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Some Will Never Stop

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Story by;
Martin [link] Fisher and Matt [link] Black

Art by;
Mike [link] Ackerman

Colors by;
Matt [link] Black

Letters by;
Tim [link] Shinn
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It breaks one's heart, but it's true...
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This is probably one of the more touching and realistic Mosaics I've read, IMO. Even Prime knows what kinds of sacrifices need to be made for peace. Some soldiers who are so accustomed to war can never function once peace arrives.
Great job.
Starath's avatar
My brother has a friend that came back from Iraq who's like this, except he managed to get some medication for it. This mosaic is beautiful and sad. :(
WildMagnus's avatar
man, the art in some mosaics are just too damn gorgeous, i wnna cry T-T
TomSwiftie's avatar
This is a very interesting aspect of what happens in any extended period of TF peace. Great job guys! Please take a look at my script and see if you're willing to help me with illustrations:[link]
Epscillion's avatar
Damn. That's so true, though. The dogs of war have gone rabid...
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Good stuff. This one actually felt like a hybrid of IDW and Marvel UK.
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he reminds of gray fox from mtal gear soild the only thing hes good at is fighting
how sad
OptimusandElitaluv's avatar
Man, that's really sad.. :( The song "Animal I Have Become" comes to my mind with this one.
Qlockwork's avatar
Awesome. This one is really interesting. Makes me wonder if anyone who've never known anything else than war might even be able to imagne what peace would be like. :o
So, this is definitly one of the most interesting mosaics I've seen so far. Great job all!
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Wow! Thats alot of Energon Blood! Excellent story and art!
ajremix's avatar
Well done Mosaic. Asides from being one of those under-appreciated characters I adore, the subject hits me on a personal level as well. Definitely one of those things where morality and reality will never mesh seamlessly.
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Great art and a very nice story. It's nice to see the autobots discussion a subject like this. On the flip side there will be the guys with post traumatic stresssyndrome once things are done. Guys like Beachcomber come to mind...
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i love the "don't sass me magnus" prime has on this one :P
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Does begs the question of what to do with soldiers who know only that of battle.
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This really is starting to make me hate the Autobots more and more. It's bad enough that in Megatron: Origin the Autobots were really no more than Nazi's and The Cons (I'm sorry Pre-Decepticons) were nothing more than worker drones used as tools rather than the Autobot's Equals.

This strip makes me wish Prime Stayed dead.

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Just in case anyone's curious, here's a WIP of this Mosaic: [link]

Had a lot of fun working on this one.
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Wow. I was very impressed with this one. Great story, art.
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Very awesome. :3
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This is a very accurate portrayal of many combat soldiers who have been to war. Fighting is all they've known and adjusting to civilian life is often impossible. They relive the horrors of war in their dreams, suffer from PTSD, etc. some even commit suicide as a result.

Well done story.
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Well I'll be damned! Must not be easy, as a warrior, being born and bred!
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How sad. The word "necessary evil" comes to mind.
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He's just one step behind to becoming something comparable to a decepticon...
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