the title!
good work all, though I'm not fond of the way the colors were done, it is it's own technique.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Nice going once again!
ladyrazorsharp's avatar
Hmm...hold on to that pleasant dream, boyo...'fraid it's all you're going to get.

Nice one! (I especially like the title :D )
lonegamer7's avatar
Certainly looks familiar. :)
glovestudios's avatar
Hey, this looks familiar! :D
LightSorceress's avatar
...or is it Stardreaming? 8'D freaky, but awesome! :heart:
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